Wednesday 12 October 2011

Somebody Please Marry Me!

I have never been this humiliated. Like ever! I have no intention to get married any time soon and my parents too are least bothered about finding the perfect lungi Guy for me. 

I recently went for a marriage ceremony of some family relative’s second cousin’s granddaughter. As expected, I did not know a single soul out there. But why crib about it when you have 17 food stalls, all capable of making your tongue wet, scattered all around the marriage garden. I was keeping myself busy with my third serving of the Gulab Jamun and Icecream, when a fat aunty pops her head out from between the shoulders of two Gulliver size men and smiles at me as if she was my mother in my previous birth. I smiled back and then continued shoving the dessert down my food pipe. 

After I had carefully tested each and every food stall in the garden, including the much hated ‘DAHI VADA’ counter, I shut down the cacophony around me with the help of my headphones and went and stood near my mother, who was talking to a woman in whose plate a juicy JALEBI was left untouched. Such a waste she is!!

As I continued to pretend being amused and not at all bored, that fat woman came in my sight and I saw her smiling her toothless smile as she walked towards me. My mother, who believes in inviting embarrassment upon her only daughter i.e ME, smiled at the fat lady and even initiated the conversation, which went something like this.

Mother India- Namaste!
Fat Aunty-       Hello! My name is Mrs XYZ. I am from the groom’s side of the family.
Mother India- Oh!My name is Mrs ABCD. We are from the bride’s side.
Fat Aunty-    Oh no wonder! I was wondering why I have never seen you daughter in our Malayalee Association’s youth programmes. What is your name?
Mother India- Take the headphones out of your ears! How many times will I tell you that music at such loud volume will make you deaf? Haven’t I told you what happened to my office peon’s younger daughter? Meet Mrs XYZ. Mrs XYZ, meet my daughter RED HANDED.

Saying that, my mother left to wash her hands and then plunge herself into the dessert session. The lady caught hold of my wrist and came so close that I could get the stench of garlic from her mouth.

ME-              Namaste Aunty!
Fat Aunty-   Hello Beta! I have a son! He is in Dubai earning phorty thousand rupeej every mth.
ME-              OH OK.
Fat Aunty-   He is 27 yrs old and has done M.Sc in Chemistry from Chennai. He looks just like me!
ME-              OH OK.
Fat Aunty-   How old are you?
ME-              22 yrs.
Fat Aunty-  Oh Perfect age for getting married! What course are you doing?
ME-              I am in my Final Year of BA.LL.B(hons) from a National Law University.
FAT Aunty-  Oh Vakeel? LLB? Hmmm ok. Ok Beta. Bye!

Without even giving me a chance to make her understand the difference between LLB and BA.LLB , she ran the race of her life away from me. 

It’s not that I wanted to marry her GELF settled son. It’s not that I had any interest in the dog and his MSc (Chemistry) from Chennai. CHEMISTRY for God’s sake!! But what made me go for my fourth serving of GULAB JAMUN and ICECREAM was the fact that I was humiliated because the Fat aunty did not find me good enough for her lousy son. Just because I am a future lawyer a.k.a Vakeel. What does she think about me? I am just another girl who believes in marrying a good guy and ruining his life. Huh!

My Parents are going to have a really tough time trying to get rid of me.

P.S- I am in my worst mood because the University exams are doing Tandav on my head. Here is a random click. Ignore the mess behind!



  1. haha...aren't you the cutest...and fat aunties should be ignored-they have so much load to cary around in their bottom half that the top half remains almost empty!

    and vakeel is super cool...shows you are braino and with sense-your parents would have a tough time getting rid of you coz there would be a line of suitors ready to walk the aisle...but four helpings, really???? no aunty is worth it!

  2. Never mind the lack of interest these mothers of Gelf settled sons show! Like you said, when there are 17 stalls of food, who cares! :P :P Typically bhukkad association theme :P :P

    All the best for your exams :)

  3. Reading Company Law, go for the Bare Act...Funny post, even I savor the food during parties, my Agenda is to taste and tell people what not to miss:)

  4. HAHAHA!!!! :P :D

    My parents were approached by strangers many times for marriage proposal. Poor guys would always get disappointed to learn that I was still in my teens XD

    Maybe you should thank God that she ran away. Think about it "He looks just like me" :P. You are worthy of something much better ;)

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  5. Oh cummon:P You don't want to get married to someone who looks just like her? Think of the opportunity you're losing out on!! You should have changed you major and gone back on your knees to Madame Nose-In-The-Air and *begged* her to take you as her esteemed daughter-in-law and swear to stop eating gulab jamuns and ice creams!!

    And pigs would also fly.

  6. P.S: Love the first picture. Edited na?

  7. You had me ROFLMBO at Mother India and the stress eating at being humiliated. Sorry for laughing at the cost of your distress.

    May be the Examiner be Generous and God Be Kind
    May yur mates be helpful and supervisor be blind

    All the Best for your exams, ROCK THEM.

  8. Dahling! Is that you in the photograph? I want to marry you RIGHT NOW! <3 drop me an email and let's run away....

    Well, you tasted the garlic from aunty's mouth and when I went to Jaipur this year, my in laws, hubbly-bubbly and I went to attend someone's marriage. An old, marwaari aunty who had made a good use of her hands in some yellow food shite, came closer, grabbed my head and almost kissed me!

    Beat that, will you :| I was wondering if I have potty hair....

    The Blunt Blog

  9. Hahahaha...on the contrary I thought that she might just get married of in the same pandal because ur in a pro_FASHION-al college. :D :D

  10. Hahahhahahahaaa..... Girl!!! you really really know how to lighten up someone's day.. really.. Yah, I know, at ur expense but still :))))

    She might have picturised u getting her behind the trial bar for her ill treatmeant towards u after wedding :)))))))))) lol...

  11. @Red: Back to ur usual rib-tickling, humorous posts...Absolutely loved it...but still have no clue y any mother wudn't like to have a 'Vakeel' as her daughter in law!!

  12. Such a wonderful post! You made me crave for food! You should feel happy that one jackass is off your list!

  13. pish posh! dont worry about the chubby lady. she hasn't a clue.

    we all know you'll end up marrying some hott celebrity or something. keep your chin up, darling ;)


  14. Don't marry. Just don't marry. Never marry. Marrying is just not what it seems like. And not the son of that creepy, "Beta Vakeel" aunty, at least. And no, one is NOT allowed to interrupt when having an ice cream/gulab jamun, ch, too bad. :p

    The first picture is awesome, and the second is nice, too.

    OH, WAIT. By the way, remind me again, you were called an aunty, too? Ouch, I think I may have mentioned the non-mentionable? :p

  15. Me and my sis call our mother as Mother India too...they are a unique species aren't they? My mom is always presenting me like a trophy to all these match makers!!! "A guy who is 32 year old is looking for a 26 year old so shall we try?" WTF...I want a 20 year old, why don't we try now?...Lungi guy is your ultimate destiny babe...better start getting prepared with some mickey mosues undies :P....Hmm 22 and to-be-reckoned-Vakeel and all...I'm big time J now!!!

  16. From how I see it- she was too worried your uniqueness and goodness with stamp her CHEMISTRY DUBAI son out of limelight and the power of being the lady LAW ;)

    Arranged marriages are crazy things! People have some odd expectations and weird blocks and notions.

  17. Do Love marriage... You have 100% right to know boy before you get married. Never marry bookworm.... :P

    Enjoy Girl.... Happy for today you are safe *wink*

  18. hahaha... sorry am laughing!
    But really you are lucky that you escaped... imagine having her as a MIL!!!
    I love the last facebook pic.. hehe..

  19. foooooood..*sigh*
    17 items..*salivating* that i have made clear the importance i give to my taste buds..
    Let me

    Marriages are good ONLY for the food they serve..if
    its good that is :p :p

    firstly..dont give a damn about what that fat toothless mad aunty thinks about ye..she isn't even worth all the trouble..
    Secondly..i swear..what do such morons think of themselves..huh..they feel their sons are reincarnations of adonis..grrr..and that we will beg them for marriage..
    Thirdly..i will tell u why she left..she was shell shocked when she came to know what you studyin..she obviously understood his worthless son is nothing infront of you..
    Fourthly..CHEMISTRY..??! *yawn*
    Fifthly..Your pic..!!!! *whistles*
    Sixthly..aaaan of luck for thy exams..m sure you gonna rock..:-):-):-):-):-):-)

    all the 'ly' s used in the post is in no way an indicator of my amazing grammar skills..8)

    cheers..and yess..the post was amazingly i will take the liberty to laugh at your expense..

    And again i have written a biography of a comment..when will i ever learn..


  20. It was sort of an anti-climax !! :P But hey, you can take a legal action on that fat lady :D

  21. next time some1 comes up to you, tell them that U are about to join the Police academy aftr yor college. I bet that they would even inform others to not talk to you...;p

    And do u really eat dat much..??
    If the person in the pic is u, then the clearly visible Collar-bone doesn't indicate so..:-)

  22. what, you serious? You let that wonderful catch of a gelf-guy-that-looks-like-fat-aunty get away without marrying you? :-)!!

    Awesome post! In many ways, you brought out the insecurities moms-in-law go through when they are out *hunting* for a prospective bride! Vakeel indeed! And a clever one at that! Who wants a clever bride anyway, huh??

  23. Hagaha wait till I get into a Law uni and my mom has all those regrets about sending her daughter for Law too ;)and I can narrate such awesoome incidents too :D She anyway keeps telling me to think twice about giving CLAT. Grr, I keep telling her SOMEONE on this wretched planet WILL marry me, but mothers I tell you. *shakes head* Anyway, no shaadi is always there, better than a LUNGI or SHERWANI guy, no? :D

  24. :D
    I'll comment something sensible after I've finished laughing. :D :D :D :D :D

  25. lol..that was an interesting conversation...

    I'll tell u a secrete, unlike most of the people, I dont like to eat those foods at parties :( :( :(

  26. You should be glad the lady didn't think you were good enough for her GELF phorty thousand rupeej valla son, who looks exactly like her!!! There are so many other much much better guyz out there!!!

  27. 1. Laughs and giggles, and stomach ache laughter on the Facebook pic!! Super duper like!! :D :D

    2. lungi guy.. heeuuhahahhahaaa :D :D ROFL

    3. Juicy jalebi left untouched... Such a waste.. PERIOD... lol... :D :D :D

    4.her GELF settled son: Good Lord!!

    5. At the end of everything i realise is such a funnily angry post!!

    Awesome Redhanded
    and loads and laods of luck for that thing that's doing tandav on ur head!!

  28. ROFLMAO..

    So Vakeel, when's the day finally gonna happen?

    Btw I have a long distant aunt's cousin's neighbour's son working in the Gelf. Interested? :P

    All the best for the exams :)

  29. Hahaha...Redhanded, really, your parents are going to have a tough time. And i know why middle aged aunties hate vakeels:P GELF settled son? sorry for you girl;)

  30. lolz..being a Lawyer myself..I know what you must have happens..people are afraid of vakeel lurki ..specially the aunties looking for their bahoo...dont feel bad darling...its just they dont want to have a daughter in law who could speak! and vakeel daughter in law is going to be even more Worse! haha

    and btw..I would have loved to apply for the wedding Ad. here..but I need to know if you are serious about Girl/Boy thing?:p

  31. Awwww..Gulab jamun and ice cream..mmmm..i loved it

    heheheh..future Vakeel huh!!! LOL..dont worry the fat aunty missed a great gal like you..anyway who wants her son!!!!:P

    Good luck for the exams :D

  32. for the billionth time, you're too awesome. :P

  33. u know LUCKY YOU!!!!! Fat aunty will find another one of her types, but you my lady shall be the future torch bearer in the mango person's Adalat!!!!

    All the best for your exams!!!

  34. It doesn't matter what any fat aunty says! For all you know, she just got a complex for her son in comparison to you, the budding lawyer. :)
    Glad you enjoyed the gulab jamuns at that wedding. And best of luck for your exams.

  35. hahhahahhahahaahaa... i almost fell down laughing at "looks jest like me" line.!!! :D I knew when you said you were goin to blog abt it that its gonna be a fun read.. but never thought its gonna give me tummy ache from laughing..!!! i pity you RED.. you missed THE Gelf guy..!! :D :D

    hmmmmm.. *breath in..breath out..* hehehehehehe.. btw the reason why that aunty ran is cos she dint wanna risk having a DIL who graduation in a course that involves arguing, proving the point and winning it..!!! :D :P :P

    Thats all mee-lord..!!! *bows* :P

  36. Interesting second half!

    liked the way its narrated..;) look forward for more..;)

  37. Oh vakeel... :D U shud b happy that u got rid of a stupid proposal which cud have landed in ur way. And worry not, there are plenty of guys out there who u can marry to ruin their life! ;)

  38. "Somebody please marry me"?????:-O
    You want me to send across my CV????;-)
    Btw,lawyer women might just scare the shit out of bride-searchers.....Who knows what section,what sub-section of Indian Penal Code you're gonna use to slap a lawsuit on the groom....just to have your way!!!!:-P

  39. GELF anhi chalega to US/UK chalega?
    and the guy trousers pehenta hain!!!!!!!!
    excellent proposal naa

    and i thoroughly enjoyed ur true................ poor u................

    all the best for ur exams!!!!!!!!!

  40. @Suruchi- And the lovely lady becomes the first to read :)I eat a lot when i am bored and on top of that i looove the combination of hot gulajamun and vanilla icecream :P
    @Maithili- I would be the president of the Bhukkad Association for life!! I bet on tht :P
    @Saru Singhal- This pic is from my previous semester exam. Yes bare act helps a lot!! :)
    @The Guy in the mirror- Next time i get a gelf proposal, i am calling it off and becoming a lifelong spinster!! :P
    @PeeVee- Buhuhu now it hit me!I missed such a wunnndeerffuul opportunity!!! :P Yesss the pic is edited. Google helped in getting it :D
    @Atrocious Scribblings- ROFLMBAO??!!!! GAhahahahaha i am happy to hear tht! My life is such a joke!
    @The Blunt Blogger- chalo hum dono bhaaaaag chalein!! Dooooor is zalim duniya se :P. POTTY HAIR??!!GAHAHAHAHAHAH
    @Tangerine- We have white salwar suit or white and black formals as our uniform, so fashion element is purely missing :P
    @Musings of a Troubled mind- you are always geenrous with your compliments :). I am a harmless soul. I hope no more people reject me because of this little course :(
    @Nirvaan- Seriously!!what is wrong in being a lawyer :(
    @Rahul Bhatia- But rejected even by an ugly and pathetic person haunts. I wish i was the one rejecting :P
    @I'm Jill Dianne, it's true- hehehe i sooooo wish tht happens :P
    @Arjit Shrivastava- Yes!Noone should ever disturb when i am busy hogging! And AUNTY KISKE BOLA BE??!!! :P. I am a very handsome woman :P
    @The Dragon in The akin of a goat- Dont be J because i am gonna be a lawyer. Trust me, i would happily trade places :P Mother India rocks no?? :D
    @Sameera- With time our mentality is supposed to grow, but people still stick to the age old notions.
    @Wonderwall-hahahaha true!I am safe! :D
    @The Girl at first avenue- My life is taken an as joke :( :P. Yes i will e a murderer if i get such MIL.
    @meoww- Bang on the point. Marriages are tolerable only because of their food section :D.And seriously!!Big time YAWN on the chemistry part. Ughhh!! I THE LIKE THE BIIIG COMMENTS :D
    @Binu Thomas- the day i become a lawyer, i will :D
    @Kanthu- This itself is acting like a probable groom repellant :P. Yeh i eat a lot, but with preference :P. I cant resist hot gulabjamuns and vanilla icecream. i just cnat!!!!
    @Nirvana- whyyyyyy did i let go of the puurrfect propojal i got :( :P. and so true, who wants a clever bride afterall :(
    @Crystal- you are planning to write CLAT???!!! That iss awesooomee!! I hope you make it.

  41. @Spaceman Spiff- you too see my life as a joke?? :( buhuhuhuhuhuhuh. :P what ?what? what? You dont like to eat food in the parties???!!!! waaat??!! I do not understand :P
    @the life-a-holic- I hope those BETTER guys dont run away from me because of my law degree :P
    @metagravity- That my love was a lot of laugh :P. Thanks a lot! Made me feel useful:P
    @Soumya- if he is hot, handsome and doesnt mind an intelligent future lawyer, then bring it on :P
    @Cloud Nine- so you accepted the fact that my parents will have a really hard time :P. I am sooo sure they will :D
    @Mishi- i am in some a pathetic condition that i now am open to both genders :P.
    @the other side of me- Eggjactly!! who wants her chemist son :P. I always think that the people who study chemistry will become chemists :P
    @Sam- And i shall take a bow :D. Thanks a bunch man!!
    @M- Yesh!!Torch bearer i am!!Yes yes yes!! :D
    @aasiyah- true :P
    @Anu Krishnan- GELF OR DUPAAAI!!1 :D
    @jojofeelings- i like your comment. hheheh saying tht she couldnt stand a better qualified chick :D. Thankss!!
    @Superrnickk- i never intended this to be funny :P.I wrote it just the way it happened :P. But please continue laughing coz that makes me feel just sooo gooood!! Mean it man! Thanks a lot :)
    @Bring Pramoda- heh thanks!!
    @Ria- you are the only person who noticed the humour in that line :D. Thnks love!
    @Rahul- I am a very submissive person when it comes to relationship. Unless soemone really pisses me off, i dont bite back :D
    @maniac-hunter- i am frustrated bigtime!!
    @Madhuri srinivasan-haahahahahaha guy trouser pehenta hai? sachiiii!! No no..i want my lungi guy only :P

  42. Oh you poor girl! You are not alone... don't worry.. My parents are finding is damn difficult to get rid of me too... ;)

    Advertising/Media professionals are as bad as law professionals, i guess.

    Loved your post as always! Good luck with your exams.

  43. So the Matrimonial sites can be closed if all are going to weddings :) It was so hilarious to see the fat lady ran away after she heard you are a budding lawyer... Might be she would have thought precaution is better than cure :P :P But many are like this and god they are like a mob all over the wedding parties!! The part of dishes explanation was good and mouthwatering too :) Overall a good humorous post!!! Inspite of you getting bugged off :P

  44. hehehe.. I guess i can understand how you must have felt... but skip it girl... You are gonna earn more than his son anyways ;)
    BTW... chemistry really sucks.. but still my dad is a chemical engineer, my nana is PhD in Organic while my mamu is M Phil in chemistry..!!! but even after having such a 'chemical' background.. I always sucked at chemistry ;)

  45. rofl..!!! Vakeel...!!!!!!!!!!!! U scared th shit out of her..!! awesome job advocate..! :P

    Nice pic for Facebook..!!!

  46. Oh fat aunties in Kerala are marriage brokers you see. They are more interested in your welfare than that of their own kids. Their tongues are so long and heads empty, just like Suruchi has said. You just chill !

  47. please laugh.. makes you feel good ?? heard that for the first time..!! sarcasm ??? :P
    hey.. its fine.. I always thought stupid-stuffs-that-seem-funny-happen only with me.. am glad am not alone..!! :) :)

  48. May be she mentioned Chemistry in the fond hope that you'd share a great chemistry with her GELF settled son but then your being a Vakeel ruined it all for her and she immediately backed off! You should thank yourself that you're not a Chemistry student else she wouldn't have let you have a fourth helping of Gulab Jamun :D :D
    Don't do Facebook during exams. All the best :)

  49. lol enjoyed the conversation of the Aunty talking about her kid in Dubai. All the best for your exams :)

  50. Haha Red ! It so happens all the time to girls our age. Infact , I had to do a seminar on marriage in my Psychology class, and apparently all I could talk was about old aunty's and their non-tiring-mama-velai :P

  51. awwwwwww....poor girl wants to be considered by everyone. :D

    but dis incident gave u d excuse to have one more gulab jamun + ice cream (a highly overrated combo, if u ask me)

    so wat the hell.

    and jus think this way na....u wer too good for her or her son. she must've thot, "arre vakeel is too hi-fi. my son is blacksmith. wont match"

    feel good :)

  52. Okay i typed a long comment and my nasty gmail did something stupid. :P


    p.s I want to carry a board that says "NOT interested" :P maybe then they'l get it. :p

  53. Wow!!! girl you rock...that was a perfect way to deal with those obnoxious people who take it upon themselves to "arrange" marriages at wedings. been there/done that and in your place- i would have blown my top and said something nasty(sarcastic/funny-whats the diff?) at her and it would have been blown out of proportion by all there...and as for being a my mums a lawyer/ my elder sisters a lawyer/my younger sis is a lawyer/my maami(mom's sis) is a lawyer and i grew up in a house full of lawyers and am none the worse for it...except maybe my teenage rebellion aginst joining the family firm/proffesion made me opt for medicine instead of law. anyway getting married has nothing to do with your education/profession. hang in there until you prince charming comes along and dont compromise for Mother India...

  54. RoFL... Another hilarious post from u... Its grt that u are taking everything lightly.... With ur attitude , sense of humor and everything somebody should be really blessed to marry u and u will make a perfect daughter-IN-LAW.

  55. Hahaha..
    My physics sir once told me 'vakeel ladki ki shaadi bahut mushkil se hoti hai' and I remember how bluntly I refused to this theory. :P

    Damn! I belong to the same league.
    *shake hand my friend*

  56. @ClinicalOxymoron-Glad to know m not alone! Joint eh gang!! :D They have no clue wat awesomeness they r missing out!
    @Ravishankar- heheh many ppl are having a good laugh at my expense :P.and yesss the delicacies where amazing!!!!!
    @Madhulika- dittoo! I so suck at chemistry myself! That is the only reason i changed my stream from PCM to commerce with maths in my school days!
    @Raghu- hehe thankyou sireee!! I have this aura which repels ppl :P
    @Anita- Their tongues are extra long and their heads empty! So trueeee!!!!
    @Superrnickk- my life is soo filled with foot in the mouth moments that even my blog cant fill it up :P
    @ajay- haahha me and her gelf son share such amazing chemistry :P Ok no more facebook!
    @akash kokz- thanks man!! :)
    @anjali- you seriously spoke about this pls blog it down na..i wanna read
    @Kalpak- why are you so generous :P. Btw blacksmith?/really? sooo hi-fi!!
    @Srinidhi- hehe i am thinking about getting it tattoed on my forehead!
    @Ganeshputtu- first of all welcome to the blog :) Entire family full of lawyers??!!! i am the first lawyer from my family :D
    @Partha- that comment made me blush..bigitme blush which stands for more than 30 seconds after rreading :D
    @Vinati- wait and watch. we will haave the best husbaaaand! :D

  57. LOL ... OMG That had me laughing ... You are hilarious!!! Oh and worry not. Food is more necessary than ANY boy! :P

    ♡ from ©

  58. sure its not a funny situation to be in!

    the bright side is that ur mum probably wasnt behind ur life to get married; it was just the fat aunty.

    and fat aunty needs better matrimonial lines...'my son just like me?' hehehehe!

    My Third Eye

  59. @RedHanded.. In fact I dont like food at all :)

    stay connected!!!
    its me!!!sharan :)

  60. You now own a special place on my blog

  61. @Ashwini- Heheh thankyou
    @Tanvi- Glad you had a hearty laugh :D
    @Rohit Sreen- My parents have no intention to get me married for the next three yrs atleast.Phew!!
    @Jyendrasharan- WAAAAAAAAAAAAT???!!! U cnt b serious!
    @The Guy In The Mirror- how is tht?? :D

  62. That is the cutest thing everrrr.
    Just loveee reading your posts. :P

  63. If they do then they are not the BEST :P!!!

  64. Hahaha!! U cuda pushed her n let her drown in the dahi vada stall :)

    Don't be low, Red... a nice solution to pep urself up is to just read ur own blog.. trust me, it works fr me!! :)

    All da best fr ur exams, Red!! :)

  65. Bingo ! I am writing the same thing . Marriage. At least your parents are not bothered, but mine are :( . So a lawyer huh? I am in :P

    You have a gift , RED. Despite my best efforts, I fail to capture human interaction in such a hilarious way ! I GET HOOKED every-time I start reading your blogs ! And 22? Oh ! Perfect ;)

  66. Well atleast you got rid of her without you having to take the initiative. That's good isn't it? Also my boro maashi(as in maternal aunt) tries to set me up on blind dates with her long distance relatives on the side of her husband's family. Sometimes he is an engineer based in Amreeka, sometimes a PhD in Chemistry from God knows what university.
    Nobody understands the kind of misery we live in right? :P

  67. Haha I came across something similar when I was trying to decided between finance and law. And my grandmother screams in her loudspeaker voice, "Vakeel banaane me na ye badi paroblam hai- ladke kehte hai, hum na lete vakeel ko, saare din ghar me ladaiya karegi"
    I was like, eh???

  68. liked reading it , wanted to add some more words but feeling very sleepy and going to sleep(with a smile).:D

  69. hmmm I thought so tooo, but my parenst found a good way they sent me over ot uk.. Good riddance :)

    oh man all that food at the wedding has made me so hungryyyyyyyyyyyyy...


  70. loll..this was side splitting :D
    you put it too well, humourously, casting all the embarrasment that comes handy with it...:)

  71. Hahaha...this is just awesome! I like your mom, she ensured that your readers get a story like this one :)

    Now let me show this post to my two dear mallu friends here :)

    p.s. I like the fact that you love gulab jamuns, usually impossible to find girls who do!

  72. Err.. Should I be worrying about my marriage!? :P
    I guess, I will marry another lawyer. :P
    Superb post. :D

  73. 'Vakkeel pani' is a gud thing actually.
    i had dreamt of being one before ending up in the MC...

  74. My gaaawddd!! You're awesome! :D


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