Wednesday 7 December 2011


 I am now officially bugged, beyond redemption. I qualify for the post of the most fickle-minded person alive on the face of earth, atleast that is what I feel. When I was living my life my way 2017 km away from my home, I brutally missed the whole family and ‘MY-HOME’ thing.  So when the semester break arrived, I decided not to intern in another far away state but to pack my bags and go where my heart is, which I supposed was at this place called HOME.
Now the first 3 days were epic! I think the reason behind the chaotic rush at the airport on 06-11-2011 was that my entire family and few sets of relatives were present there to welcome me. A crushing kiss on the cheek by my mother, a bear hug by my Dad, a pony tail pull by my brother and a massive cheek pull by my Granny, I realized that I was finally home. 

First 3 days-

Mom- Mole!!! Look at you, you became so dark and look at your hair, full of split ends. Did you not apply the home made Hibiscus Flower shampoo I sent you? What about the Coconut and Tulsi oil? Now that you are here, I will take care of you Mole!!

Granny- Utthappam Or Dosa? I know my Mole likes Utthappam. Afternoon I will make Jeera Rice with Khatta Meetha Dal, your favourite no??!! I asked your Papa to buy some Udad Dal, to make Vada in the evening. 

Father- Mole! Tell me about your college life. Are things okie? Tonight we will have food from outside, right after we check out the new dress collection at the mall. You wanted to buy a dress right? 

4-10 days-

Mom- You became so fat! You should join the gym. Today itself we will go and check out the gym nearby. You need a good personal trainer too. Don’t sit so much! Always sitting in from of your laptop! You just rip off your clothes and leave them for the washing machine to wash. Why can’t you wash sometimes? And your room is so dirty! Is this how you live in your hostel? I am sure your place can host a junkyard war show. 

Granny- What do you mean you won’t eat rice in the afternoon? Have the rice with the curry you had in the morning. And you are asking about the evening snack? You know how old I am? Make something yourself or there is Rusk. Have it with tea.

Father- I don’t think that you should go to the gym just one time in a day. You come back and eat and do nothing. I think you should go in the evening too! This will keep you fit. Mole you have become so lazy! We will go out in the evening and buy you some more gym cothes.

11-25 days-

Mom- You come back from gym and you eat and then you are on bed like you are some old lady. When I was your age, I was married, had a job and also had you in my womb. How will you manage a family. You cannot even cook a chappati properly! You know Mrs. Susheea’s daughter Meena? She just finished school and she makes the dinner, while her mother rests. Tch Tch! What are we going to do with you!

Granny- You are ripe now!  Eligible to get married and you are still stubborn. Why cannot you eat rice and sambar eh? We will get you married to someone who eats just rice and lives for rice. Kids these days do not mature only! How will you take care of a child!! 

Father- Why are you watching Masterchef Australia? I would understand it if you actually moved your lazy bum up from the chair and made something they cook on this show. Why can’t you watch the news channel? Ones you get your Law degree, I am thinking about sending you to Delhi and you shall prepare for your Civil Judge exam. Why have you not sorted out your life yet? Tch Tch!

NOW, all I dream of is my Hostel bed, but I have 16 days more left at my home where like I said before, apparently my heart is. Life is so awesome when you are far away from your family and all you get is those loving and caring calls by your parents. I love my family and I cannot ask for a better one because I am blessed with the perfect one, but ones you have tasted freedom or life on your own, you become intolerant to dominance. I agree I am lazy, and I am not mature and I am not half the perfect woman my Mother is, but I am me!! Someone says I am perfect and I like to believe him.

Meet My Family,

Father- I can kill you for him and yes die for him too. The first man in my life and the best one too! He is the reason why I am proud of myself.
Mother- Too sweet to be true. Has a 9 to 6 job, but always took care of me as if she is a housewife. Too innocent, beautiful and the woman I want to be.
Granny- Looks sinfully beautiful even with those wrinkles at the age of 74. Makes the best food my Taste buds have tasted. A gem of a woman whom life has made strong.
Brother- He and I share a love hate relationship, but he will kick anyone’s ass if I ask him to. 

P.S- I did not reply to the comments on my last post, because seriously I did not know what to reply with. I am really thankful to everyone who read because you know it means a hell lot!
P.P.S- I am overeating. The gymming is making me real tired and end up hogging as if my life depends on it. I cannot diet! But yes I am not putting on weight.  Somebody kill my gym trainer. Please!



  1. hahah..sweet family :)
    I could relate to the (11-25) days part so much..and i miss my hostel bed too :(

    Yes let me handle that..I will kill your gym trainer for ya :D

  2. Wat can I say..??
    tch tch tch...

  3. Awesome as ever.

    But me saying it is getting old now.

  4. hahahahha I enjoyed so much reading this know it reminded me my time in hostel..when I visited my family back in south punjab after 3 every 3 months..I used to have the same episodes with my family..:)

  5. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh
    finalyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you posted...
    i missed you babe..
    like MISSEDDDDDDD uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!!

    hmmmmpppphhh.well about your post..
    sighhh.. i can soooooooooo bledyyyyy relate with every word that you wrote...
    only difference is..
    i get to hear all of that...

    grrrrrrrrrrrrr..cos i stay at home with my family..
    "look at are growing bigger and bigger everyday..go do some work..."
    "look at Miss UltraRandomName..She is 5 yrs younger to you...but she cooks an entire meal..and you can do NOTHING...?!!! what will happen when you get married..?you will cook only maggi all your life? What will you teach your kids..? how to cook maggi all their life...??
    blaa blaaaaaaaaaaaaaa blaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh"

    i feel like running away at times..
    and the itch to get away and become free and independent for once grows stronger in me every single dayy

    i guess i put up a mini post out here in my comment..

    but i so agree with you RED..
    its not their fault..
    but its not that we are wrong either..
    only if things were a lil easier..

    love u baby..
    keep writing..

    cheers !!

  6. hehehehehehehehe... thts a typical life..!! happens all th tym with everyone..!!! I remember th tag line: Shit Happens..!!! :D

  7. "Mole you are ripe"!! Ayyo!!! I could almost imagine you to be a fruit that is fully ripe and almost falling off the tree! :D :D :D :D

  8. Wouldn't blame you if you stress ate after all of this :D

    Ditto situation I confronted when I went home the first time after spending 8 months abroad and thumbs up for the stress reduction kit.

    Good one yet again, proves beyond doubt that too much anything is good for nothing.

    Cheers :)

  9. I feel you, man, I totally feel you. I love them with all my heart but tt's not been three days and I'm already dreaming of the solitude in the hostel. This is prolly why Western teens move out and come back only for vacations or something. Or maybe it is that we got used to the freedom that hostel life gives us...
    Either way, I walk around these days looking like an Angry Bird. But the thought of going back brings with it the thought of being away from home-_-
    Talk about inner conflicts.


  10. @red handed: as much as entertaining the post was, I thought i could suggest a wonder drink.:P think you should try drinking coffee an hour before gymming.And drinking hot/cold lemon green tea 3 times a day will get you the results you might have been looking for. :)

  11. Mole, hav a hoppy, hoppy time at home.. hwz the gymmin goin, mole? :)

    Like some great mallu soul once said, "What u see in the maram, I already saw in the maanam"..:)

    so I found out the secret formula of home-going = its 5 days - first 3 days, u're treated as king, then after which the welcome wears off slowly.. 7 days later, u're basically back to bein treated as house furniture.. so I plan my stay in such a way tht I only stay only fr 5 days at the maximum.. :)

    summa sooper, alle? :)

    Jokes apart, love the way u write so well bout stuff tht ppl usually fail 2cnotice... u truly prove tht the story is just out thr around u - u just need to find it n pick it up :)

    lovely read n love the idea of makin a story on sumthin we all go thru :)

    And I cant help nt callin u mole, mole...:D

  12. that was such a hilariously sweet post. =)
    Most of us get a similar reaction with our families. They just so adorable in everything they do. :)
    And yes this is so true that once we get a taste of living on our own terms, it becomes really hard to adjust with the dominance of our parents. I can absolutely UNDERSTAND!!! (Mind the capitals) :P

    And trust me, I can be a tough competitor in the fickle-minded thing. Hehe..!!

  13. Haha! I so connect with the brother and granny. DITTO them and you have a perfect replica at my house.
    And oh oh, the tumhari shaadi kaise hogi, khaana toh banaa nai paati, roti toh bel nai sakti.
    Heard so many cousins lamenting about the roti-sabzi trouble but thankfully I don't have to face it for years and years to come. Yay me :D
    And hahaha, junkyard war? Aunty sounds so cute. :* Mommies have this habit of immaculate cleanliness no?
    PS : What's with the MOLEEEEEEEEE?

  14. U have a lovely family. And too much of a good thing also can be bad so I can understand ur frustration against ur family:) Good luck with the gymming :)

  15. Awwiee.tragic..sweet..caring..loving..cursing..
    Damn! your post has everything and is as good as i last read it :)
    Have been longtime since i last dropped on your blog..
    And the shine goes on..and i guess i have too many posts screaming not read ;P
    Guess i am being lazy too..and my best wishes to pass the remaining days but with the nearing end you would truly want to stay once more.

    *Love will keep us alive*
    !amen! :P


  16. LOL! been there, yes!

    You chose not to do an internship, I chose to take a year off after a course to stay home! Sigh! Poor me.

    With parents just 1 line holds true,
    'Theedha hai, par mera hai' :P

    16 days. Pretend to be interested and the sun will begin to shine again :)

  17. Families are so sweet... mine is exactly same as yours in behavior.. when I am not with them they are so nice and sweet, when I meet them after a long time I am welcomed like a super star and then after sow times the little bit of nagging and lectures will start. and believe me I have been married for past 4.5 years and all this still happens and I am sort of glad for it :) :)

  18. oh yes the 1st 3 days sound like royalty...and you actually begin to believe like life couldn't get better..

    the next few days people get used to you and the same drama begins ..:p
    after that, only coz u stay in a hostel doesn't mean u get away at home phase :P .. hahahaha and yes though I haven't been away from home, but on my trips while m away alone I see this...

    But I love my parents unconditionally. I think the are the spice of my life.. And gyming does leave you hungry .. Can't blame you :/

  19. he he he .. parents haan :) oh man you know I would still give anything to have all those days wth parents at home ANY day ..

    you are blessed ...

    Keep smiling always take care


  20. Good luck with the gym...seems like too much of a good thing can be irritating too!

  21. Ripe?? :D

    I so totally understand. I'm away in another country for about 2 weeks now and I'm missing home like hell. When I'm there I cannot wait to get out! I guess this is how it always is.

    But nevertheless, I'm loving all of my freedom and the peace here. And I can also talk to the man I love without strange looks and constant bickering! Its worth it :)

  22. I tasted freedom..after class XII. Life has never been the same. :D

    When I go home..for say 1 or 2 weeks..once or twice a year..I get treated like a king.. :P

    When I don't upload photos on FB, they ask me to upload a latest photo...when I upload a photo..they say...'you have lost weight'...

    A couple of weeks at home...when you are staying away are pure bliss...but yeah..there is nothing much to do..except TV, sitting on net, and eating... :)

    Have fun..while it lasts :)

    You have a great family. :)

  23. I agree to it completely.. O myself live in a hostel so can relate to every damn word of yours :)

  24. And yeah....that above pic...we have that in our office too!

  25. have such a sweet family. They will give you reasons to love and love them even more....

    BTW, don't write anything bad about gym. I am trying to make it popular in my posts...;)

  26. Prayers answered- GIVE ME THE ADDRESS OF THAT TRAINER. I SHALL MARRY HIM:P Remember there is no brutal torture to a man than marriage;) Or better, i can arrange a gay wedding ceremony of your trainer with my best gay friend! As for your family, they all seem so sweet and fine to me. Perfectly imperfect to the core!!!

  27. the typical cycle of emotions at every hostelers home,nah? :)

    Loved your family :) say hi to them from me!

  28. I can so totally relate, hahaa! The first week is awesome, and then when I ask around for things that I cannot place at home, I get the 'don't-act-as-if-you're-a-guest' response, and the excitement dies off. :/ Nevertheless, home is still the best place to be :D
    Oh, and am also being asked to go to the gym since I apparently am not doing anything productive. hmph.

  29. i have done engg IN hostel for all 4 i can understand :) cant explain how,i just do :)

  30. U handled it just for 11-25 days, i seem to handle it for years now and its only today i realize that m pretty used to it!
    but mole is a very cute name :D
    I think when u go back, u ll miss it enjoy the remaining days!


  31. What a sweet family! I can totally relate to parts of this. But it was more my grandmom than my parents!

  32. Rofl!! I feel that way when I come back home from a vacation when I'm really homesick!
    I almost joined a hostel, but today I'm happy I didn't and that I have a whole room to myself :D But I've always wanted that hostel waala freedom :)

  33. Ha ha ha :) :) Nice one red :) The care that your family has in you is immense and it shows the way they treat you :) The way they care shows in your weight loss, gymming , food and everything :) Lucky to have a family like this :) "Somebody kill my gym trainer. Please!" -- Gay trainer eh :P :P he he

  34. Aha. Nothing like family love, eh? I haven't been away from home yet but I can still relate to your feeling of freedom. Nice read. :)

  35. Hey Red that was sweet post and good narration!!

    whtever u said is 100 % true,it happens when u go home from hostel, from past 11 years i am away from home (education & job) i experience the same when i go home.

    FAMILY - its something we cant be separated from :)

  36. Hahahaha... the family... Cant live with it or without it. :P But daily dosage is necessary from time to time. Happy Holiday Mole! :P :D

    I would have gone mad by now, if I was in your place. :P God Bless YOu!

  37. hillarious indeed.....god i get fedup sometimes of all this chittar and chatter...."paras let us start looking a girl for you","swith the job will get better package " and all the shit. but when i was alone in pune i miss the same shit. the happiness is there where god has granted you with the brain.

  38. This was so hilarious! Family can get on your nerves... but then they are FAMILY! So.. you get frustrated and feel like pulling your hair out but at the same time you would do anything for them!

  39. Hahaha...I empathise! I know how this feels. Been there, done that. Wait, actually, I'm living that "dream" now. I am overeating yes, because the stress from hearing your mum asking you to "cook and not blog all day" is getting extreme.

    *munch munch munch*

    (p/s: New here..Hi!)

  40. Hilarious is what every post of yours scream! And this waning treatment from family as the days of stay at home increases- experienced it and from then on, made it a point to plan smaller, frequent trips to home than a long, once in a blue moon trip :) Because whichever it is, the royal treatment is indirectly proportional to the number of days I stay at home.

  41. awwww...poor baby and yes all said and done-education, employment and independence do spoil us-once you get these, you can't live without more of them!

    poor Mole:-)
    bas 16 days more-you'll survive...and gyms are not for weight loss anyways, ask me:(
    they make you tired and more hungry and more frustrated that you waste time in doing something which never happens...i so feel like saying-i told ya, but naah, you are already very stressed....

    but you know what, keep repeating the line that the man told you to yourself "you are perfect" and soon it will be amen time:-)

  42. Red red red...your writing always brings a smile mole... ripen away to glory OK. I've never lived in a hostel and it finds mention in my 7 wants and I've ripened beyond the age that Mother India will allow that to happen now!!! When I was in UK I enjoyed having dinner when want, what I want how I want...aha bliss it Dad has to guide me in everything, put more sambhar, mix it well, don eat with spoon are you queen Elizabeth?...Just when I'm eating when I hear all this I blow my top, mother India has stopped tokofying for everything now but something will have to be done about daddy. Hopefully the next Germany trip I'll get to stay out for a looooooooong time :D..

    P.S. Red don't grow up on account of me. We all love you for what you are, at such a not-so-ripe age to write the way you do is something many of us here would kill for you know!!!

  43. Been there felt that is all I have to tell you my dear!!! :P :D

  44. Happens! I used to be home and then run back to hostel, then home then hostel and sigh, now am married :| so I so miss my mom and dad...and bro to meri jaan hai :) And my lil sis <3

  45. Loved this Post . Can relate to almost everything, In my case it being put on some weight instead of lose some. And don't worry , I could cook absolutely nothing before I got married and now I can . :). So no big deal. But parents do worry a lot.

  46. marvelous narration!
    delightful post!

  47. When we are away from our families, we miss them. And when we are with them, we cant stand them :)
    But in the end, we can't do without them :)
    Be a couch potato during your holidays. Cause when you get back to your hostel, you won't be able to do that :D

  48. They say, the grass is always greener on the other side.. But they also say, Home is where the heart is!! :)

  49. talk about disillusionment, eh??? Hope you survive the last 16 days!! Lovely family, btw - and now I am missing mine! :-(

  50. Haha :) sorry for the story disappointment :P i've posted the final part :)

  51. There is no need to mention about the family... my words are not needed when your's have spoken so perfectly of them.

    What I loved about the post : Your mention of being perfect coz he says so. :)

  52. You removed the video post? It was nice. Just watched it. :)

  53. mole, the hole point is they want you to be active 24/7. but your folks seem to be so simple and lovely!

  54. as usual...funny....witty.....nice.....and coupled with a brilliant narrative style...:-)

  55. I know! I love it when I'm back home. for like 3 days, and then its like 'i need some space'!!

  56. Totally understood what you meant. Families are like that. They can be so annoying like leeches on your skin but at the same time you love them because you know they truly care for you and love you the most. :P

    All phases. :)

    I completely missed reading you.

  57. Long Time . No Post . ;)
    Love to come back here . Keep going on .

  58. Red Red Red :D M back :D Damn, I missed 4 posts of yours? :( But trust me, I was busier than cat trying to cover shit on a marble floor ;)
    Anyway, coming back to post, poor you. I guess it's same picture everywhere, but only you can describe it so well <3

    11-25 days were AWESOME Fat Mole huh? :P
    // We will get you married to someone who eats just rice and lives for rice - Haha, I pray this doesn't happen
    //But ones you have tasted freedom or life on your own, you become intolerant to dominance - Awesome line. And of course, true.

    Ah ! This time I took every precaution beforehand so as not to fell from the bed while laughing :D But that masterchef Australia and lazy bum dialogue still gave me hard time :P

    Keep posting.

    P.S. Did I tell you ,Oh . How much I missed this place?

  59. Ohh u voiced like everyones experience here ! After all family is family. I'd kill for mine too ! They are but sometimes too sweet and concerned that it gets on my nerves,..and of course my freedom !

  60. Again! Laughter is so familiar to me when it comes to your posts!:) You're too good! I think along with you, you have a much fun family! Trust me, you would be so thankful for getting such mild 'lectures' compared to when you're married and living with your in-laws! damn, theirs would be so mirchi I tell you.

  61. I would kill your trainer but you haven't discussed the Supari amout:)


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