Monday 31 October 2011


So yes, I do remember the first time I wore a bra. A simple white cotton bra that my mother bought for me and the tag said that it was by GROVERSONS. I controlled the embarrassing blush that was making my face go real Red as my mother made me wear them and scanned me down. She nodded in approval and made me look at my new supported little bumps on the mirror. This was followed by a series of laughter which my mother started and passed on to me like an infection. 

I don’t know how you take it but during my entire school life, it was my Mother who bought me the perfect lingerie. Always cotton and always plain colours because she believed in comfort. Who was I to complain? I, my Father and my brother would be happily relishing a cone of ice-cream outside the lingerie shop, while my mother was inside buying me inner wears.

But now I am in College and since 4 yrs I have been deciding and buying lingerie for me. It was hard for my mother to accept and she still wonders why I want different colours, different materials of bra. Now I rarely go lingerie shopping with her because it gets really embarrassing. The conversation always ends up in something like this-

(At a lingerie shop, where I am always attended to by old men)

Mother- Bhaiyya, Show some white cotton bras for my daughter.
Me- Mom! I don’t want white and no cotton please. I would like a seamless bra, preferably a turquoise shade. Show me other colours too and also the push-up bras.
Mother- Seamless? Who told you about these? And why turquoise colour? Who is going to see?!! And push-ups? You already have enough!!
Me- Mom! We are in public and it is for self satisfaction.

(Meanwhile the guy comes out with the bra I asked for)

TheChaddiMan- Medamjee, Brand Enamor and these I think are perfect for you.
Me- This is not my size. Show me the next size.
TheChaddiMan- Looking at you, I think these would be the perfect fit.
Me- I know my size and these are not of my size. Show the immediate next size.
Mother- Uncle said na that this is your size. He knows better!
Me- These belong to me and only I am supposed to know better.
TheChaddiMan- Yours are not big enough for the next size beta!
Me- Sir, could you just get me what I want.
Mother- Kids I tell you! Bhaiyya give her the bra and let her grow into it!
Me- MOM!!!!!!!

Now, this is why I no more go lingerie shopping with my Mother. She still questions me as to why I want different shades, materials and low cut bras. She thinks it has something to do with a certain Guy in my life. She needs to understand that I have grown up and that I have started pampering myself, just to feel good and beautiful. A guy has nothing to do with it.

But I think that now she realises that her little girl is no more little and really has grown into her bras. She no more questions me when she finds a strapless bra in my cupboard. Also now I make sure that I am always attended to by women at the lingerie shop, not random uncles judging the size of my melons!

Goodbye, white cotton bra. You are a part of my boobie story.

P.S- Got the idea for this post because of VIYA who wrote about it at DOV. Click here to read her post. I loved how she wrote it!
P.P.S- I could not reply to some comments on my previous post due to my Univ exams which are now done with! So dance with me now!!
P.P.P.S- This is how my Dad looks after he sees the lingerie shopping bill. Except the Bald part.

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  1. Oh My God!!
    This was hilarious :)

    Trainer bras.. and buying them with mothers :)
    Every girl will be able to relate to this post :)

    Funny read :D

  2. :P Mum doesn't get why lingerie has to be so expensive:D OMG KILL me before I go lingerie shopping next.

  3. whoo hoo...did full justice to the uplifting that the topic needed-like i had said-this would be boo(b)mbastic...

    and really-"let her grow into it"-lol!
    you are one of the funniest n fun-nest female bloggers around!

    reading you is such a smile-ensurer:-)

  4. Hahaha!why would you shop from a uncle wallah shop? You can find plenty where u can shop on your own, where there is none to size u up:P And my Mom was also a pain in my juvenile days- its the same cotton fully covered bras- oh, white of course! I outgrew them when i entered senior school;) Poor you- indulge yourself, shop on your own.

  5. :-D well my mom and i never went lingerie shopping. My size used to be so low that nothing ever could work out for me....thus my first official bra was Lovable ;-) they only made something so tiny...hihihihi

    And by god the chaddimen...i have seen my aunts buy and the convo :-/

    btw i do not think the cartoon is better than the post :-D

  6. interesting conversation by you three there.....:))

  7. hahahha! This is so fuuny!
    My mom goes shopping with me for bras, and she lets me get the coloured ones :D So I am happy. Though she still believes her boobs are larger than mine.

  8. umm...u shud have posted this at darlings of venus...i have no clue what to comment on this one...

  9. Hahahahahahahahaha this was hilarious. :P
    Hope this doesn't happen to me now x_x
    Gotta dash, sorry.

  10. OMG..!!! Amazing shopping..!!! Th xpression on ur dad's face is too good..!!! :D

  11. Aah! Awesome as ever! And its true! Even my mom glares at me, when I ask for different types of bra, except white, cotton ones! :D
    Andar ki baat hai, yaar! :P

  12. hahaha ;p i remember when myy mum bought me my first one.. i was 11 and i felt sooo embarrassed!! because my brother was in the same room when my mum told me, honeyy i bought you a bra!!! and he started laughing so i got all red haha. it was whitee and cotton and i thought it wasnt pretty at all. even at that age i alreadyy preferred pretty lace and stuff haha, and i still do. now i go shopping with my friends, or sometimes even alone. but usually i still take my mum or my grandma shopping because they actually have really good taste!! :)

  13. That was boldlt told,, many girls and boys face theese embarassing situations with parents roightly pointed out..

  14. Oh Gawdddd!!!!
    Girl you're courageous to write something like this personal....
    I loved the convo and dad's expression...
    A picture of u shopping with ur mom and convo with Chaddiman came to my mind...A really lively post!

  15.! I mean how can the shopkeeper say what 'ur' size..this sounded so ridiculous!
    As for ur mom, well i still go with her to the shop but we have already decided on it that it will be MY choice on which one to buy. she is like i wore a Rs.90 cotton white bra all my life and u dont settle for anything less that Rs250 :P


  16. Hahaha!
    I loved the post! Hilarious!
    I didn't read the post on DOV but just yesterday, I read about another girl's lingerie shopping experience with her mom.

  17. i am really trying to stop the disturbing jpeg's forming in my mind :P nice post btw hee hee hee

  18. **Bhaiyya give her the bra and let her grow into it!
    Omg. Mothers, I tell you. Those adorable creatures and yet the laughing fits they can give you. And well, seamless turquoise was quite a demand. Aunty must have actually got suspicious as to WHO you wanted to show it too. Hahah ;)
    Lallu, awesome as always. <3 and the post on DoV was damn good too! Uf you people.

  19. Quite a girly topic so not sure what to comment :P But yeah, the conversation of you with TheChaddiMan made me laugh so hard that I fell from the bed . Then I stood up and laughed again ! Anyway, I always wonder why ,in case of women garments, price is inversely proportional to the size !

  20. hoohahahahaahahaaa...this is hilarious yet so true!! each of us can relate to this!! the white cotton bra..evry teengare's first weird friend...i swear :P
    loved it!!

  21. RED..My lady..!!!!!!
    come gimme a hug right now :D:D:D:D:D:D

    hehehehehe..this is sooo super maaan
    loll i still remember the dumb struck expression on amma's face when i came home with a few sexy bras in different colors and patterns..
    (i honestly give the credit for it to my guy..he helped me choose everything..!!!)
    she was like what is all this..?? aiyooo..this looks soo vulgar..
    yaa right..i tried to explain for a while.
    finally i think we have reached an agreement now :P
    she doesn't bother with my lingerie department now..hahha

    lovedd it completely my girll..!!
    mmuahh :):):)

  22. and you knoww..
    ermm i have actually spent a grand on a sexy demi cup piece..!!

  23. Hahah, luckily for me, my mum never once questioned me why I wanted fancy stuff! And yes, they are *expensive*!

  24. mom is always on my head to buy the miss-goody-two-shoes white color, i mean why??? Its too catholic girl school and conventional, plus it gets dirty really fast, and on top of that, mom doesn't allow me to bleach them or machine-wash them....
    and the most is still making me chuckle...
    I still wonder why so many guys are their in the brassier business....probably free look at the melons and/or lemons..... :P...and the turn off to go home and then make love to your wife with small melons.

  25. whoaaaaaaaaaa...the first thing that came to my mind was a bhaiya selling bra..gosh..I will def shy away if the person in charge of bra section is a guy..and the 5 star rating goes to''Bhaiyya give her the bra and let her grow into it''

    Your mom is super cool :D

    and Im still laughing here :P

  26. Hahaha!! What an interesting conversation! lol.. :D

  27. Allow me to comment anonymous and I will tell you my story :P

    lol! Happens. I hate when they tell us what fits and what doesn't !!! Even woman. And I so damn paranoid about the trial rooms. I would rather drive be some miles and get an exchange than try it there. :P

    Happy weekend :)

  28. I started lingerie shopping myself from this year on :D and yes, thank god for those salesgirl stores!
    Nicely narrated your Bra Saga :P

  29. As I tweeted. And as I quote. "That awkward moment when you have got nothing to counter boobs, and bras." :|

  30. ROFL, this was awesome. Most of my bras cost more than a pair of jeans, but this is something only we girls understand right?

    Chaddiman?? ROFLMAO.

  31. Oh god...hahhahahaha...

    "let her grow into it"...that must be so embarrassing. I would have dug a hole instantaneously and buried myself deep under, had I been you. :P :D

  32. so true..., A Guy has nothing to do with it, it is also about feeling good and beautiful :)

  33. LOL!!!... oh man!! i've neveeeerr been attended to by an 'uncleji' :P and i prefer the sales'women' too!!!... hehe your mum is sooo funny! :P :P
    and i wonder why all of us started off with 'white cotton' ones! :P

  34. @Philo- Oh yes Trainer bras..I forgot tht word. Thanks :)
    @Jidhu Jose- Ok.. Thanks anyway for reading.
    @PeeVee- I will never ever go lingerie shopping with my Mother again!!!
    @Suruchi- Why are u so sweet. Your every comment boosts my confidence a bit. I am so thankful to you :)
    @Cloud Nine- I do not shop anymore at uncle walah shops. Its more in the northern states. Down south its women who deal with the boob matters. I am soo glad! :D
    @Blunt Blogger- Hhehehe well my mother likes mountains while I prefer rounded ones :P. I am being gross isnt it :/
    @Irfanuddin- Glad you read it :)
    @cricketfreak- Hheheh good God! I am happy she doesnt question your choices. Mine too stopped :)
    @Rahul - Well I dont regret posting it here. Thanks for reading :)
    @Blahblahholic- I too pray that this enevr happens with u :D
    @Raghu- HEHEHEHE Thank you Boss!
    @Paanipuri Lover- Andar ki baat hai..gahahahahha! sacchi!! Hi5
    @sharon vuitton- I would faint if my mother declared it in front of my brother. gahahaha poor you!
    @dgdhan- Yes almost every girl does. Thankyou!
    @Manju- am glad u could visualize the trauma I went through. hhehehe!
    @subtlescribbler- Exactly! My mother goes all HAWWW hearing the cost of these lacy little things :P
    @Happy Go Lucky- I am sooo glad that you liked the post and read it
    @maniac.hunter- I am sorry about the jpeg's heheheh :P
    @Crystal- Lallu likes your comment very the much! :D. Mothers really are adorable. Innocent too innocent :)
    @Stranger- Hahahah I am sorry you fell. I hope you dint hurt urself :P. I do not understad it man! Maybe it is because of the loud they carry. I mean the support they provide :P
    @Chikki- Thank God I dumped that weird friend..heheh Ugly it was!
    @meoww- Here comes a tight hug for you my garrrl!! :D.I am quite impressed! Ur guy helped u select the lingerie. It made me ask my guy if he would and I was surprised by his quick yes and a 5 minute long nod :D
    @nothinintellectual - Ah! you did not have to go through the embarrassment. I am glad!
    @Tangerine- hahaha I am laughing soooo hard at that last line in ur comment :P. Seriously I think its the trend of the north. Too many men in the lingerie shops. down south, its very rare!
    @the other side of me- My mother is cool? SIGH! How people laugh at my misery...hehehe Thanks babe for reading :)
    @Leah- Hah thanks!!
    @Sameera- I always waste around 10 min trying to look for hidden camras...and only then do I even try :P
    @The defiant Princess- Oh! That would have been a better title. Bra saga! Dammit! :(
    @DawanZhang- ehehe glad that you could relate to this
    @Arjit Shrivastava- I know what you are going through. awkward moment indeed :D I am happy that you came to comment still.
    @Soumya- Seriously thee little things cost a lot!
    @Vinati- I wanted Mother Earth to gulp me down in one go :P
    @A grain of sand- EXACTLY MY POINT.. Thankyou for reading :)
    @Viya- You are behidn the idea. Special thanks :) We all had a white cotton friend whom we happily dumped :P

  35. Well I think the cotton WHITE bras are actually good for beginners.. and I still keep a couple ov them in my wardrobe for days when I want to be 'me' and be comfortable.

    You write such amazing posts, I tell you, PUBLISH A BOOK. I will buy it definitely for a constant dose of laughter.


  37. Mother- Seamless? Who told you about these? And why turquoise colour? Who is going to see?!! And push-ups? You already have enough!!


    damn! why doesnt these things happen to me! Oh wait!!

    Lol... *sigh* looking at Victoria's Secret and La Senza actually makes me want to be a girl. Damn! why can't men's inners be more soft and smooth...okay am ranting..bye bye

  38. @Red: Jeez, my mother too...and discussing size in public, I just put up a poker face and walk out. :P Loved the post! Hilarious!! :D :D :D


  39. I don't know what to comment.

  40. @Free Lancer..!!!!bwahahahahhahahahahhahaha..
    *pats on the back*
    well wearing sexy bras and ooomph oozing lingerie is not the only thing you get to do being a girl..
    you will have to put up with something else as well..
    we call them our monthly Happy Birthday..

  41. wow gutsy
    i still remember
    when i started wearing colours and my sister and mother were like- "kisko dikhana hain" "kya farak padta hain"
    earlier it was like one white, one cream and one black
    thats it
    now they have stopped commenting -"chorie haath se nikal gayi :P"

  42. Hahahahaahhaha... Brilliant post.. I laughed.. Typed a comment.. Deleted it cos it was too stupid and lame... :D no personal experience to share apart for oogling incidents.. But though they are the same subject.. Lets not discuss them here :D:p

  43. You're a follower in the truest sense of the word. Glad to have a follower like you. Cheers!

  44. this was veeeryyyy interesting i tell ya....hmmmmmm....gave me a lot to imagine ;)

    now i know why u chose to stay anonymous. if people knew who u were, u wudnt dare to write so explicitly about "growing into" your bras now, would u? :)

    as always, nice post red. ur one blogger whose posts i await u know. :)

    btw u know...these r d benefits of bein a girl blogger. no one wud be as much interested as a snail's ass if i write about my underwear shopping escapades. actually there r no escapades. i enter a mall, go to the jockey rack, pick up my model and size, and make d bill. zimble. :)

  45. atleast your mom didnt say..."iske size ka dikhaiye!" and immediately the salesman would look at your boobs to get an estimation of the size wait or to have a fun show!! my mom never knew my size so everytime she would go to lingerie shop she would say like embarrassing is that?

  46. Down in Kerala,nobody was bothered about cups and saucers until last a few years or so.I had a difficult time shopping for what I need and got a lot of stares,"enthu cuppu?"..hehehe

    Loved the post....

    May be I should try something fancy... ;-)

  47. This is EXACTLY why I dont go lingerie shopping with my mom! :D :D Thank God my mom isnt the only one!!! :P :D I STILL remember how she freaked out when I got a lacy tiniest possible scrap of cloth marketed as innerwear.... Ah it was fun freaking her out! :D

  48. ROFL Reddie!!!

    But it's quiet a story at everyone's home,I'm sure :)

    I started out with the same groverson's white cottons :) :) :) brought a smile on my face and I was transported to the the then world of mine ;)

    Oh Enamor is awesome and if you've not already tried do check Triumph's's fab,comfortable and the right thing :)

    hahahaha I'm still laughing at the store keeper's outrageous confidence about your size and the picture of the man :D

  49. hahahahaha!! ROFL - ing so much, I have a serious tummy ache. And to think I am going to be 'The Mom' in a couple of years' time! Sheesh!!

  50. Ah, my sister freaked out my mom with all her expensive lingerie long before I did. So now she doesn't get so shocked. :D
    But still, it's hard for her to imagine why on earth we would buy a bra for 500 bucks!

  51. @Sarah- Heheh yes, even I keep some in my cupboard.
    @Sonshu- hehe sweet of u :) who knows one day I just might :D
    @FreeLancer- I pray that they bring out these new VICTORIA'S BOYFRIEND'S SECRET collection just for u :D.
    @MSM- Poker face even comes on my face...but she just doesnt bother :P
    @meoww= hehehe seriously..but let us call it our montly bill :D
    @Madhuri Srinivasan- hehe chori hath se nikal gayi...tht is what my brother tells my mother, to start a fight :P
    @Superrrnickkk- Type them out as a blogpost :D..Wat say?
    @Arun John- Thankyou :)
    @Kalpak- Hhahah ever soo generous of u :P. Yes the good things about being anonymous :D
    @Hijibijbij- heheeh I thank God that my mother never said like tht :D.. eheh I know what u would have gone thru. :D
    @Blue Lotus- heehhe enthu cuppyu :P.My granny once said tht :P. Yes go pamper urself
    @Ice Maiden- If the bra is too skimpy, then I dont take it out in front of my mom. I stay far from her. :P. So this only happens when i visit home
    @Scribby- Groversons was how it all began. He was the first one to touch me ..gehehehehe. Oki triumph is good too, but never bought them. Hmm I shud try.
    @Nirvana-Then these r your lessons of life, heeh daughter will go thru this and is u r like my mother, then u shall get a similar post by her :P
    @Spaceman Spiff- They shud bring the rates down. Its exorbitant no?

  52. I know exactly how all this feels!
    Am in the same boat as you....
    except that my mom never looks into my cupboard now-a-days because she won't like what she sees.

  53. Ah. U wrote about ur Inner-wear shopping experience. Bravo Bravo..

    Another reason to feel happy for being a man..:p

    The only inner-wear embarrassment I had was, when my Thatha told me that I shud wear Langoti and lungi when at home. So that my nuts wont sag and they wud get enough fresh air..:-)

  54. Haan haan! *high 5*
    And Free Lancer : Really now???? :P :P

  55. Oh dear Red!!! What do I say that the others haven't already said???!!! :D
    One of your best posts! Am laughing so hard am unable to type...!

  56. OMG I couldn't stop laughing... why do all Mom's have to be sooooo freaking similar man! my mom does like the same thing and whereas you still get to buy yours, imagine my sad story, where she still makes me look like a widow from the inside... they just don't get it.. hehe :P

    The convo's are super funny.. great post.. I'm like reading it over again.. haha :D

  57. Even my mom thinks the same when i buy the different material. :D

  58. @jojofeelings- hehehe Smart Mom I must say :D
    @Kanthu- OMG! Ghahahahahah...Ioooo...hahahahahah..I cant say anything more than just laugh..ahahahah
    @Paanipuri Lover- eheheh
    @TheGirlAtFirstAvenue- Thankyou ever so much!
    @Anita- :D
    @confused- Your mom will start accepting your growth soon :P. You day will come babes :D
    @Sunakshi- hehehe every Mother's story!

  59. LOL...A bra talk...I'm laughing my heart out right now...:)

  60. Okay. I LOVED THIS POST. More than I love listening to my mom telling me that I am a whole lot of a plain board to her. Yeah, I've got peas than melons so you it's I deserve to write a post on something titled as 'Life without Melons, but with Peas'. Don't you think that too?

    Perhaps girls without much bosoms deserves a post here. You gotta write one on them too. I don't know. ;P

    And the talk you just quoted here about the uncle jee at undergarments' shops was so genuine, i almost shuddered. They actually look at your breasts, all so clearly and tell your mom 'Madam inka size small Hai'.

  61. hehehe.. what can I say? Think guys hv eluded this part of life fairly well.. hvnt really heard dads accompanyin them to get undies :D

    Brilliant post, Red.. really nice the way u made a post out of sumthin tht I think most women go thru :)

  62. hey,
    and you'll be happy reading the next line
    CRYSTAL TOLD ME ABOUT YOUR THIS POST THRICE IN SCHOOL SO I ACTUALLY HAD A VERY CLEAR CUT IDEA itna ki MUJHE STORY PADHNE ki ZAROORAT NAHI THI... but i had to read it khud se how the heck can i miss the actual action :) i LOVED-LOVED-LOVED the dialogue wala part... thats epic.
    my lingerie shopping is with mom and alone both .... i have 10 shades of BRA :P and i LOVVVEE HALTER necks :P :)
    but i loved the post...! :)

  63. hehe.. was fun reading.. especially the chaddiman part.. :P

    Weakest LINK

  64. @Saru Sighal- eheheh I am glad :D
    @KN- Madam inka size small hai??? gahahahahah this is more hilarious and embarrassing than mine can ever get!! OMG! And peas or melons, they still are boobs. Doesnt matter :P
    @R-A-J- I am happy you read :D. I wonder what a guy might go thru during his chaddi buying spree with the Dad :D
    @suvaiba- Hhahah that surely made me soooooooooo happy. Give a tight hug to her from my side please ..pretty please? Love to u too! How I love halter necks too. Sexy they look no?
    @Rachit- hehehe thanks sire!

  65. U r a gr8 blogger gurl.....dat was wonderful street humour....loved d portrayal of chaddiman

  66. Gosh! Me in office and I laughed out loud reading the ChaddiMan conversation.
    Mother- Uncle said na that this is your size. He knows better!
    Me- These belong to me and only I am supposed to know better.
    TheChaddiMan- Yours are not big enough for the next size beta!
    LOL :D :D

  67. OH THANK GOD! I feel happy for you! You finally did fight your mom bravely and got rid of those cotton pointed and vulgar bras! About the boyfriend thing! We were our inners 24 by 7 and JUST CANT AFFORD to wear something sexy to please our guyz! Its more personal and what we have with our bras is def more sacred than what we have with our guyz! ENOUGH SAID!

  68. @sam- Thanks!
    @Saptadeep- I am honoured
    @Pria- Hhahahahahaah I am so happy reading ur comment
    @Akila Venkat-Exactly! Its the feeling :P. Isnt it? It makes u feel beautiful.

  69. LOL !!! Being a guy, though I cannot relate to it, but could get the humour :)

  70. Omg!! This was hilarious sweetie. U r too good.

  71. Loved the conversation, especially that with the Uncle :P!!! And my mom still buys my lingerie, so ya :P :D!!
    But I never get the different kinds of bra!! Except for strapless..!!Nothing else seriously :(!!!

  72. Haha! :D

    Thanks for the comment :) Glad you liked it :)

  73. Hahaaa! Your posts are hilarious! :D
    Could totally relate to this one!

  74. Amazing! u r too good yar! ha ha ;)

  75. @Eternal Rebel- I could understand :D Thanks for reading!
    @Ria- Hhehe thankyou!!!!!
    @The life-a-holic- Your day will come soon my love. Hold on!! Lots of love!!!
    @Philo- hehe anytime!
    @Krishna Sruthi Srivalsan- Thankyou loads!!
    @Shveta- Thanks a bunch!

  76. ooops ...
    well now i know what ladies talk when they go shopping for lengerie :)

    hilarious post and the chadiman hmmm what can i say about him ...


  77. Hahaha can't wait.. Coz my dad is definitely going to go on a roll if I start buying it. No matter how hard and consciously I try I will end up liking and buying the most expensive of the lot!! Be it whatever!! :D..Not my fault is it??!! :P

  78. Me likes you vary the much too! Hahaa. Just felt like saying xD

  79. @Bikramjit- hehe thanks for reading
    @The life-a-holic-We girls are meant to shop like crazy. Heheh it is in our blood!
    @Crystal- Me too likes you young lady!

  80. Oh and when I told all my friends to read this post here's what they had to say: SAME STORY. :P
    Been there, felt that. This girl just put it into words.

    I had to tell you. This post is like what's happened to most girls. Oh and I just realized that I was in a hurry when I wrote my comment and forgot to include. --> PERVERTED CHADDI UNCLE! :P HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  81. Since ts not politically correct for me to comment on this topic,I prefer to keep mum...
    hilarious one anyways..

  82. Its amazing to read your posts, not just because I always laugh, but also for the subject matter :) Basically this was also some gyaan for me...had no idea mother-daughter experiences would be like this!

    Congrats for the exams getting over...fave fun!

  83. hmmmm on a serious note : i m thinking then how r v suppose to grow...ummm i mean as our society has few set rules of kids growing and doing things.....i was hearing such stories from my female frnds and since i dnt knw how to react on these was always left wid this question...what is the right way in life to go about it as parents or it happens abroad??

    on light note: i was dying out of headache and landed on your blog....after reading first post....the first thing i did was subscribe....its supaaaaaaaah

  84. loll i don know if this qualifies as pervert or not but when u call ur boobies melon it is realli hot

  85. Awesome post :) A similar experience happened to me, but thankfully no uncles were selling the innerwears!! And ya, its very hard to argue with moms, especially in public places, in my case, the more I try to prove my point in argument, the shriller the voice gets of my mommy dearest!!

  86. It takes guts to admit this...but before marriage my mom would sometimes accompany me while I bought my precious undee-chadds...and now my wife has taken over :P

  87. Woaaah! Hilarious post :P
    You are awesome! :D


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