Sunday 16 February 2014


If you have been a constant reader of this humble blog and have visited this place for 3 years from its inception, you would know how I have never been a part of any blogging tags, book reviews, birthday celebrations, award tags and giveaways. In short, this place has lifted my spirits and eaten my thoughts, all for no appreciation in return. Today, as it marks its 3rd birthday, I think I am up for a change.

You guys have been too good to me. It is quite weird to be reading someone anonymous, who has no face to identify with. For all you know, I could be a fat naked guy who likes to dress up like a girl and spend his time blogging like a bamboozled Indian girl. But you still read me and for that, I have never thanked you.

Meet KYA CHEEZ HAI, a brand that believes that even the most mundane products must tell a story. Being inspired by the famous dialogue “Mucche ho to Nathulal Jaisi ho warna na ho!” and understanding how much the Indians love their mucchas and chottees, this brand has given rise to characters with Mucchas that give even Mr.Nathulal a run for his money. KYA CHEEZ HAI is the only brand that tells a story through its products which range from USB’s, Paper Clips, Hangers, Over the door hooks, Coasters, Large and small bookmarks, Cable twisters, Bendable magnets, Magnetic Clips, Cushions and Hair brushes. How can such useful yet boring products tell a story, you ask? I tell you how.

Meet Mr. Parameshwaram Pillai a.k.a Pappy. He is a favourite babu among all the sarkari babus and is supremely famous for his snoring melodies in and around his office. He loves to feast on aloo parathas and Makhani dal which his great friend cum colleague Mr.Lovely Singh brings to office. Pappy is in-charge of a secret file, the file of secret recipes. Dakoo Dholakia has a serious eye on the secret file!!

Mr. Lovely Singh is the trendiest and the most colourful of all with his bright turbans. He adds color to the black n white sarkari office. He loves to break into “balle balle” every time he hears any word similar to it! Such a jolly fellow our Lovely is, though blissfully unaware of all the action around the secret file! He simply thinks that Pappy is hiding yummy idli dabba from him.

This Dakoo Dholakia was originally born as Jignesh and has an unending love for Dhoklas, Fafdas, Muthias and Theplas. He is on a quest to steal all the best recipes from the land of Gujarat and now the quest has lead him to the valley of Chambal. The fierce Dakoo is on a run from Daroga Saab and is stalking our poor Pappy for the secret file. While on the stalking job, he often bumps into Lovely Singh and is now great friends with him. Unknown to Pappy, Dakoo Dholakia is inching closer to him each day, week and month!

Lastly, meet Daroga Saab who is tall, strapping and a complete dude. He is on Dakoo Dholakia’s trail ever since he escaped from the land of Gujarat and came to terrorize the valley of Chambal. Our Daroga Saab is a gallantry award winner and is one of the few “non corrupt” in our services. We salute Daroga Saab!!

This story is not my invention but just like the brand, it is the brainchild of the amazing Uzma Ahmedi. A mother of an 8mth old, it is super-womanic that she runs the business single-handedly (yes I made that word up). Apart from the already mentioned epic characters, there are many more story tellers like Swargpur’s Hero No.1 Bulbul Pandey, his hot love Switty, Mr.Ranjit Kumar (RK) who is a self proclaimed Ranbir Kapoor, his ever blushing wife Banno Dhanno, their house maid Dhinka Chikamma, the horrific Firki Devii who loaths people that misread Devii as Devil and many more eccentric characters!

So, why am I writing about their brand here? Well, you know the answer. GIVEAWAY!! FREE STUFF!!!

But since I am not Bill Gates, only two gifts are up for giveaway. I am mightily sorry!!

GIFT 1- A Lovely Singh 4 GB USB (Pink)- Now carry your music, movie, documentaries, x-rated stuff, pictures, secret files, bhajans and keertans in this quirky USB that can never be lost. Put it around your wrist, bag handles, ankle and even ponytail. Such an Atoot Bandhan!


GIFT 2-   a) A Parameshwaram Pillai a.k.a Pappy bag to carry your own secret files.
                      b) A pair of bookmarks starring Dakoo Dholakia and Daroga Sahab.
But be mindful! Dakoo Dholakia is behind Pappy’s secret file. So report to Daroga Sahab every time Dakoo inches closer to our Pappy!!

Now offcourse since only two of you can win this, there are few easy breezy things you got to do to win it-

1) You should be a reader who subscribes to this blog. Duh!
2) Like this blog’s Facebook Page. Please?
3) Like Kya Cheez Hai ‘s Facebook Page. They deserve it!
4) Leave a comment as to why you need these characters or products around you. Easy!!

Enter the Giveaway through the Rafflecopter Widget Below!!!!

Post giveaway condition-
The two winners must use their social media fame for good by posting a picture of the product received on facebook/twitter / blog, tagging me and Kya Cheez Hai  to the same. This ensures that you received the product and you are also thereby helping in popularizing a cute brand. I think you wouldn’t mind doing that.

That is it, the 2 best comments get this and the one with the best comment gets to choose which of these two gifts he/she wants.

I realize that the pink USB and the bag are not for men. I meant it to be that way and the credit goes to Rahul Baba. He craves woman empowerment and I shall do my bit! This doesn’t stop a man from participating. You can always gift these stuffs to your lady love/sister/best friend/mistress.

The give-away is open INTERNATIONALLY till 28th February midnight!!!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway P.S- Their products being a homogenous mixture of fun, utility and economical, I just had to buy a few products for you. Yes, I bought them with my money because free gifts make no sense to me. This is a thank you gift, remember? Offcourse Uzma gave me a generous discount. Check out all the KYA CHEEZ HAI products on their site or through their facebook page. Seriously KYA CHEEZ HAI!!!

P.P.S- Happy Birthday dear Blog!


  1. hahhaha! Seriously! WAAH! kya cheez hai?? :D
    Btw Happy Birthdayy to your Blog !! :)

  2. i thought it would be something racier... like vid of you or something...

    But HEY! this is awesomERRRR!!!!!! sadly you get these to me can you?

  3. Well funny my first time here and the first post I read is a contest post :P God is kind to me :D anyways happy birthday sweets! And yes I love the giveaway a lot! And if you don't give me I might as well buy them somewhere :D :D


  4. You started of so well and actually the images suits your words as well. Happy 3rd B'day!

  5. If only you were gifting away Kalia and Basanti-character accessories, i would have made sure to win it. :D
    Interesting read...and good to find that you din forget to wish your blog! And i repeat the same words everytime while reading your fascinating posts...KYA CHEEZ HAI! :) \m/

  6. By Gawwwdddd ki kasamm !!!! kya chiz hai..kasam se :D
    Happy birthday to ur blog :)

  7. Important thing first, Fat naked guy = ugly naked guy, bamboozled >> loving the Friends references.

    Happy Blog Anniversary. The products are super peppy and unique. For a while, when you were describing the characters, I was like.. woah! She is awesome, but don't worry, that you are.

  8. Happy birthday to your blog!!!
    Definitely a very cool contest!!!
    I really loved the images!!! so cute!!!

  9. Happy Anniversary to your blog! :D
    This makes me feel embarrassed, as even the first anniv. of my blog went deserted :(

    But praises for you..ermm..girl? :P Kya Idea Hai!
    This is awesome..and I know you are awesome, and you will like my comment :P

  10. A Very very Happy Birthday to your Blog , Red! :D
    And what FUNtastic products!! Kudos to you both!

  11. Why do I need these products? Because I'm awesome, and I need the awesomeness of these products around me! :D

  12. Happy Birthday Red Handed blog !!!

    And waah kya cheez hai what a ton of creativity is that !!

  13. They are quirky , funny , funky and cute and above all they are Indianised . So love them
    Ye cheez badi hai mast mast , ye cheez badi hai mast :D :D

  14. and Happy waala budday to RED HANDED ! <3

  15. Happy happy blog anniversary sweet heart!!! Yes, I have been coming back and forth to this place since three years!!! yay!!!

    I so wanted the bookmarks.. they are so so attractive.. But sadly cant enter the contest cos of identity issues (U know how it is na). We dont have a FB page for our blog :( so better luck next time for us.

    I am already your FB page liker (and I made up tat word....hehhe) and will like Kya Cheez Hai page too. :D

  16. Wow this is an awesome brand! :D Never heard about them before though. I really like the hair brush, I wish you'd give away those instead of secret files holder :P

    Anyway, Fingers Crossed :)

    Defiant Princess

  17. Regardless of giveaways and goodies, wish you keep adding years of humor to this lovely (Kya Cheez Hai) blog, Red:)

  18. Hahah!! Hularious post. All the best for your first attempt and Happy birthday! :)

  19. Congratulation on your 3rd blog anniversary! I have been an ardent reader of your amazingly hilarious (and sometimes serious) blog since September 2011.

    That's a really sweet gesture Red, to show your gratitude to your readers :)
    God bless you and your blog! :)

  20. And yeah, bhajans, keertans and x-rated stuff! Lol that line cracked me up! :D :p

  21. Happy Birthday to the blog! :)
    And whatay brilliant way to celebrate! Such cute characters, really! I want the bookmarks! Please please please..I have a love for innovative bookmarks. And also moustaches! :P

  22. Happy 3rd Birthday blog!!! Have a great time up ahead.. :-)

  23. Happy Blog anniversary!! Have a great time up ahead!! :-)

  24. Oh, when I saw that 'moochon wali post' on your FB page and also that the date was 16th, I thought you were talking about 'Gutthi' launching her new show. (It's cover also has that kind of mooch on it. See for yourself: Link. See?

    But, these characters are all phunny and incidentally, all of them have moustaches :D

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  25. Happy birthday to your blog! This is really creative stuff! I have a favorite character already. Parmeshwaram is an extension of me: shy, reserved, sincere. And I need that bag to carry my secret stuff on my travels. So I will hope I win it!

  26. Happy birthday anuglyhead and love this super funny post, beautifully crafted and with dollops of fun:)

  27. Red, I love this Post- a giveaway that is so cool, characters descriptions & cool stories to make us drool & of course your inimitable style!
    Best wishes 2 U & ur Blog! 3 years of cheer! May you walk the extra mile!

    Just a Qn- Why no Twitter follow? Ypu could have kept options - any/both- FB/Twitter! :)
    (I am not using FB! Still joining in!)

  28. Happy Birthday to your blog Red and whatta a giveaway! Superb idea, that Pappy bag looks too cute :)

  29. I am in love with the face behind this blog, it does not matter if it is a girl or a day dreaming ugly naked guy :) (esp since you brought in the friends reference) happy birthday to your blog. Count on you to make any kinda post a fun read :)
    I don't have an FB account.
    Me wants those bookmark/paper clip thingy. My 1 year old niece loves my flipkart bookmarks, she chewed on the last two. I use company ID/ bus pass as a bookmark now coz I do most of the reading in the bus on the way to office. :)

  30. Happy Blog anniversary gal (or fat balding guy!) :D Looking forward to more awesome posts as the days go by...

  31. Happy birthday Red! :) Lovely giveaways, but after reading your FB post, I kinda gave up FB :P For a while, I guess...

    I'll check out their site, if they have one... all the products look super cool, and you ask which one of those I want? Well, All! :D I love stationary and bags and USBs and key holders and stuff. you know ;)

    Here's to more and more years of ranting and bloggin'... Cheers! Go party!

  32. Happy birthday on your blog! I think I'm approaching my third anniversary soon too?

  33. Congrats Red darling! I for a fact know that you are not a fat naked uncle :P

    Happy birthday blog, you definitely are one of the best we have around!

  34. Happy B'day to your blog and may you continue to write as you do making people say "Wah! Kya Cheez hai" after reading :)

  35. happy birthday blog!!!! :)
    beautiful blog...:) keep in touch
    plz join my blog

  36. Wishes on the milestone.

    If a fat naked guy masquerading as a young lady on a blog writes this well, he'd still be the toast of town - like ermm you for instance :P

  37. I love love love the pictures. Many congratulations Red and Happy bday to your blog. :) :)

  38. Happy Birthday to your super funny blog, Red!

  39. Happy Birthday to your blog :)
    Pss .. I just love it btw!

  40. Hey!! Going to need an address! :D You're getting the box!!!!
    Also happy birthday, blog! :D

  41. Happy Blogoversary... :D :D :D

    1. ohhh...BTW i forgot to mention why I need those goodies...actually I'll gift it to my sister... ;)

  42. Wow..such cute little things you are giving away.. your readers love you even more now. ^.^

    Ooo..a very happppyyyy birthday to your amazzzing blog! Your's is one of those few blogs I am so glad to have found. And this, my dear is the ultimate truth.


  43. dai..khamann mannn(no pun intended :D ) can never everrrrr be a fat balding guy. for me you are this embodiment of an enigmatic piece of super enigma who has enigma all over her and who carries a halo of enigma on her lovely head...errrm i guess its too much of an enigam. khi khi khi
    happy thyerdd buddday to darrrrling blaaag only molay...keeeep raaacking like this. i louuu it. and such cute products are these :)


  44. Even if I never come to know the face behind this blog, I just love you!!! You are my the most favorite blogger!

    P.S: Happy Birthday to your truly awesome blog!

  45. lovely concept!! and funky giveaways!

  46. Congratulations on turning 3. Those are a bunch of innovative products for sure.

  47. Haaaaappy Birthday Red. :)

  48. Hah! You know, I never win these damn Rafflecopter giveaways. Like ever. I have participated in a huge number of them but oh, never. I just want to see how long can they keep avoiding me. Red handed - you might just be the lucky one whose giveaway I shall win. :|

    Happy blog birthday, BTW

  49. Happy Birthday "" :-)

  50. A fat nekked man..or a gorgeous gal..hell! Keep em guessing!! Rather an author of many words...many utterly enjoyable words. Came across your blog while searching for my favorite or is it our? old monk rum on Google. An awesome blog throughfully enjoyed!! Keep up the good work :)

  51. Here's my entry: "lovely paaji and pappy pillai can help keep evil eyes at bay, daroga saab and dakoo can hide n seek play while i catch up on my 30 pages a day"

    Happy Bday to your bloggie :)

  52. Nice and happy birthday to your blog. Guess I could do without these items though. Think 5 days is too short a time to go hunting for a lady love/sister/best friend/mistress to gift it to either. So for the lack of suitable 'Miss', I shall give this a miss.

  53. I usually don't win these giveaways... my awesome lady luck shoos these things away :P but would still try :D you have achieved a lot of readership in 3 years.. congratulations :)

  54. Happy birthday to your blog, Red!
    Haven't been here for three years, but love the blog nonetheless! You are an amazing woman.
    Saw that you won the Carousel giveaway, yayy.

    I missed the giveaway, daym:/

    Hoplessly Hopeful

  55. And the two girls who win the give away by me of Kya Cheez Hai products are!!!!

    @Jyotsna Bhatia- "Right, now, why would a sarkari babu travelling in worn out buses and working between a heap of files everyday need these products? Let me tell you why? Because, the sarkar needs cuteness too.. isn't it? Imagine, how interesting would it be to carry some of those boring looking files in that vivacious 'Pappy Bag' and how amazed other sarkari babus around me would be when I use 'Dakoo Dholakia' or 'Daroga Sahab' to bookmark some important meeting dates where we, the babus muse upon betterment of our fellow Bharatvaasis.. These cute products might add some cuteness to our decisions and the decisions might come out to be even more colourful and cheerful.. So basically, think about your fellow Bharatvaasis and hand over those cute thingies to this Sarkaari Babu "



    ADITI RAY- "because they are so cute, practical and being given away by RED...!"


    ME-ing- There are only two gifts but She still gets a pair of book marks because -

    "Me wants those bookmark/paper clip thingy. My 1 year old niece loves my flipkart bookmarks, she chewed on the last two. I use company ID/ bus pass as a bookmark now coz I do most of the reading in the bus on the way to office. " "

    P.S- I wanted to give it all to @RIDA KAY , But the courier service to Karachi turns out to be 3599 Rupees through DHL. . Your comment was amazing.

    P.P.S- I did not know international couriers are so effing costly. Yes meh!


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