Monday 27 April 2020


Hello! Been quite a while since I visited this page. It took a pandemic to make me write again. Briefly? Highly possible! As I sit in front of this laptop accompanied by a chocolate cake, which I baked, I am worried because there is a lot that happened since I last wrote here.

This chocolate cake deserves better. Barely tasting of chocolate and more like mortar, because of a number of reasons, starting from the batter not being whisked enough, usage of olive oil instead of butter, whole wheat flour instead of all purpose, one egg instead of two and brown sugar instead of white. In the process of seeking gluten free perfection, I almost mistreated it. 

Now I don’t want you to think that tragedy has touched me! What I want you to know is that I am going through something that I have never ever dreamt of. I am experiencing something that I have neither worked towards nor craved for. So it’s natural that I fail some days. Fine, most days.

Basically, I am now a mother of a little girl. She is 18 months. 

I can say that she is 1.5 years old but 18 months makes it sounds like I have been counting every day and logging every inch of her growth. To be honest, I have been doing that! She is bloody awesome!!!

See, I didn’t plan this. Having a child was never in the list of natural progression of things in life for me. It was going to me, my guy, my career, his career, a grey hound, good food, cholesterol and a gym membership. A kid didn’t fit in. But stuff happens! Notice how I didn’t use the word shit? Because honestly it isn’t a shit situation (diaper changing and butt wiping excluded). I remember the exact moment I found out I was pregnant. Fear in its purest form! My throat instantly went dry, my limbs were non-existent, the hair at the back of my neck stood up and I couldn’t breathe. After an unexplainable amount of time I came out of the washroom and told my partner in bow-chicka-wow-wow, my husband, the situation we were at. I could see his pupils dilate and he seemed to have instantly lost weight. But we knew what we wanted to do. Not instantly but we knew. Fast forward, we have a daughter! She is the cutest button there is. Her first proper word was ‘Star’ and she is the brightest one of that!

To summarize, I have produced a human being and now I resemble a cupboard made of oakwood. I am trying to be a good parent and that’s no joke! Its hard work guys! But tomorrow I will be better! I am also sure that the next time I bake this chocolate cake, it will taste just like it is supposed to taste! Pure delight!!

P.S- Why did I not mention about my husband trying hard to be a good parent? Because this is my blog. But he is depressingly great at it!!!!!!!!

Image Courtesy- cheltenhamdailyphoto


  1. So glad that you are back. 😂💚

  2. How cute are u both. Chemicalfunk ☺️ Flooding memories..

  3. So nice to see you here! I am sure your daughter is laughing with you on all your jokes! Happy parenting!

  4. I kid you not, just dropped by last week to check if your ass had updated this space with stories of Alpaca eating mango. It’s like you heard my mind voice.

    1. @CookieCrumbsInc, you still around? Are you still blogging some place else? I used to be following you , but then I left the blogosphere for a long time too. :)

    2. @CookieCrumbsInc, you still around? Are you still blogging some place else? I used to be following you , but then I left the blogosphere for a long time too. :)

    3. Are you planning to start writing again?
      You're the other one I'm still waiting to hear from.

  5.'re back? Dhinka Chika Dhinka CHika!

    And you're back with Red Handed Jr? Woohoo!


    Please stick around this time!


  6. Wow Red, I just stumbled into an old post of mine(quarantine does that) and just kept reading and reading - its been eons since I visited my blog (wow, can't believe I'm even capable of having had a blog once upon a time ) and was simply reminiscing n landed up here. When I saw the post's date, I was like " Wow! Red still blogs! Like wow!"
    My God, Red - its been quite a long time, eh? Congrats on being a mom - I just became a dad last month.
    Its good to talk with you, Red. God bless you, my friend!

  7. This quarantine is bringing out all the hibernating bloggers.
    So happy to have read this post. :)

  8. Congratulations! Motherhood is so much work , but so much fun too.. :). Incidentally I am visiting blogs again after almost an year courtesy quarantine , boring weekend at home and unrest in the city I live (Minneapolis).

  9. Red, it took a pandemic for me to write too, after 4 years! I hope to keep it going, but lets see..
    Also, I'm so glad you've moved on to greater and better things in life - you have a daughter! WHAT?! That's so awesome, I'm so happy for you. I would give a world to be in that zone - to have a daughter, but I almost want to skip the part of finding a partner first lol. Keep writing! I've missed you. :)

  10. Olive oil ? Mannn that is a crime!
    Great to read your blog again, RED ! Keep going!


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