Saturday 26 November 2011


So Yes I support abortion. Now before you point at me and call me a baby killer or stamp the tag of being a woman who might have aborted a baby, let me tell you I have not done any such thing. But If I had to, I would and as much I would hate myself for aborting the foetus, I still will. 

Now I know that almost everyone agrees with the concept of abortion when it comes to cases of Rape and when the life of the woman might be at stake. But what about cases of unwanted pregnancies as a result of lack of usage of proper protections? I see you all frowning at it now. Now according to me there are four sets of people who are against the concept of abortion- 

1) The Married people- These people do not mind having a baby, since the society wont look down on them if the woman gets pregnant.
2) The Virgins- This set of people will stand outside and just give their viewpoints, without actually trying to step into the minds of those who are going through it.
3) The Lucky Ones- They used protection and even when they did not, it never made the girl pregnant.
4) Those who don’t believe in pre-marital sex.

I respect their viewpoints and they might be right, but that does not make me wrong. Now I am not going to talk about abortion as a result of rape but I am referring to sex between two people who are really in love which resulted in pregnancy and no they are not married. I see you all rolling your eyes already and that is exactly what your problem is.

We have reached an age where more than half of the crowd which is getting married, is not anywhere close to being a virgin. This is the time of pre-marital sex and everyone is enlightened enough to know about protections. No one wants to take a risk and I don’t think there is anything called as unprotected sex anymore, especially if it is before marriage and with the consent of both the parties to it. Either the guy uses condom, or the girl uses the pill before 72 hours or the guy does not cum in her or it could be a combination of all three. Either way, people who have sex before marriage know the risks involved and thus use protection. But what if the woman still gets pregnant? Is it her fault?

Now she can do two things if she gets pregnant- 

 A-  Be an unmarried pregnant lady, thus causing the society to spit on her face. She will make her family's name dissolve into thin nothingness, make the relatives talk, get chucked out of the social circle and declared unwanted.
       B-   Abort the foetus which would have been born with the status of being unwanted or an accident.

Yes, some of you would be coming up with a solution of the boy and girl being forced to marry and thus raising the child. But what if they do not want to marry now? What if they are not secure or mature enough to deal with such a situation? What if they are just not ready for it? Yes I hear you saying, that then they should have never had sex. But who are you to decide that? Sex is a choice and it’s not for the bystanders to decide. 

I do not support abortion after the foetus is 20 weeks old. But I will still support it if it endangers the life of the woman. We have a right over our own body and we are at liberty to choose. Do not be against abortion if you believe in pre marital sex, and if you do not believe in pre marital sex don’t judge those who do. It is their choice not yours.  

P.S- This is my viewpoint and I am in no way starting a debate here. If you are against abortion, good for you but do not think that leaving anonymous unnecessary comments under this post, will change the way I think. If you have anything to say, say it with poise and if you want to shoot me down with your harsh words, dedicate a post against this on your blog.


  1. I agree with you on this.. It can always be an accident and both people need to be secure enough to start a family.. What is the point of bringing in a life and making it suffer?

  2. Have said this before, will say it again; very pertinent choice of topic and well handled again. Kudos.

    If one has made a certain choice, the after effect of the choice comes as a package deal and anyone not willing to deal with the aforesaid aftereffect is not worthy of making that choice in the first place. I think this holds good for both Premarital sex and the abortion pickle as well.

    Its a typical chicken and egg scenario I tell you.

  3. Go for abortion if you are not in the correct state of mind to keep the child, but to abort when you come to know its a girl in your womb- ridiculous. I know a 16 year old girl who didn't want to abort her child. I really didn't know how to respond back then .

  4. I was 100% sure I would be against abortion till I read this post. And now I am thinking!!

  5. I don't know why people have a problem with abortion. Isn't having a baby a personal choice too just like sex?

    This a HUMAN BEING you're talking about, giving birth to one, raising it, nurturing him/her, giving him/her good education, making him/her stand on their own two feet.... That is a HELL of a lot of responsibility.
    And a woman should undertake it ONLY is she can DEAL with it, right from breast-feeding the baby to solving spouse-problems and child-problems and whatnot for him/her.

    If she CAN't deal with it, she might as well get an abortion before the baby is brought into this world and save the baby (I don't really care about the mother, who made bad choices, here) a lot of tears and pain for being less-equipped to deal with life.

    Just so that we're clear, I'm the kind who goes googoogahgah when I see a baby and I'm against killing ANYTHING, let alone babies. But I have seen far too many mothers abandoning their children for work, far too many children who are unloved, far too many children in the streets begging for a better life to NOT advocate abortion.

  6. I think I agree with you- it's better not to bring an unwanted baby into the world, all the time knowing that it was just an accident- that would indeed be cruel to the child.

  7. i believe having sex or giving birth or what-ever, as long as its realted to some person, he/she should be the only person calling the shots.and if they decide do chose doing what they want to, i dont suppose the 'society' should be bothered.but we live in weird world, the guy who is responsible for the baby is never questioned while the woman has broght bad name to the family.CHEAPOS!

  8. It's the goddamnedsociety which makes life shit crazy for a woman. We rally out with banners about women empowerment and all that jazz...but when it comes to topic of pre-marital sex and getting pregnant, woman is always treated like a pariah. Even I am against abortion if the foetus is older than 20 days...but before that, I would agree. And Red, you have made very valid point here that why shouldn't not having a baby before marriage or even sex for that matter, not be a choice???

  9. rightly said it..

    meaning of what is right and wrong is based on the situation . i support you..

    liked the strong narration.. joined your site too. ( the e magazine)

  10. I agree with you. Having an abortion for reasons of a girl fetus is insane but otherwise the choice is on the parents.
    And it is better to not give birth to a child than to abandon it after birth or to not be able to raise it properly.

    Good work on this article, loved your picking up this topic.

  11. The possibility of pre-marital pregnancy is one of those those things which makes me a bit uneasy about pre-marital sex.But yeah,I do support abortion.A young woman who doesn't have the means or the mental preparation to support a baby shouldn't be forced to accept one into her life.

  12. I dont think this is something that you can blindly 'support' or 'not support'. It is entirely situational and is dependent on a lot of factors. Just because someone is getting an abortion I wouldn't judge blindly and say yes its correct/not correct. Like you said what if its a rape victim? Similarly if someone is getting an abortion just because they 'think' its going to be a girl child, then I'd rather go and murder that person.

    For me personally, I would definitely consider it but only as a last resort. But what about adoption? Even if its someone who is not ready to have a baby, not ready to start a family, because of health issues or financial issues or because she is unmarried or whatever be the reason... isn't giving up the baby for adoption better than abortion? After all it IS a human life. Again this is debatable and only my personal point of view. AND, even adoption is not really a straightforward solution.. but it might work.

    Anyway, its a really interesting and debatable topic and I have a lot lot lot to talk about it.. so ill shut up now :P

  13. don't know what to write here.. but yeah I agree with you when it comes to virgins while marrying.. its a fail notion nowadays.

    Weakest LINK

  14. I agree to u r point..!! I saw this post coming actually.. th points which u hav highlighted r true..

  15. Hey Red, very interesting thought here...

    Personally, I see abortion as just a decision, but a very difficult one. Its the 'killin life' angle that screws up the whole argument. But if two well thinking adults decide to abort, me thinks we must stand aside and respect their decision n not make it more difficult for them than it already is..

    N if they're not well thinking or adults or both, all the more reason for an abortion.

    Bt I guess its easier for us than it is fr ppl in the the non urban side of life, whr decisions r generally influenced/made with more (often unnecessary)stakeholders frm the community ..

    Very gud post, Red :)

  16. I remember having a heated argument with a friend abt this...she totally lost her temper when i expressed the same views as above and said stuff about 'owning up one's mistake like a lady' n stuff...
    she still sticks to her view n i to mine...was fun talking about it tho :)

    n yes... i would abort if i ever got pregnant! :)...honest, on-the-face post :)

  17. Agree there.

    Better die, than be an accident and a burden to those who have to take care of u.

    And on those same lines, I believe in mercy killing.

    If I have a right to live, I have the right to die.

  18. Aaaah I kind of agree. Abortion can be a good thing for the society. But in college we had this session where the counselor told us that this girl came to her and she'd had over 10 abortions because her boyfriend didn't like condoms? Now that is insane.

    But its is sort of helpful especially in cases or Rape or Marital rape or whatnot!

    Enlightening Post :)


  19. Completely agree with you, whether or not the talk of being married comes up, i would still say that it is the girl's choice if she wants to abort the foetus. No one should be forced to do something they don;'t want to do for the sake of society and it's not like our society is worth going through 9 months of hell and the rest of a life of more hell anyway. Not that i'm against babies, i'm just pro career.

  20. Ammm..I dont know..but I strongly believe that we humans have no rights to end a life.:/..For all the thing that we do,we have to bear the consequences as well...

    I agree that you got a point there and I have a point here too..:)

    I dont mean to offend you,just stating my opinion

    Anyways,I have awarded you on my blog..Check it out :D

  21. Hmm.. I don't know what to say in post like this. Hmm.. not because am for or against what you say- it is because I am clueless and yes, it is a personal choice.

    Wow.. what are they making you read in classes law on abortion...? No, I am not making fun. And you cornered out all the groups for and against the topic well. I have faith you will do well. :)

  22. I definitely agree with you, getting an abortion or not is an individual’s choice and who are we to judge others? But in my opinion, it’s better to get the baby aborted than to bring it into this world and let it be called as a bastard child. I think India has a long way to go in accepting unwed mothers into our society.

  23. True that.

    And its killing an already born/almost born girl (or not) child that should be looked down upon.

    Abortion is a personal choice and everybody is free to have an opinion.
    I totally agree with you.

    And those having a strong opinion against abortion should apply that to themselves in case they get pregnant(girls obviously) before marriage, then we ll see who actually is against it.

    Plus its this narrow thinking that has made our population of the country sky high.
    And its a fabulous post. Agree with every word of it.

  24. No matter how much of awareness is raised and precautions taken, such issues r bound to arise and though like many others even I am against killing of innocent lives, if the mother is not mature enough to give the baby the rights and respect is deserves..better abort it then and there than to carry the burden on you and eventually transfer it on those little shoulders!


  25. I fall in the 1st and 3rd category but I still agree with you totally... I have nothing more to say except that the decisions should always be taken weighing in the pros and cons.

  26. it's hard to transform the tapori me to the decent one but the topic is too sensitive to be mocked at.
    ABORTION- the very sound of this word gives me the picture of assassination.
    well i agree to your point. but the reality is the same human life has become to cheap to be dealt with. and it's not like you go to a clinic and get it done. well abortion leaves behind a lot of scars. the 1st place remains the static one, why did you do it when you are not ready. sex makes babies not ice creams, it's a darn life you are creating when you indulge it ain't that casual respect your body and human life
    nice topic..! :)
    hope you are getting my feeds now?

  27. To be frank i am against Abortion... But the points listed out here makes me to think beyond the levels i thought before!!! But yes premarital sex is one thing which is really not understood by the Indian people... I am in Tamilnadu where if they speak openly about this it will create a hue and cry!! In Chennai it is changing a bit... But if we go to Bangalore we will see things which are awkward here are normal.. So the way we are brought up also holds the aces in which we think... But the modern day gals are very courageous and good in opening this kind of issues so that it will be known and doesnt bring abortion a case to be discussed :) :)

  28. yes..even i agree with your viewpoint you know..
    i have always believed its a personal choice..
    people who have consensual sex..
    are not some immature bumpkins who have no idea at all what they are getting into..
    yes mistakes happen sometimes..
    many a times a person ends up in bed after a drunken soiree and the after effects come forth in the form of an unwanted pregnancy..
    i know it was an irresponsible act..
    but its better to not regret later doing something which she could have corrected at the right time..

    but yes..having said that..
    the girl needs to take care to not repeat mistakes....cos in the end..abortion harms not only the unborn child..(obviously..cos its the one getting killed)
    but also the lady going through it..

    hmmm..serious post ehh molaay..
    nicely put..
    no wonder you be a lawyer in the making..
    ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

    cheers !!

  29. I agree with you.. Abortion honestly is nothing to be ashamed of. Yes shit happens and sometimes its not your fault.. And getting pregnant just happens..

    I don' think that marrying by force or keeping d baby alive is a solution. You have to face a lot being a single mother. If your ok with it, fine. But you never know...

  30. I stand by you when you say abortion before the feotus is 20 weeks old is perfectly okay.
    People are narrow minded and do not understand the situation a girl goes through with the fear of having something growing in her womb which she isn't ready for.
    What is the point of bringing someone into the world only to be looked upon him as an accident by the society and a regret to your life ?

    This is post deep from your heart and beliefs and it touches a split of rage in me too :)

  31. Babies can happen even when women are on pills and men wearing protection. I leave it to the couple to decide. who am I to pass moral judgements?

  32. I beg to differ...:|True...any two people's decision is not to be made by a bystander but then, they got to understand wat d stakes are...!Dear,the result could be a life, and watever be the grounds, I would totally be against killing someone..(might sound a bit harsh, but that's the truth)You might just say it's an accident, but then, the two people involved are fully aware about the chances of such an accident. Nevertheless, even if it's an accident, you still end up being a murder, and Indian Penal Code certainly has a law prescribed for accidents as well..
    P.S.:As you said it's just an opinion, and I don't happen to buy yours..No offense meant though..:)

  33. U ask me - I dont feel no need to justify it as much as you did. What you're saying is absolutely right. It is totally the decision of the two people involved - not society burdening its moralistic views or judgements and forcing decisions on them.

    As a doc in the operation theatre, we've had to 'terminate many a pregnancy' over the last few years.. not once do I bother to ask why... it doesn't concern me. Of course after 20 weeks is a different story..
    At any rate, I'd much rather the parents have the child because they want to/are ready for it, not cos 'it happened'... its a cross teh child will have to bear if the relationship collapses at a later stage.

  34. A strong dose indeed. And very well handled! I guess you have covered all the points i had always wished to voice about abortion in a very in-ambiguous way! :)

  35. Only women in concern should have absolute right to decide.No one else however close he or she may be have no moral right to impress upon her on a issue which has potential to turn fatal.Its her life afterall.

    Indians by nature are judgemental,it took just three days for Sunny Leone to conclude same.Ppl will form opinion in any case whether she opts for MTP or decides to give birth to baby.

    Anyways it is heartening to know that number of abortions in our country are on decline.Those who wish to be involved in premarital sex or consensual sex should learn that it is always better TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY

  36. While it is definitely a personal choice , it is one that I don't think I will ever be able to take.I used to think in the same way before my marriage, but after the first ultrasound of my son at 12 weeks pregnancy, I shamelessly changed my mind. Definitely, people are different and life isn't that simple anymore that you have sex only after marriage and all that, but ultimately a personal choice which may leave you with a lot of scars..

  37. Having baby or not before marriage is dependent upon how open S/he is towards society.
    No doubt, society does not consider single parent before marriage. Sigh! I wish some NGO conducts a "Virgin Survey below age 20", I am more than pretty sure society will end up in a traumatic attack.

  38. Well there should ne nothing about supporting or not supporting .. I think its a personal choice , whats it got to do with anyone else ...


  39. i completely agree with u there, in the end it is the girl who has and should call the shots

    there is another aspect i feel is valid
    unplanned pregnancies at the start of career even for a married lady can be unwanted

    when people start comparing as in why kill a foetus , u may as well kill your living child instead is the worst argument i have heard

    hats off to you for writing this

  40. Sex and abortion are a matter of personal choice, and is taken with a lot of variables surrounding them (health of the woman as you mentioned) which bystanders are not aware of. Let the guy and girl involved make the decision and lets move on - is what I think. But yes, society will like to make all this a little bollywood'ish!!

  41. i support abortion completely. it shud be legalized everywhere

  42. Clap Clap Clap! That is a very sensible post, Redhanded. Support abortion, yes we all do...Though it is a personal choice, the stigma attached to unwanted children and women begetting illegitimate children is far more painful than just aborting it.

  43. A very thought-provoking post, specially considering the implications in today's times.

    Though I have my own views on the topic, but those are entirely for myself. Not to judge or comment on what others think for themselves.

    But, being from the medical field, I would like to put forward some points apart from the moral/social/personal views on this matter. My sincere apologies for the horribly lengthy comment below.

    From a doctor's point of view, there are 3 choices available to a woman considering abortion. (as per 'William's Textbook of Obstetrics')

    1. Continued pregnancy with its risks and parental responsibilities.

    2. Continued pregnancy with its risks and its responsibilities of arranged adoption.

    3. The choice of abortion with its risks.

    You may note that each of the above 3 options include the word 'risks'. Which means that whichever option a person chooses, it must be done weighing the possible risks involved.

    There are several indications for an abortion.

    (A) Therapeautic : When the continuation of pregnancy endangers the life of the woman or may cause serious injury to her physical or mental health.

    (B) Eugenic : When the fetus is prenatally diagnosed with serious abnormalities incompatible with life.

    (C) Humanitarian : Example, rape.

    (D) Social : Much of what is talked about in the post above. (including contraceptive failure)

    Thus, an abortion becomes necessary in certain conditions for the well being of the woman involved.

    But one should also understand that having an abortion is not similar to brushing one's teeth. It may have serious implications not only to the woman's health but may also affect any further pregnancies. It is not just something one goes and gets done and forgets about.

    The legal period of 20 weeks of pregnancy allowed for an abortion is so because a fetus is considered capable of living on its own if separated from the mother. (not that it always is true) But it's not that the baby gets 'alive' or anything only after 20 weeks.

    The bottom line is that the health and well-being of the mother (physical, mental and emotional) is of the utmost importance while making a decision for or against an abortion.

    As stated in the numerous comments above, I agree that it should be a personal choice whether or not to have an abortion. But only after considering the pros and cons of everything. And the medical advice and opinions from a doctor should be sought before any decision. That is why, after reading the comment from 'Dr Roshan R' above, I feel a bit disappointed on the statement "not once do I bother to ask why". Though Dr Roshan R is much much senior to me, I still hope the doc is referring to the woman's personal choice through this statement.

    And apart from the medical aspects of an abortion, if I may make a personal comment, I think our society is so double faced as on one hand a woman is adored as a mother after marriage but on the other hand the same woman is scorned on conceiving before marriage. We just love to poke our moralistic noses in other peoples' lives and pass judgements.

    So, it's stupid to scorn someone just because she had an abortion before marrying.

    But it's also equally wrong to consider abortion as just a 'procedure' and having a pro-abortion view disregarding the (health) risks involved.

  44. Abortion is a difficult decision, true. But its personal dammit. The only abortion I do not advocate is that which is sex-determined. Otherwise, to each his own.

  45. Another category of people who are (99% of the time) against abortion - MEN!

    Kudos to you for writing about such a sensitive topic. While I am completely against the idea of using abortion as contraception (believe me, it happens), I think every woman has a right on her own body. It's a matter of personal choice and nobody but the woman should have a say in the matter.


  46. Your Posts just have a lot of variety Excellent:):).I completely agree with your view and I also believe if a person feels what he/she is doing is right they must not give a damn about society but at the same time i also do agree that in the end the poor woman bears the brunt of eveything .

  47. I completely agree with you.
    I've never really understood why people have such a big problem with it, even when the child is not yet a child.

  48. It is so refreshing to see an Indian girl writing about such a topic with such candour! This post is one of the reasons I love Blogosphere so much!

    A very well-written post. I like you analysis of the issue and the concise discussion. Well done and thank you for great post!

    It was good to read all the comments too.

  49. Abortion should always be the prerogative of the pregnant girl. She has to take the call on it obviously based on medical recommendations. I believe what Bill Clinton said Abortions should be legal, safe and rare and people should be free to decide on it.

  50. great post ....firstly i want to tell you that i have gone through many blogs in last couple of days but the quality of your stuff is like amazing ....quite professional....Answer of the question you have raised will definitely be depending upon the conscience and willingness of the lady bearing the child.Under no circumstances anyone can override the decision of the mother whether she wants the baby or not.

  51. You have a point. My heart goes out to the rape victims really. Sigh.

  52. As much as I liked the post, I loved the attitude in the P.S.
    i think anywhere and in anything when people vehemently "support" something I feel sad...
    EVERY story has two sides, has a past, has implications, has underlying unobserved factors...

    no one is smart enough, clean enough or sure enough to judge-so all those who do, we should show the middle finger to them!

  53. oh girl, im against abortion, and yes we do have our own stand on why we affirm or not in a certain thing...

    i love you for having a strong personality, oh well it shows on how you pick up a topic...

    very strong... =)

    *waves at you!

  54. @Red Handed, decided to reply to you in a post.

  55. I guess abortion is an individual's choice. The girl should opt whatever she is comfortable with :)

  56. Totally personal choice. But aborting a baby just because its a female is a different issue and I dont support that anyway. But this is a diff cause, and valid in India. In other developed countries there are single mothers who are even 18 years old, who raise their kids by studying and working in parallel. They do not have issues like we have in India and they just dont care about the marital status of other people. So for them its not a problem at all. For us in India this is a topic which could invite brickbats from all sides , but end of the day noone will refrain from having sex, married or not :D

  57. something awaits you on my blog :D

  58. What a hot topic you have picked dear!!

    I feel its personal choice... there cant be a rule whether its legal/ what I think....

    When I say I also remeber kya kehna preity Zinta 1/2 an hr speech... and when I say that I also know many of my frds who gt pregnant just like that because they didnt plan for it.... so its again case by case it would differ....

    What the gut feeling I have.... You cant create life.... u can just nurture it... then you should have no right to kill it... :D

  59. Hiee...dropping by for the first time. Respect and admire u for every thought u wrote in here pursuing them so earnestly. At the end of the day it's an individual's decision and it is she who has to live with what ppl give names to!
    Great read!

  60. I completely agree with you - not only for the sake of the parents involved, but also the child. Why bring a life into the world, only to have the child suffer its entire life?

  61. Yes.. I agree.. its individual's choice & opinion. And sometimes its the people who are in the situation understand better!

  62. Thank you so much for the comment :) Glad you liked it!
    Looking forward to your next post :)

  63. OK. You seem to have a very valid point.

    But there is just a few tiny things that I intend to state. If abortion is rendered as a readily available option; don't u think, it would encourage casual unprotected sex..?

    Well, I support abortion because it is better to not give birth than give birth and throw in the dumpster. But ONLY when there is no other choice.

    Nice read though, woman. Very, nice read :)

  64. *BOWS DOWN*. You won my respect all over again lady.

    I so totally agree with this. TOTALLY. Why bring a life into this world when you cant afford or dont want to take care of it? I support it too, provided a good reason.

    Watch 'Lake of Fire'. Its a documentary on abortion. Might give you new insights.

  65. I agree with what u have said. But there r always ifs and buts abt it, isn't it! But i totally endorse ur views.

  66. I saw another post. A video. Did you remove the post? Anyway..I saw the video..and I am not exactly sure..what to say...But, still, the kid is brave..and he aptly says...'I have a million reasons to be here'.. May he have the strength to face everything...and triumph...

  67. I agree with you on this...
    Its better to end things in the beginning rather than giving birth to the child and not giving him/her things that he/she should get...
    Aborting a child on the basis of sex is wrong.. but theirs nothing wrong in aborting the child if the couple is not ready to take it and if its a 'mistake'

  68. Being a girl of age and knowing exactly the emotion you mentioned in this very post, let me first congratulate you on your bravery for being the one to lead us.

    Firstly, I don't think anyone should be privileged enough to comment against something like this without ever experiencing the mental or physical trauma that accompanies the situation you mentioned because no one is entitled to show the cons unless she has gone through it.
    In absolute situations, it is a necessity for the preservation of youth in the girl and for the healthy upbringing of the unborn child.Hence an abortion is rightful.

    I support your cause because I know what you mean in spite of not having experienced it.

  69. Rightly said. If one is not ready to face the consequences never take the Action.

    And on a Slightly lighter note. If Abortion is considered a Murder then isn't wearing a condom a MASS-MURDER...;p

  70. Okay. I support this post. Getting a life and not rendering it with love and care( which is bound to happen if the parents were not prepared or still worse didnt wish to have the child at the first place) is criminal. Any law that protects a foetus before it takes birth should rather protect and nurture those who're already born....
    And yes. Its a womans body and she has every right to decide whether she wants to go ahead with the pregnancy or not.
    The basic point being, bring a life only when you can nurture it with love and care.
    Suport the post.

  71. Honestly I always thought why people aborted.But yes this whole idea of ABORTING is purely situational! We the outsiders have no freggin' business.I think it is for the girl /guy/girl's parents to decide. That's it.But our society is still so immature. They are bent on poking their heads in other people's issues when more is rotting at their homes!! :)It becomes a stigma in a stinking narrow minded society like ours! Anyways the system is never gonna change.So why not stick to something safe and opt for Abortion!?

    Couldn't Agree more with ya lady!

  72. Well written post on a very sensitive topic. You have covered the arguments well. Having seen a case in my extended circle where an abortion was necessary (although the people in question are married, and this was due to a health issue rather than a choice/decision thingy), I couldn't agree more with you.

  73. Completely and utterly agree :)

  74. AGREE! AGREE! AGREE! *thumbs up*

  75. That's how girls nowadays become slutty ...what kind of daughter u'll b raising...!!!! avalde oru premarital sex...podi ..change ur blog'sname from uglyhead to uglyme...khaak lawyer ...khud anonymous banke fek rahi hai...~ Another mallu gal/Lawyer family .;)..

  76. I agree with you...
    Te bad name the mother and child would carry is unthinkable!
    Reminds me of "Pa" movie...


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