Wednesday 2 November 2011


You ! Yes you! Bending over the pool table trying to get the perfect shot. Your jeans are sliding down your butt cheeks. Oh! You meant them to be that way? Oh that is fashion and it is called Baggy Jeans? 

Well Sir, I never knew that by fashion you meant looking like an anorexic lad with no iliac crest or for that matter no hip bone. My love, you and your other low waist baggy jeans clad dorks are a topic of discussion between me and my girls. Now before you get excited about a couple of chicks looking at you and commenting while you bend down trying to get a perfect snooker shot, let me tell you that we have a bet going on here. We are betting on how low will you let your bag called jeans fall, before you get your senses back and pull them up? Sometimes I really think, they might touch your knees. You never fail to surprise me with our outrageous fashion sense!
Tell me is that floral underwear you are wearing inside, good enough to be flaunted? If you think they are awesome, why not be the next superman, eh love? Belts are cheap actually and you get them even in the shop you bought those amazing low-butt jeans from. If you cannot afford it, please ask me because I am a generous young lady who can definitely spare some bucks for your pathetic little condition.

Baby, did you poop in your pants? Or are you constantly horny and fighting an erection that you want that much space down there? Honey butt crack is not sexy I tell you and no matter how sexy you are, butt crack show will always be treated with pure disgust.
The other day my lovely mother asked me if you are suffering from severe Diarrhoea. She thinks you are wearing diapers underneath. Those Pampers and Huggies kind of diapers. I don’t wish to clear off her doubt by asking you to do a strip show because one day that poor piece of denim will naturally slip off and prove her wrong.

Mister, you are leaving a hypnotising effect on my little brother. He has started to show off his cartoon underwear by wearing his school pants real low. He even got scolded by his English teacher for that. 
Ok! You want to show off your underwear, atleast wear a branded one. What? You already are? Baby, I don’t think POMA, JOCKAY, REEBUK qualify as brands. Whom are you kidding? You say they are comfortable? Then why do you pull them up in a gap of minutes? And if you are looking for space and comfort, try the Lungi way of comfort. You will even get some air down there.

Please baby, pull the pants up before they catch you and put you behind the bars. They might mistake you to be a flasher. The wind has been kind to you till now but who knows, one strong breeze and your manhood might be out for the public to judge. 
I don’t mind baggy jeans as long as they don’t show me your butt crack. This post isn’t for you if your jeans are low waist and not low butt. This post is not directed towards you if you keep your underwear hidden and not trying desperately to flaunt your nonexistent flat butt.
Also if you can’t afford a belt, get a rope!

P.S- Nothing to write as P.S or P.P.S or P.P.P.S this time :P
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  1. Roflmao You know my malnourished cousin thinks that baggy jeans are in fashion.. :D It is so disgusting!People have lost fashion sense these days. :D

  2. Thank you for this!! Sachhi!! I see colored, Indians, Asians, English every-MF-one wearing butt cracking denims. When we were in college, that is in Y2K days, our classmates used to wear low-waist denims and one guy had mastered the art. We used to have bets, today, he is so going down! Never happened but he used to pull his denims every two minutes...that was still alright, but here, I used to see how my Dev Lead wore purple chaddi, red chaddi and what not chaddi :| He is sexy, but this wasn't a great sight at work...

    I can never understand THIS fashion at sucks!

    ROFL on the post.... :D

  3. LOL!!! hehehehe!! :P :P
    oh man!! these guys no...
    shit! once this guy in our class had undies with holes in them!!! and it was soooo disgusting!!!
    oh man! i really hope these people come into their senses soon! :P

  4. That is surely a disgusting site. Seeing a man showing off his floral boxers...hahhahahahahahaha....

    Needless to say, it is a very good post! :)

    OMG. These people are seriously fashion blind. They think they are so cool. Probably an earthquake might bring them back to senses.
    And their disgusting undy. WHO WANTS TO SEE IT? Let them do it at a frat party or something. Not in public. Or let em walk around with a freaking CENSORED board. :P

    THIS POST SHOULD BE CHAPAOFIED (yes I make up words) everywhere. :P ahahahha.

  6. hahahahahaha.. luved this one.. I hafta admit, I hate those kind of jeans..!!!

  7. Hilarious post, reminded me of my professor who used to wear Formal trousers (perfecr shade of black) in a lop waist fashion. The fact that he was a dork didn't really help his cause.

  8. A very funny, yet nailed the point :) I too get pissed off, when I see such people and their pathetic fashion sense~

  9. snooker table?? I had classmates showing off their underwear while sitting in class or worse in exam halls there are somethings which cant be un-seen.. The image used to pop out of nowhere to haunt me for years along with the stupid question papers..!! *sigh*
    hilarious post.. :D

  10. I have read it somewhere that this type of fashion didnt just happen.. It was intended to be this way.. How else can undergarment brands will become popular.. When a guy buys a Van Heusen / Peter England shirt, ppl can see the brand logo.. Its actually true (no kidding).. Some undergarment brand initiated it.. and the rest are following!!

  11. Bwaahahahaahahah this was SUPERB girl! I think most of us girls are definitely on to the bet you're talking about..Pure disgust man! And even if it's actually branded, I don't think I want to see it.. The pic makes me ROFL :D .. perfect comparison.. Chuck floral boxers, I've seen spongebob on the chaddi man :P .. hahaha and trust me it isn't funny! AWESOME POST love... absolutely brilliant :D

  12. ROFL... kya picture lagai hai... :P
    I seriously hate such guys who like to purchase low waist jeans but don't know how to carry it.

    Anyways entertaining post :D :D

  13. HAHAHAHAHA!!! LOVED EVERY WORD OF IT!! and completely agree to it as well!!! some of them just loose it, both their mind as well as their pants!! God alone knows what fashion they find out of showing their butt!!
    And where do you get such o-sum pics dear??!!!!

    i feel like rolling on the floor in circular motion..
    don't aske me why..even i dunno..

    and i swear..
    trust me..
    i have gotten that horrible itch at times to go pull down their jeans from behind sooo many times..!!!

    and the worst part is...
    when those cellulite marks can be seen...
    a la stretch mark types..!!!
    morons all of them..
    suberppp most molllay..!!


  15. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I loved the pic! I got the hint what this post about looking at the pic!
    Nice work girl!
    Its really hard to understand why people go for such outrageous kind of clothing...Its not a tasteful sight looking at the butt-crack!...too bad..
    I loved this post!

  16. Dangerously hilarious!!! LMFAO! I too have wondered where these guys get the ideas from...And floral underwear? HOHOHO!!! Ultimate;) To all those who give belts amiss- am ready to sponsor ropes- either you tie it around your waist pulling up your pants or hang in it:P

  17. Ha ha .. I need to forward it to few people. Hey.. I wear baggy jeans too.. but the underwear show off.. it is sick

  18. Funniest part is I saw a girl wearing low butt jeans ! :D (No kidding !) A sight of butt crack was something everyone at my office wished that day ;) But alas, bloody belt of her ruined the scene :P Not sure about "JockAy" but people feel proud about their "Lux Cozi" ! I mean come on :S Even fake brand names are worth than this Cozi crap.

  19. Hilarious.. Flaunting their underwear..Smiling all the way :) :) Ya low waist jeans with the that cases are irritating and being a guy it will look absolutely rubbish!!! i don't like to wear that kinda jeans and as you said they can use belts :)

  20. RIGHTLY SAID .. what is happening ot the youth how can this look good ...


  21. //Or are you constantly horny and fighting an erection that you want that much space down there?//

  22. AWESOME!! :D

    Like i literally rolled on the floor laughing!!! :D

    Love how you are always funny! :D You are my pick me up definitely after a bad day at work. If only I could have unlimited source of it. :D :D

    P.s I have always wanted to pull down their pants but im scared at what I might see. What if they are commando. :P

  23. ROFLMAO, this was superb Red :D
    This guy at a disco once ended up finding his pants on the floor while dancing, I've never seem him there after that! :D
    Our mallu lungi seems the best option for them I swear, with all the air conditioning they'll get.
    Extremely overrated and disgusting fad this one. Just hoping, seriously hoping that this does not catch up with women as well. Imagine that :O

  24. good good-one tight slap diya to ridiculous fashion doing the rounds- i have students who wear these jeans-girls and boys alike and when they sit on the benches, it is sooooooooo not a pleasant sight for those sitting behind!

    ekdum cracking funny post!
    also reminds me of stupid fashion trend of wearing saree ka pullo in such a way over the blouse that one boob remains uncovered-why???????????who invented this stupidity!
    my god-the world n its madness:-)

  25. ROFL!
    It is always fun guessing if the jeans can go any lower, no?
    Hilarious post. :D

  26. My classmates, coupla them = free show every day, all day:P And they spend half their life hitching it up as well...
    Awesome one as usual mate:D

  27. I see them here all the time. Was going to actually write a post on a related incident. But you beat me to it.. Totally hilarious.

  28. ahahaa... cool and so funny. that's really true girl... and i love the floral thingy over there.. ahaha =)

  29. u know wats worse than seeing underwears?? seein hairy butt cracks. especially when something falls and the low waist guy is about to bend to pick it up. u feel like yelling "WATCH OUT!!" and in slo-mo, as the guy bends, u dive in front of ur friends to cover them from the horror.

    and ur bro seems cool yaar. if i have cartoon undies i'd wear them proudly too. they're cool :)

  30. Fake undies is better than dirty undies, I tell you!! Yucky guys.

    Once, I saw a guy jumped down the stairs and his jeans fell off losing the precious balance. Thankfully he was wearing a long kurta (diwali celebrations)!

  31. Hahahahaahhaha i loved it.. :DTrue...!! The poma reebuk are still fine.. I have seen ''Twin birds'' written in BOLD...!! :D:D funny it is the actual story of low rise butt crack pants were worn by gay prisoners to show then they r available :D hehehehehehe now its a fashion rage..!! ;)

  32. I dread to sit behind these 'low butt jeans' wearing idiots! God knows what horrific sights I might see if they fail to hitch it up every 2 mins!
    I feel like telling him "Ab toh pehenhi lo ya utaarhi do" ! Its so disgusting and worse is that the bottom of the jeans cleans the entire road (filled with spit and shit) urgg even though they do free public service, I wouldn't want them away atleast a meter's distance from me!

  33. ROFL HAHAHAHAH where have i been all this ahve an absolutely crzy blog here..loved the post...yeh aajkal ki naujawan pidi makes them the "but" of every joke :)

    following you redness !!!

  34. HAHAHAHA, Awesome! We call this Battering with Love. :D :D You are Awesome Red! :D :D

  35. @Sunakshi-Hhehe I pray tht your cousin grows out of it :P
    @TheBluntBlogger- I wear chaddi too but I dont flaunt it. WTH! Hhehehe these guys no!
    @Viya- Heheheh maybe he wanted to do some skin show too :D
    @Vinati- Disgusting is an understatement :P
    @Sonshu- Chapaofied..hehe I liketh the word !! And I dont think they will ever learn
    @Raghu- Thankyou soooo very much!
    @Atrocious SCriblling- Formal low waist? HHAHAHA i have never come across that one
    @Keirthana- True tht! Really me too!
    @Arpitha Holla- I feel sad for u. First the pathetic thing called exams and then on top of all tht, butt crack view :P.
    @Binu Thomas- Coming t think of it, I too think tht this is as a result of a huge devilish conspiracy :P
    @Confused soul- Spongebob? really? gahahahaha I would love to see that and then point at him and laugh :P
    @Reicha Ahluwalia- Exactly !!I am not against low waist, but low butt? Strict nono
    @life-a-holic- Nice way to put it. Loose their mind also their pants :P. Google is God baby. Just choose the words on the search box carefully :D
    @Meoww- You know what I absolutely love about you? Youa re ever so bubbly and chirpy and full of life! You make the reader feel so joyful :D.
    @Manju M- Exactly! It is really disgusting !
    @Cloud Nine- Hhehe yes they can hang on it too but only after securing their jeans properly :P
    @Sameera- Low waist and baggy jeans are pretty cool buut showing the underwear sucks.
    @The Stranger- Butt crack of either gender sucks!!!! and Lux Cozi seriously? ThankGod I have not come across those :P
    @RaviShankar- Baggy jeans are cool, but they should hold on to the waist!
    @Bikramjit- Exactly!!!
    @Nikhimenon- hehehehe
    @Srinidhi- wasnt that such a cute comment by you :) Thankyou very much :) And about the commando! Man that would be scary!!
    @Soumya- I think women too have started showing off thongs, but still yuck!!!!! and the tripping on the dance floor, gahahahaahah
    @Suruchi- i think Kareena Kapoor from the movie chameli started the trend. Bole to ekdum red street style mafik :P
    @Anuranjani- Hhehe like I said, A constant source of entertainment :P. Btw I love your name
    @Peevee- Mine too! And yes every second minute, their hands can be seen pulling the jeans up
    @Sunitha- write please! Would love to read your take on it
    @Kharren- It really is disgusting isnt it?? :P
    @Kalpak- Hairy buttcracks?!! You did not give me a good image out thr :(. Wearing cartoon underwear and showing it off to the poor public are two different things. heh
    @CynicalOxymoron- ThankGod! You guys were saved from the disastrous view :P.
    @Superrrnickkk- TWIN BIRDS? hahahaha. Actually I hear that Black people used to wear their jeans low to show rebellion to the whites. God knows!
    @Maithili- Hhahaha ab to pehenhi lo ya utaarhi do :P Public service it is really I think :P
    @Sulagna- Welcome to my poor little blog :D. Thanks for following :D
    @MSM- Glad you liked it young lady :D

  36. Hahahahaha...rolf! This is true and I hope lots of people who wear these read the post...esp becoz I think one of the reasons is to get the attention of the opposite sex!

  37. Rightly said. This low waist ishytle guys just embaress me big time(though they are shameless) esp when am with ma parents.
    "Baby, I don’t think POMA, JOCKAY, REEBUK qualify as brands." ROFL.

    Great post.

  38. Its the Metrosexual males who think they are highly fashionable do this kinda things. Not just this, Manicure, pedicure, Waxing their legs, wearing bright silky, shiny shirts n pants n calling then party wears. Seriously. As a guy the 1st thought that comes to my mind when I see such guys is, "He's a Gay". Such misplaced sense of Style and Fashion..:-)

  39. Lol! Imagine my agony when I had to sit behind a guy who wears Spongebob boxers under his low-waist pants, in class! And every time he got up, spongebob hit me hard on the face. :/ Never again did I set anywhere near him. :P

    I love the images that you choose for your post! So apt! Do you edit them yourself?

  40. @Siddhartha Joshi- Well, they do not gt any attention, let me tell you tht :D. Thanks a lot for reading
    @Jane Doe- heeh they really are such an embarrassment!
    @Kanthu- Heh I agree with you. But not just those gay looking men who wear these. Even the so called macho-men do this
    @Loony- Hheheh poor you! The agony u go thru! And No I do not edit any images. Straight googling using the correct words. Sometimes finding image takes more time than writing a post :P

  41. Oh dear, I must show this to my cousins who are still fond of these baggy jeans, falsely believing they are 'fashionable'; it's not a turn-on!

    Another hilarious read. :D

  42. ROFL at 'Poma, Jockay, Reebuk'!! and also at the lungi way of comfort! :D
    I agree it's disgusting to say the least!

  43. Ah! Come to Delhi and you can even see girls with low waist. *Runs*

  44. @Rose- Seriously NO turn on offcourse!!! Thankyou for reading :D
    @Krishna Sruthi Srivalsan- Disgusting it is! Thanks ya!
    @Prateek- I have been thr and stayed thr for long actually :D. Nd yes the chicks r no good too! But comparing to the guys and their craze, it is less.

  45. bleheheheh...
    *smiles dumb like a baby orangutan with weird hair and bummer face*

    okk..i think i just ended up looking like an alien from timbuktu

    well a dash of madness makes life worth living :D :D


  46. hahaha this is true, the low cut jeans are really not flattering unless you're a rapper on MTV! even then that is questionable! :D

  47. Before anything else, there is something with the notification mail. Am yet to get it for this post......

    Now, great post. and the best (worst) part, it's true to every last word..
    And the pictures are tooo good.

  48. His response to all this-"B-b-b-buTT,I thought low butt jeans were cool.Looks like I gotta BuTTon up that mouth of that silly friend of mine who advised me to go for them...Grrr..some guys even complimented me on my style,dammit...those flattering,BuTT-ering jerks....Grrr Grrr!!!!";-)

  49. Brilliant Post...I find it disgusting or worse take a rope and tying the jeans tight at the kid's waist.

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  51. Hahaahahahahahahahahahaaaa LOL.
    Bang on!!!!

  52. Gosh! This was so funny! I love it!! :)
    It's so annoying when people wear low waist and show their knickers. It looks completely haggard! Low waist do suit some people, but then those who can't carry them, should not wear them :)

    Where is the dressing sense gone? *sighs* :S

  53. hahah..they are just everywhere

    gosh!!! this baggy pants guys with their floral-colorful-not so branded-almost aka diapers-underwear should get a rope soon!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks for the laugh..and im always late here..arghhh

  54. hey,
    i am always in 50's :((
    sorrryyyyy for the late comment
    your topics are so out of the box/world/universe you can choose the best one
    in short they are unique and awesome.
    i don't uinderstand the concept of LOW WAIST- what is it?? like showing the world your talented pelvic bones- that they can just hold the two ends RIGHT
    and this is a LOL post
    i am LOLLING like srsly :P
    i looooved the underwear part :P
    i think JOCKEY is the best
    kum se kum thoda impression to ban hi jaata ae
    i LOOOOVED the POST :)

  55. Hilarious!
    Actually I wanted to write somethings on this a long time back. I'm one of those fellas who are criticized for acting like someone in the 50's. Infact days back a barber advised me to come to the 21st century seeing my haircut :O
    people think it is cool to wear thsoe low waist but then I tel you it can be really uncomfortable to keep pulling up the thing from time to time.

    I'm sharing this, those nutt heads need to understand :D

  56. My blog awaits you :) Check it out! Got something you might like :D

  57. ROFL !!! my bro needs to check out this post.. he is also on the road of being one of the kind you mentioned !! Hope he gets his senses back after reading this.

  58. u sure caught them RED HANDED! :D You are impossible babe! and yes! these guyz need to learn other 'WATCHABLE' ways of turning 'on' a woman!

  59. ROFL...seriously rolling on the floor and laughing ...ha ha ha........huuuaaaahuuaaaaa........

  60. Than God for this post! The next time I have to pull up one of my trainees for their about-to-drop-off-the-butt jeans, I'll just quietly pull them by the ear and make them read this!! Awesome post - will have me grinning like a jackass even hours later!

  61. @Meoww- Come here baby..Lemme mwah u :P
    @Pop Champagne- Exactly! So very trueee!
    @jojofeelings- Even I am not getting ur posts :(
    @Rahul- Sirjee neevr ever go for those butt hanging jeans. U are awesome the way u are!
    @Blue Lotus- eheh exactly!
    @winda- Thanks but no.
    @blahblahholic- heeh thanks babe!
    @Philo- Thats wat even I am asking!!!!!!
    @Angie- My brother too !! He just wont listen!!!
    @Akila- heheheh ur sweet. watchable ways!! Exactly!
    @Amigo- Welcome to my poor little blog :D
    @Nirvana- hehehe I am sooo very glad you read it :)

  62. OMG Of all the fashion stuff this is the most disgusting. It doesnt even do anything to flatter the body of the person wearing it. Then why is it in trend as people think it is ! I just cant understand ! Fashion has stopped being anything abt being comfortable for the one who is wearing it , or for others who are looking at it.
    Btw u have put it across very well...and i am all laughs here :D :D

  63. lol,
    You are awesome with your writing !!!

  64. what a ROFL post this Reddie! Simply loved it!

  65. OMG! So true! Sick fashion sense! And you put your words so well! :D

    -Your fan! ;)

  66. rock, girl!!!!


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