Saturday 21 January 2012


Girl 1- You know what??!! Daisy has a boyfriend now. He found a job here and now stays in a rented house all alone. She stays on the weekends with him.
Girl 2- Are you serious??!! She stays with him? How long have they been going around?
Girl1- Around 6 mths. Yes she stays with him. I bet she would have done it by now. Lost her flower you know what I mean.
Girl 2- God! The slut! So desperate no?! You know Jennifer right? My roomie. She has been in a relationship for 5 years. They sometimes take trips together.
Girl 1- Oh! A premarital honeymoon I suppose! I am sure she has popped her cherry by now. Actually I think, they would have done it a lot of times!
Girl 2- But she told me that they are saving it till marriage and that the seal is not yet broken.
Girl 1- The girl is lying! Just trying to save her own skin.
Girl 2- You have a boyfriend na? How is he? Till what stage have you guys gone??
Girl 1- He is fine! Been 3 mths with him now. Well, we have just kissed twice. What about you?
             (No one will ever know that I slept with him in the very first month. People are so judgmental. Its better to keep quiet)
Girl 2- You know me well don’t you?! Even if my boyfriend craves for it, unless I am ready I won’t let him even touch me.
                (I have done everything except the last part and I might break it soon. But I think I should keep it to myself)

So this is an average girl talk. The moment you hear that a certain friend of yours decided to take a short vacation with her guy by driving all the way to Goa and spend some days there, your mind starts its devious work. You start to assume that they will spend nights and nights having turbulent sex, instead of actually enjoying the place. You ask your friend when she gets back, about her trip and when she tells you about it, you smirk unknowingly thinking about the amount of sex they might have had. You attest her as a sex addict who is just trying to cover her deeds up by telling false stories. Why do you do that? 

And even if they had sex, what makes you believe that you have the right to judge them. You yourself know that had you been in their place, you would have done the same. Even if you wouldn’t have, you have no right to attest them in any way whatsoever.

Moreover, unlike boys, girls lie to each other. We are so self obsessed and so conscious that we tend to lie. We just can’t help it. We hide our emotions, try to make our personality look clean, appear confident but deep within we know what we truly are. God only knows, when the drama will stop.

What about boys? Are they just the same?! I hope not.

P.S- I replied to the comments on my previous post. I don't feel like an asshole anymore.
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  1. Oh yes I've heard these conversations so many times and that smirk is annoying.. :/

    1. I am posting my comment as a reply coz for some odd reason,I am not able to detect the Post COmment link.:-(
      Anyway...nice read as always!!!:-)
      Guys lie too...;-).. except they exaggerate their sexual exploits...:-P

  2. Hahaha!!

    Girls I tell you...UFFF!!!

  3. i have not heard these conversations but it wasnt a shock for me. But why do girls need to hide what they feel instead of lying??

  4. He hee... Guys multiply and girls divide when it comes to this part. :P

  5. I am sinful of being that girl who imagines everything 'sex' when a girl and guy go out... but only in my head!!! I never ask.
    As a med student living in a girl's hostel we NEVER discuss the above topic EVER. :P

  6. hehe we have had a discussion on this :P even if a girl is in a relation and not done it , she still is considered as someone who has done it all :P

  7. Boys boast, Men Protect :)

    Girls yes, pretentious and Women, they rip apart men they fucked :D

    Most people talk about their sexual encounters, the details and the depth varies depending on the person.

  8. Totally agree with Maithili. And to your post. Wonder how conversations go among boys though.

  9. You tell them girl!
    Why are we so goddamn interested in other people's love lives? Who gives us the fucking right to judge them? I have had issues, my own and others', to even pretend to be nice and level-headed about the issue. I will screw over any one who has the guts to judge me to my face about anybody's personal lives. But the thing is, they don't HAVE those guts. It's all gossip behind your back.

  10. hawwwwwwww ... Lol ! don't worry ...Guys boast even more :D

  11. The irony of life is that popular literature seem to imply tht the married ppl never do it while the unmarried ones do all the time! :)

    I'm also told that when a guy says he's had three girls, he actually had just one; while when a woman says she's had one guy, its actually means three! (Damn! How did they know!) :)

    But I think we are all obsessed bout the 'X' factor - it drives us all... And as fr us guys, we never indulge in sex talk; whnvr we talk, its only bout sex :D

    1. "And as fr us guys, we never indulge in sex talk; whnvr we talk, its only bout sex"..:D
      Hi-Five on that..:)

  12. This is so true! People are such hypocrites! They should just learn to mind their own business. And even if a girl isn't a virgin, then what is their problem? it's just so annoying.

    Thank you for the observation :) I've edited and adjusted the view :)

  13. The ways of this world are strange; we are slowly priding ourselves on being more interested in others' affairs than our own sanity.

    I think people today are mature enough to understand that they have no right to judge someone who wants to - "Do the dance with their pants off" :P but sadly choose not to.

    Boys are boastful as some people have mentioned earlier but never deny the actual happenings the way girls do, they just manage to distort it to look macho in front of their peers.

    Great read. Made my weekend.

    Cheers :)

  14. Guys are the same too. Don't you worry. Everyone's the same. And not all girls are like that! :)

    And calling a girl a slut makes you sexist, even if you identify yourself as a female. That you should tell them. Bah, I hate it when people judge others based on their sex lives! Judgemental world only!

  15. Sex and virginity are overrated topics. People should stop judging, and let people be.

  16. So true. A perfect example of the conversation. People go about pretending how broad minded and not-giving-a-fuck personalities they are but deep within almost every one judges you.

  17. Completely agree with the above comment. Sex shouldn't be used to judge people. it DOES NOT qualify as a determinant of being good or bad, and Never will :/
    Gosh, These are things where i think, our country n the people need to rush forward its thinking like big time!

  18. Ok seriously this is the average girl's talk in which century or which planet???? Either me and my friends were very very dumb or very very open-minded and forward in thinking coz we never spoke like this. But yeah i can imagine some people talking like this. Oh wait.. in fact i think i know a few of them. They were the ones who were never in our group!!!
    Stupid judgemental world.. am already in a pissed off mood.
    Am assuming even this post is 'inspired' by some annoying roomie/acquaintance? If so then, you my girl are mighty patient! For a practical mind like yours I dont know how you bear such talk! I'd go mad!!!!

  19. I do not want to escape by saying that it's human tendency. When we do not want to be treated someway, we shouldn't be treating others that way! And I feel guys are the same too,no exceptions.

  20. well guys dont discuss like that, atleast i never found the set of ppl i hang out with, discussing about their personal lies but still to each their own. who m i to judge. but i ll protect my right to make jokes about it till eternity :P

  21. At a basic level, knowing about what others are up to helps us in justifying our deeds. That leads to such curiosity and even jealousy in most relations.

  22. The hypocrisy of girls sometimes is just plain stupid! :|

  23. I have heard such conversations and yes these conversations irritate the hell out of me..I am left with the same questions, why why why are people so judgmental??!

  24. And here is one gurl, who is spilling the beans and casting floodlights on the insides of women in general. Defecting from the faction, you'll not make a good politician if you do this :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  25. If the girl and boy is old enough to know what they are doing why should they be judged?
    It's not just women who gossip,men too does that...

  26. I very well know of such talks and believe me when I say this that boys will also talk like this when they say a girl and a boy vacationing, though they will have fun talking about it and most of the girls will be judgmental about it and i do not really know why...

  27. loll no boys arnt the same infact for us its the other way round ..u know if u have had sex its not a thing to hide its something tat can get u some street credit ,,,!! you know wat i mean right but then again offcourse if the girl you goin around with comes to know about the fact that you are boasting bout it and telling it to people she gets mad so you don't tell n e one even though u so wannaa ,,,!!! these are hard lessons that lifes taught me very harshly ..!!ha haah ah ah aha ha

  28. Been there. Done that (not so proud(.
    Been there. Seen that (once i stopped doing it),.

  29. Guys will boast, especially the immature ones. But, I think if the guy is serious and cares about the relationship, he will definitely protect and say only which he think is healthy to the relationship and not in any way demeaning to the girl. That is what I think. :)

  30. i am wondering.. why did i not get a chance to lie??????

  31. I know boys who talk just like this!
    My friend asks me, "You think she's virgin" after we meet somebody.
    I have girls around me who tell other girls to sleep with the guy whos cheating on them. "There's no other way to keep a man", they advice.
    I know guys who look at girl and say, "Woh bandi kaun hai be? Mere dost ko chahiye."

    All of that disgust me.

  32. Ahahahahahahaaaa xDDD
    Yeah. I've heard we girls do that =p
    Bhagwaan hi jaane why!
    Flowers and cherry and all ahahahahaha lol
    And reddddd *pulls cheeks* you iz not an asshole. Even if you wouldn't have replied to le comments!
    Love love love

  33. Just one simple lesson across genders- minding one's own business should do one good. :)

    I have heard boy's gossip more about more. But those are college kids. Men do that very rarely.

  34. our circle....its accepted pretty openly actually.....women r now opening up to the idea in some parts of the country...although most women still pretend...i remmebr having such conversations during my engineering days and happened to be one of the slimy gossipers myself(*embarassed now*).. but i think i'm over this pathetic judgmental attitude finally....most of my frends also dont judge other women by their sexual, i guess things are changing...slowly but yes :)

  35. *stands up on the office table and applauds*
    you have hit the bulls eye my child.
    us girls are number one hypocrites..gaaaah...
    deflower and pop cherry and blah blah blah..
    such dumb fucking prejudices people have!!!
    i took a 2 week trip with my what??!!!!!
    i slept with him or behaved like a nun...why should it matter..??
    sighhh...and somewhere i know even i have veered to that direction when talking to other girls..sighhh...we need to change our
    nice post darling
    PS-I feel like a total beeeeeeg asshole that i haven't commented on thy posts since god alone knows when
    now that i finally did..i think i should feel like a smaller asshole..
    khi khi khi
    PPS-and NO i haven't literally stood on the office table :D:D:D:D:D feeeels sooooooo nice to leave this mile long comment after longgggggg my lemme make it longerrrrr
    OK STOP.

  36. If a guy is a flirt then he ll boast the truth to all... but if he is true he wont let even the name or photo of the gal :) So the same applies to gals or guys :)

  37. Of course boys lie. But in a totally different way. If they've gone on just one date with a girl, they tell their male friends that they've reached first base already. If they've made out four times, then they'll tell that they've been having sex three times a day since four months. I can't figure out with is worse- the way girls gossip, or the way boys lie.

  38. boys seem to be happy exaggerating there own stuffs!

  39. boys like to exaggerate more of their own stuff!

  40. Aah have heard of so many guys who do this, but they r anything but genuine! And I think women lie coz they don't want to be judged, just a thought...may not be true! ;)

  41. what about boys well i think boys try to say that they ahve done it all on the first date itself ... :)

    he would have jsut held her hand but he will tell his mates he was in bed with her...


  42. its so good to read u again red. nice post as usual.

    guys do lie too, but in the other extreme. they brag about having done it without havin done it. :D

  43. Ha! Another one bang on the head;) Gossip gossip and more gossip is all that girls do and am pretty sure others' sex lives are out of bounds to us,as ours are to them:P Are we still in the crazy world where virgins stand shivering looking at the grooms to be? LOL!!! I betcha!!!

  44. Flower...LOL...Monica said so in Friends...Do girls use this term? Why people poke in other's life...

  45. HAHAHHAHA. people are so inquisitive always! damn.

  46. Hilarious.. and lying is bad.

  47. lol..the conversation was hilarious though i havent heard such a thing in real life, let me add YET!
    but the underlying fact is...that people r so desperate to poke in others life and derive conclusions without even acknowledging anything else!


  48. Funny post yaar!!! It always interesting to what a girl says and what she actually means!! No one has ever come up with the prompt answer.. Not even the Mars - venus book!! :D Great post!!

    Regarding boys - we tend to ignore and not ask about trips. We might assume things, but we keep it with ourselves!! We have more important things to do, you see - watching sports for example!! :D

  49. We live side by side with people who have widely varied values including the ones who think a girl is free, easy and available for all if she’s holding hands with her boyfriend. That is why one does need to be circumspect before making that decision to tell. As for those conversations and secretive smiles, they are another story - people scoring points off each other. Interesting post.

  50. I think guys talk otherwise. When girls would try and prove they have done nothing, guys would try and prove otherwise :D it's more of an ego issue for them, i think. So, ya, guys do talk, but they do not talk coz they want to justify, they talk coz they want to prove how cool they are :D :D
    and about girls, ya.. its exactly what u said! :D

  51. i totally agree with meher!

  52. Girls and gossips. They can never be separated. :P And guys totally think otherwise. :) Girls are more interested in hiding the things they have done whereas boys are more interested in "faking" the things they haven't done ;)

  53. hey red
    hope you remember me??
    anywayz been busy away
    stressed with exams and extra activities but i do read ya posts just fail to comment :(
    mmmm this one was so brutally honest and true
    and because of these silly ridiculous conversation i hate the fact i am also a part of this specie - FEMALES :/
    great idea
    nice post

    il be back soon
    take care

  54. Hey read youe comment late. Really was pleased to hear that you sing and to too are in this field. If possible will upload song that i have written and composed. Please act like a critic. Thanks for reading my blog.

  55. That might be the case with some gals. I am glad i end up with honest souls who are not pretentious at all and just say and be done with it ! :P

  56. going on a trip does not present the only opportunity to "do it" ; and neither does staying together...yes, they might improve your chances statistically...but i know people who have "gone to college" or "gone trekking" and instead are doing it somewhere at a friend's available place etc...

    for those who don't do it, even with opportunities aplomb, that is merely a question of individual choice..let the "judges" do their kindergarten judging :P

    and secondly, guys normally wrongly bloat about it....for e.g ..

    we had intercourse = i gave her a snowjob ;
    she gave me a bj = she touched my weiner once ;
    we "fooled around" = i imagined touching her "there" ;
    we kissed = nothing happened.


  57. You know after a while you have to stop wondering about what people would say...for even they stop after a while-wondering n speaking both! the more you bother with those passing judgements on you, around you...the more they try to trap you!

    I have realized to care two hoots-their lives, their choices!

  58. Gossip Girls, common and shows that their life is not that interesting after all.

  59. Hahahha... reminds me of hostel days... gossip, gossip and more gossip..
    and same situation has happened once. There was this perfect girl who bitched about anyone and everyone who went out with their boy friend was once caught red handed for you-know-what in the classroom..and since then her gossiping nerve just vanished.. ;)))

  60. Its simple enuf among guys.. Its MILFS, food and sports at least in my case..:D

  61. Can I meet any one of those girls? I am in Delhi, right? And Delhi is supposed to be more open to such things? I feel like I belong to a village! I am seriously considering shifting to your town!


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