Thursday 27 October 2011


I give you till 12 midnight, to tell me the truth. You can’t run away from it. I know people who know your ex, and I very well know what all you have done. I just want you to speak it all out. Then I will leave you without ruining your life.” 

It was eleven already and she shivered as those words touched her senses in the most jittering manner. She sat on the balcony ignoring the wind as it managed to give her goosebumps. She had never thought that a protective lie could now jeopardise her relationship. She had always meant for him to know about her past, the dirty people she dealt with and her resulting dirty past. But she saw in his eyes, the look of devotion, and the look of pure love, which was preciously new to her. Who would have thought that her decision to hide the truth just to remain divine in his eyes would have led to a day this brutal. 

A drop of tear fell on her thighs and she was reeled back to reality. If only the tears she was shedding could lessen the pain she was going through. How was she supposed to tell him, the stark truth? How could she ever look deep into his eyes and find his love for her glowing within? She had lost him long back. 

The silence of the night and the cacophony of her thoughts got a pause as the phone rang. If it was yesterday, she would have not let it ring beyond ten seconds and today, it was the cause of the aggressively beating heartbeat pounding against her ribs. She finally picked up and was welcomed by pure silence.

Suddenly he spoke. The voice she had grown to love, the tone which was always so soothing, was now breaking her vanity down to nullity. He demanded the truth or else he would destroy her. He would leave her begging for mercy and he would do everything he can to make her pay for making him such a fool in her love for 3 yrs. She was left with nothing but to dig out what she had unsuccessfully tried to conceal.

Whatever you heard about me was right. My ex forced me to join him and his two friends who also were couples, for a weekend resort stay. He and his friends where carrying pornographic CD’s and this was kept away from my knowledge. All I remember is, police raiding the hotel and a woman constable dragging me till the police Jeep. I could get bail only the next day. A friend helped. My parents do not know about this. I tried to hide this.

She cried as she spoke and she heard no words from the other side of the line. How could anyone love a girl with her background? Who would believe in her story anyway? She spoke again, this time a little stronger’

“Now you can leave me, for I know that you can never see me the way you did before which was precisely the reason why I hid it from you. I could not barter what I felt for you and so gravely craved. So now you can …….”

Before she could say further, he said “ Nobody told me anything about you. It was just a planned game by me. I know you were hiding something really bad from me. I had the right to know. Now what do you what me to do with you?

Sometimes silence is the only reply that can be given but she managed a "You can leave me"

His voice answered it all as he said "The past does not matter, for I know that you are loyal to me. But shall we now work on the being truthful part of a relationship?"

That was the point when guilt struck her and that was the time that she truly felt the depth of his love. Precisely the moment she lost herself to him completely.  

P.S- A Diwali celebrated after 5 yrs, far away from home but with friends. The dishes you are about to see in the following clicks were cooked by them and all I did was HOG! 
P.P.S- Post based on true experience and incident. Not so bad though!

Aatte ka Halwa and Suji ka Halwa for Bhagwanjee :)

Aaloo Dum Amritsari and Garlic Rice for HUMLOG

Khana Ready hai Medamjee

Its a Digital world babey!



  1. Are there still guys who do that? Accept you for exactly who you are with all that baggage without judging? A rare breed, I must say. I see relationships break up around me because the girl was completely honest about her dirty past.

    And if your relationship is not based on truth and truth alone, it goes boom when you least expect it #factoflife

    LOL @ pics, digital worship indeed:P
    And those halwas look yum, your roomies seems like good cooks:)

  2. ** Precisely the moment she lost herself to him completely.

    I loved, loved it. I was almost sinking in this one. Uf! <3
    Plus, the pictures were awesome.I'm such a pig I was going to show em to mumma and tell her to make something like Aloo dum Amritsari and then I thought it'd be a bad idea because she made crazy awesome stuff just yesterday :D
    But lots of love, very happy Diwali to you <3

  3. Nice narration. Brought out the feelings of the girl quite well.
    Haha, the Facebook puja pic is hillarious. Lol!

  4. And, as ever, you manage to touch.

    You should seriously consider writing.

  5. i believe in what your fiction today...i have come across such a man. loved you fiction!

  6. RED..!!!!!!!!!!
    ermm..HOW do you always manage to get me so deep into your writings..??!!
    i am not going to judge what the guy thought..why he did so..and what made the girl hold things back and all that..i can understand what she must have gone through..well atleast "hiding the truth part"
    hmm life is strange that really don't think with your brain..
    your heart rules the roost..
    being in love truly madly deeply makes you do so.. :):):)

    waahhhhhh...*m drooling*
    LOL @ fb puja..:D:D:D:D


  7. The food looks delicious and I am not surprised that you hogged :)

    As for the story/ real incident, it was good! It kept me glued though somehow the end was expected...anyway, how much can one do with a real incident! :)

  8. Nice write up :)
    BTW... Happy Diwali..!!
    Loved the pictures.. the food seems to be yummmmmm..!!! :)

  9. @PeeVee- YES INDEED there are guys who accept you, even if you have a dirty past. I KNOW :).. Rare, but they DEFINITELY exist!

    @RED- The story was short and simple and I loved the part, where she didn't try to spin tales just to be with him. It takes a lot to be honest, too many thoughts, weighing out the pro's and cons and also the fear of being judged. There was a chance, they guy could have chosen to leave.. But he didn't, and this reminded me of my guy. Honest. Pure love for this story..

    P.S. the images make me hungry and digital worship... Well I'm ready for that :D :P

  10. Whoa!! that actually happened??? and seriously! who IS this guy?? :)
    The food looks yummy! ;)
    hehe 'digital world' :D :D

  11. @PeeVee- Its just my story but not soo ugly n twisted :P. They are awesome cooks. Me suck :(
    @Crystal- Even i took the recipe for taking it home to mumma :P Gehehehehe
    @Sumitra- Thankyou sooooooooo much! :)
    @Sam- I aint tht good enough. But felt good :)
    @HijiBijBij- Even I have come across such a man :)
    @Meoww- Second ur thought! Being in love makes u start questioning ur pride. It all fades away n u become vulnerable :) FB pooja rocks no? hehehe
    @Siddhartha Joshi- Heh..I did hog like a pig :) Yes the ending was expected but not when u were in it :)
    @Madhulika- Thankyou babes :D
    @confused soul- He dint leave, he was too addicted to her. Even she is and will always be :)
    @Viya- This happned but not the exact story and not so bad. He is My guy :)

  12. Whoa!! :) Lucky you!! *touch wood* :)

  13. Bless you! :D The post...I am glad it's real, for it makes me believe that true love isn't lost in this world. :) :) *Hugs* *Touchwood*

    And OMG, you guys look like professional cooks! Garlic rise and amritsari aloo dum?? *Yum!*

    Bhagwanji ko Hi5!! :D :D :D

  14. 1) Whatever you heard about me what right...change what to was...there's a typo.

    2) Aarti and Prasad to Facebook pic was hilarious :D

    3) a very nice story. u know...i once read a book called Wizard's First Rule. it was the first book in a series. The Sword of truth series. it was an LOTR genre fantasy. and u kno what was the wizard's first rule? people are stupid. they will believe what u tell them. ur story reminded me of that.

    Nobody told me anything about you. It was just a planned game by me. I know you were hiding something really bad from me. I had the right to know. Now what do you what me to do with you?

    He used the Wizard's First Rule on her.

    u really know ur way with words red. awesome write up. :)

  15. This reminded me that I have something to tell my guy something about me too..he'll love me still I big teddy bear he is...but I'm just so scared of being judged...I never was a Sati savitri or Virgin Mary and he is the biggest Casanova I knew, but it's just this small teensy part of my life that I could reveal to him, it won't make any diff whatsoever, but I'm just not doing much for being a dragon right!!!

    The food looks so yummy, lucky bum you!!! That aloo is making my stomach churn now :(...

  16. Happy Deepavali!
    Those things looks really good. Good enough to eat through my computer screen, I must say.

  17. Yes there are such men who can do this..Its all about love and Honesty in a relationship..I know one such man too..well written!

  18. @RED..i just read "he is your guy..!!!!!!!! "
    god bless you guys..:):):):):)
    *touchwood* a zillion times..:):):)

  19. @DRAGON..awwwws..dont you worry sweetie..
    m sure it will be super fine even after you tell him whatever that's in your mind...:):)
    i am sure it won't be a big deal for him...

  20. hey Red...he is ur guy!?! awesome lucky babe u r cz he sure is one of the rarest breed...kudos to him n his love!!
    god bless u both...amen :))

  21. Nice writeup? i could not believe it has happened.. BTW Very tidy flat :)

  22. A small correction its "Nice Writeup!" not nice writeup?

  23. I like the story. It moved and reached right to the point with too much drama. But I can't comment on the story any more because I am too distracted by the Diwali stuff you posted.

    Happy Diwali :)

  24. I second Bharati, TOO tidy a flat, shame on you:P

    And YAY!! I was first:P

  25. Your story gave me the goosebumps, Redhanded! Sadly, it is difficult to find people who accept their partner how they are- with failings and shortcomings...It is cute that the guy was so understanding in this case. And LOL at your digital and FB worship:P

  26. The pics were too good and the food looks yummy!! :D

  27. I cannot help but say this every single time you write a non humor post; very pertinent topic - importance of Open lines of communication cannot be stressed upon enough. Needless to say --> well written.

    Same pinch on the Diwali celebrations, we too assembled as a group of 15 and prepared a spread that would put any restaurant to shame. This was my 3rd Diwali away from home so hi-5 on that as well.

    Cheers :)

  28. Amazing post :) Can't believe such guys exist :)

    Yummy yummy yummy post :D
    Happy Diwali :)

  29. Oh look at the dude bhagwanjee! :)

  30. Interesting story.

    Especially liked the last two pics :)

  31. Got me hooked till the last bit. And I am pleasantly surprised that there are guys like this, who would accept and trust you in spite of everything. I have a dirty, pathetic past and my guy accepted it and me whole heartedly (or so I guess)!! So I guess there are lovely sweet guys as well!!
    And loved the food, the flat and the digital bhagwanjee!! :P

  32. WOW! Or should i say Whoa!!!!!!!!!!
    Awesome... It was a really heart-touching post....I wonder if such guys exist...
    I love the pics sooo much....
    Did ur frends cook it? Look yummy!!!
    And I loved the example of how tech savy we have become! :p

  33. Sigh I always hate the fact that I can so relate to such posts of yours. But the way you have described it is beautiful.

    I know there are guys who are still like that, but very few very very few have the courage to term it the past and accept the present for what it is. Whoever she is in the post, she's blessed!

  34. I wonder if you have punjabi friends ;) atte ka halwa is quite a punjabi dish :)

    And the incident, yeah men do not mind the past "sometimes"...

  35. Seriously past doesn't matter, move on is the word. BTW worshiping FB...LOL

  36. Thank god, the man had brains as he did not let the past spoil the present.
    Well written. :)

    And you know what, these yummilicious photos made me gnawing hungry. Sachi <3

  37. Why you always write a PS mentioning that, your post is not good enough, or ask is it...

    I think your contents are fabulous and when at the end, I come to know that it was based on true incident, i become speechless...

    btw it was my diwali at home after 4 years :) and it was just like normal days.

    stay connected!!!
    its me!!! sharan :)

  38. He'd come in a rare breed of guys I must say. Nicely written and kudos to your candour. It
    takes courage to write about the truth- plain and bare as it is.

  39. the true story part gave the story a great new edge:-)
    it is silly to fret over the past and yes often wise to not vomit it...for there aren't always men and women like that!

    here's wishing u a very happy diwali and the pics show that you had loads of fun...wish we could also some day actually see you-i can almost picture fun written all over u!

    wish u all the brightness and joy:-)

  40. hey,,
    hugh jackman is mine tooo..
    i actually loved it ... em not the kind to be believing in love and all but since this story was based on some real incident... i really do love it..!
    mmmmm i am thinking do guys like this actually exist :P :)
    and the dishes waah...! em pretty good at cooking i can make both the halwas and il try and make the aloo wali recepie..! :P
    great post.!

  41. loved the post :) and the girl in it, whoever she is,is immensely lucky!!

  42. Aaloo Dum Amritsari looks yummy!! :)

    You know..when I was about midway through the post...this comment was hovering in my mind, that if the guy is saying..he would leave her and he wants to know about her past...then probably..its not the love what she hoped for from the guy...

    But I am glad that it happened the way you narrated.

    The breed, though rare, exists! :)

  43. Hi Red,

    Awesome post.. The Man has some water in his heart and there are some persons as your man too :) :) Happy to know that men with that virtues remain :)
    On the Diwali front.. Awesome mouthwatering dishes ... with the digital phobia goddess :) :) ha ha ha.. it made me smile :) Nice post.. keep it up :)

  44. These days every body has a past of some kind, whether you consider it as horrible or not depends on your perspective.. Past is always the past. I dont see why most people feel the need to drag it into the present and future.. Love the way you've written this :)
    And the food looks yummy!

  45. Helllossssss

    this is nicely written..loved the way the story flows :D and a guy like that is one in a million,.she's lucky

    and yummy pictures..

    happy diwali :D

  46. Past has passed.. Future beckons... And Present is what it actually stands for - "A Present".. :) Interesting incident.. And well handled by the guy :)

  47. Enjoyed the write. Great to know that part of it is true..:)You have a happy life ahead.

  48. So sorry for loosing track and not replying to your comments. exams got over just today and thus I couldn't reply to these precious comments, You forgive me don't you?

  49. Ya we surely well dear...All The Best for the exams!

  50. hahaha I loved the last pic ( and the post) :D

  51. Red Red Red !!!!????
    I don't believe you when you say this is based on a true incident. Was it ?
    How do you manage to grasp every neuron of my reading brain over and over again ? And the garlic rice and amritsari aloo dum ;) I envy you for that ;) Priyanka is right, Your flat is too tidy, shme on you :P:P



  52. Another wonderful post from u gal.. Luved it to th core..

    Worship Facebook..!!!!!!!! :P

  53. Do they make guys like that anymore? I thought that frame for men was broken generations ago.
    Loved the post, specially the last few lines.

    And the pictures are making me hungry, the worst part being I have just reached my college back from home. :(

  54. @Manju- Sweetheart you are!! :)
    @Anita- Thank you so much :D
    @Serendipity- The flat really is tidy no. Diwali effect you can say :) I am glad you liked the post :)
    @Raghu- I always luk forward to ur comment sir. Thankyou!
    @jojofeelings- On the contrary, I am going home now :) Thanks a bunch for reading!

  55. Wow. I'm sooo glad. :D
    She told the truth and didn't make any excuses or tried to cover it all up, loved that.
    *touches wood*
    Red, your blog. Wow-some. Really!
    Take care

  56. Dude! I'm awestruck! You managed to touch my nerve and do tandav on it! :P
    Super! Amazing! Bravo! Lovely! :D

  57. I absolutely Loved the post! Do guys like that really exist? :O

    Hope you had a great Diwali! :)

  58. I think this place would be a far happier place if we learnt to tell the truth and trust better. :)

    A beautiful post on that! :)

  59. well no matter .. the post might seem not tat practical to many ....but for me.. i feel this is what needs to be done... u dont deserve respect u earn it... its sometimes more than words... great expressions.....

  60. I loved this post, amazing story, you have a talent at righting and that food looks amazing! Your blog is lovely and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  61. hmm yes if you love someone then its best to tell the truth beforehand else it always comes back to haunt you.

    She did the right thing telling and A good idea about the GAME ..

    the food looks lovely and yummy ...

    Past has gone cant change it .. but i dont know what people mean by MOVE ON.. what is MOVE on and how do you do that ...


  62. men can be so nice at times..yu know...!
    btw if i were in his position,I dont think I wud have reacted in the same manner as he did...

  63. This was a mind blowing story....
    I liked the Digital world picture :) very nice..
    Keep it up Red Handed.


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