Sunday 18 March 2012


I hate so many things, so many that the things I like can be numbered while my hatred has an infinite expansion. There is one particular thing that I find respectable about men, which being a woman comes hard to me. Men might go around discussing sex and scanning you down and drowning in their own drool, but it when it comes to the whole issue of dealing with a relationship problem, they keep it to themselves. Now why can’t women be like that? Why do women at a drop of a tear go around telling all her so called close friends whom she bitches about day and night, about the troubles she has been facing with her guy?

Now women love back stabbing, some do it after a lot of planning while the others do it innocently without even meaning to. You just can’t blame us! There is no way that your issues which you secretly spilled into my ears will ever remain a secret for it is statistically proven that an average woman can keep a secret for 48hours. Well we don’t have to keep a secret because within those 48 hours, the woman who told the secret in the first place has gone around spreading it herself and is expecting no one to spill it. Yes we are full of complexity. The only way of trusting me with a secret is if that secret has me involved in it in a way which makes it too ugly to be shared.

This is why I loathe it when the girls I know but actually don’t give a hoot about, come to me and start discussing their boyfriend troubles with me. I hate it more when they actually ask me for my views regarding the issue. For ex- ‘A’ approaches me and tells me that her guy ‘B’ has been roaming around with his best buds the whole day and has just messaged her thrice accompanied by three calls which lasted 15 min each. She feels ignored and wants my opinion regarding the whole attitude of her boyfriend. Now is it wrong for me for wanting to beg her to give the guy a break and let the poor boy have some fun with his homies rather than being tied to her the whole day? The fact that I can’t say this to her but have to take her side, kills me and If by any chance I actually tell her the truth, she will weep and run away or will deem me incapable of understanding.

Also women like making a mountain out of a molehill. Sharing your love problems with another woman only makes it worse, because when two women come together, their brains combine to make a master plan which is directed towards making a man pay for the actions he did but is truly not aware of. This normally leads to devastation, followed by a cat fight and end of friendship between the two women.

Men keep their issues to themselves. Love is like a religion to them especially when they are blinded by it. Men might take time to fall nose deep in love but when they do, they treat it like its divine. If a guy truly loves a woman, he never discusses the intricacies of the relationship with another soul. During a hard time, he controls his boiling rage by drinking it down instead of running around sharing his stories. He slowly finds the solution to patch up things while his woman with her designed plans and strategies, kills his love slowly but steadily. If a man actually wants to tell his close friends that his heart is broken, he simply approaches his gang and says ‘I am broken’. The next thing he knows is his friends dragging him to a bar and together getting sloshed. Now even if he actually shared the problem during his drunken yapping, none of his friends will remember it the next day anyway.

Now not every woman is like this. Some like me no more share their relationship hurdles with other women. Experience finally got the best of us! But trust me it took a lot of back stabbing to turn me into the woman I am now.

P.S- I know that the image doesn't exactly suit the basic concept of the post. But you got to admit, it is funny!!
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  1. This is so true!
    Each and every damn word.
    Woha!one of my favorite post so far,You rock! :D

  2. LOL... that made sooo much sense Red! Am one of those gone-wrong-but-corrected people :P took a woman to know a woman to change a woman ;) Sometimes I wish, the sad break-ups amongst girls, followed a girls day out with lots of shopping and tension-free-street-eating :D

  3. Image is seriously funny Red, well women can talk on any thing anywhr. whtever you wrote is true, may be its female thing to be like this.. if you share your love problems or with Ms. X and she will go and show sympathy on you before Ms.A, Ms.B,Ms.C... wherein she wont realise that she revealed your secrets

  4. I agree!! Thats exactly why I dont share any such things with anyone!! Coz then its like sharing it with the whole frinkin world!! :|
    But that is also another reason why my friends get annoyed.

  5. Love ceases to be a pleasure when it ceases to be a secret... I uphold this slogan:)

  6. isn't the not sharing thoughts on love and relationship the reason why men are deemed untrustworthy by women folk?

  7. Sometimes, I wonder how you generalize everything

    I have met guys that share many things related to love
    I have met girls that keep everything to themselves and put up a brave face

    There are exceptions right?
    And to be honest, I felt someone is accusing me and I should stop blogging about my current topic o_O

    Well, that's just my opinion and this is just a comment.
    Nice pic though

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  8. he he. This one made a hilarious read, Red ! :)

  9. Frankly I find sharing any sort of problem, love-life related or otherwise, with anyone to be troublesome. I'd rather solve everything on my own.
    But I have no clue how to keep others from pouring their sob stories on me! Most of the time they are so silly and stupid and I have to force myself to be diplomatic, calm and try not to strangle the other person!!

  10. Rightly said. Women never can keep secrets, lest alone gossip;) As for the guys, it takes one drink to forget who they are and what secrtes they have:P

  11. Its like if you can't keep your own secrets, how do you expect others to do so!
    Totally agree with the difference between men and women you illustrated over here.

  12. OMG..!!! you really got me reeling :)
    The image is really funny and loved your acidic tone of writing ;)

  13. Ermm...I have kept secrets for quite long that I am trusted to be the secret-keeper :P..does that make me the odd one out :/

  14. Nice post, but I think you've kind of over-generalized here. Not everyone is like this, and not every situation is the same. I've seen quite a few men who will want to talk about their relationship at any and every opportunity (I avoid them like the plague, because they're more annoying than women, really). I've also seen women (like me, and many others) who will speak almost nothing about what's happening in her relationship :D The ones who actually go about complaining are fewer in number.

  15. Do you know the story behind why women can't keep secrets..??
    Well, in Mahabharatha, Kunti withheld the secret that Karna was her eldest son until he was killed by Arjuna. When Yudhisthira finally came to know about this, he cursed that, "From now on women should never be able to keep secrets".
    There you see, you folks were also good at keeping secrets long back. Now you know whom to blame..;p

    And nice post by the way..:-)

  16. I think trusting someone with a secret just depends on how comfortable you are with that person knowing that little extra piece of info that you don't want the world to know.

    Contrary to popular notion that guys can keep secrets, its fairly easy to get a few of them blabbing, even without a drink.

    Loved the gossip pic, that is nothing but the gospel truth :P.

    Cheers :)

  17. Aah you said it right. I came across many many friends, who turned into best friends and later I fell out with them because no damn girl is trustworthy I say. After so many hurtful and bitter experiences I finally have one friend from engineering college with whom I share many things, but basically I do not have any secrets to tell her! So we like each other and keep in touch even though we are countries apart. But I have made up my mind in such a way that even if one fine morning I find that she had been cheating me I will not feel bad or hurt, because I expect that coming some day from every person I meet !

    And about leaving the guy alone? Totally. I also give my hubby his time with drink beer and talk about the ipad3. Other days I bug him all right, but I always let him sit on the couch for hours and watch his favorite movies and grab a drink on weekends. We should give them some reason to love us, dont we :P

  18. I think d world has changed now.. There was a time when women's did such stuffs like gossip as they had nothing else to do apart from there daily routine household works and coz of dat even now women's r considered the same. But now since women's are well educated and r successful too, they dont have so much of time to gossip(not all womens). Well, on other hand I have seen lots of guys gossip and talk about their relationships too(not all mens).

    Believe me at one instant women can keep the secret to herself but guys are capable of spreading secrets along with the new rumors created by their mind, half the world within few minutes.. :)

  19. oh ya! for some things i do find men much better and tolerable then women. And one of them is what u have mentioned. Its like in-built in us to crib and whine for reasons and at times no reason at all.
    Well written and i love d honesty with which u put up things. keep it up :D


  20. o i agree completely. ...we cant keep our own secrets...we're quite wierd taht way lol.

    And yeah. complete no-no to discussing relationship issues or any issues with anyone...only makes things worse. If u ask me, i say, no discussions or thinking. It only causes stress. Blah.

    And yeah the image IS funny :D

  21. this is so true! women cannot keep a secret. It's out before you know it. Also I respect men for keeping their probs to themselves. So much better than the constant yabbing . Women complicate things, but trust me when someone comes to me for an advice, I always speak the truth. So much easier , even if they run away crying :D

  22. So true, that's one reason why I like the guys' attitude better. Very honestly written post and yeah, women generally cannot keep secrets, unless they decide to do it.The problem is most of the times, they do not care enough to not spill out secrets. But I always have the feeling that if a girl cares enough and decides to keep a secret, she will take it to the grave.

  23. Gosh!!

    Men and women.
    Women hmmmm they truly can't keep secrets... of course there are some who can.
    And men...I find them utterly confusing.
    At times they seem to be the most ridiculous but simplest of the creatures who can be tames like a pet dog :D and some times the best the most contemplative, thoughtful... and sophisticated you wanna just fall head over heels for...

    In short can't say much :P

    and women...I better not say much ;)

  24. us wuuumeeennn!!
    pain each well as to ze men...
    sigh...good that u have finally grown into a mature woman...
    i am still getting there..
    let me enjoy the ride while it lasts..

    ooo....u know u know u know..i love you for the images u come up with for all your posts..

    cheers !

  25. true and guys should be happy to read this ;)

  26. I haven't read your post.. I know thats really bad... But i was so stuck on the image, that I laughed for 15 minutes straight!! ROFL :D :D
    Boy! :P

    ok, back to reading the post now :D

  27. The open secret - it never comes out in the open and yet it is known to everyone in the circle. So true.

    But we like analysing and over-thinking things, especially relationships, don't we? Nice read. :D

  28. i totally agree to your post. a good one. lolz

  29. you completely understand men. men are simple people anyways, about all that woman stuff, i had no clue about all this behind the scene stuff. anyhow *slides a drink* here, this should help CHEERS!

  30. You think so? I have seen men sharing and bitching about it. It depends on whom we share with. Men and women have their own flaws..

  31. I get the feeling that the proverbial 'two's a company, three's a crowd' was specifically aimed at women. I found the picture more interesting, ergo.

    Its been a while since I came here. :))

  32. its a percentage game..I think.. In a group, we will find more women than men doing this thing. May be because men do not like to discuss their problems. Its a bit inherent, but then we have exceptions in both the sexes. :-)

  33. i loved the picture made me smile :)

    its not just girls even men share their secrets a lot ...

    made me smile the post :)

  34. True that. :D
    I guess everyone has either come across or is a part of this kind of specie and it does not necessarily include only the female sex. :P

    I personally adopt sheer introvertism when it comes to handling some harsh situations. For me it's like how can anyone else understand the problem when we are not in the same boat?

    P.S: The picture made me wonder how do you hunt down the most appropriate ones for your posts. Keep it up!! :D

  35. nice real and so funny :)

  36. nice real and so funny :)

  37. LOL! I second you!

    I always wondered why women became such downright bitches when it came to deal with their boyfriends or friends whom they consider too close but be all ouchy ouch if you mentioned that they were meant to be like girlfriend-boyfriend only! LOL :DD Girls are quiet dumb headed and I wonder why they just don't get it?

  38. Hahahahah. Read this post during exams via google reader. :P Definitely agree with you. You always make me smile :P

    First of all the picture was like so funny and then the post was like so true and I was all nodding. So sometimes it does get annoying but we can't help it.

  39. Ah well, someone had to say it. And I am glad it was you. You are good at it. :-)

  40. woah..!
    i so missed your posts..! long time.
    anyways my fav line goes again PAISA WASOOL..! and i agree to each and every word including the commas and full stops :P
    girls never make great friends excluding the ones who are bisexuals :P

  41. Who the fuck said that men don't discuss their love problems???:-D LOL...But anyway,I totally agree with the getting sloshed in the bar part...albeit,I wonder what tee-totaller guys do in situations like these..

  42. Loved the pic. Even men share their probs. may be womn do it a littl more oftn. :)

  43. Guys gossip as much as girls do :) But then yes, females have the tendency of elaborating on things! They can go on and on, and at any place :D

  44. Guys gossip as much as girls do :) But yes, females have the tendency of elaborating on things. And they can start off anywhere and everywhere :P

  45. Well ! If you have a guy friend who is very close to you, you'd know that the statement that guys don't gossip about their relationships is a myth. Yes, the gravity and intensity with which they bitch about somebody is definitely very low. And also they don't feel the need of telling one hundred people about how blahblah did bad to them. They know most of the gossip and they pry it out of you too :P
    They're not unnecessarily competitive and don't want to kill their opponents or take them off their skin, that's there. But anyway, guess its different considering the people we have encountered.
    And I have meezed you. :-*

  46. I completely agree that a lot of back stabbing has got me here. I am now cautious and even self censored about most things. Sad no?

    But recently, I met a man who gossips five times more than any woman I have met and he is vicious at that. :|

  47. RED jee :D How have you been? :) I guess I am late here (Kind of my best moves!). And I think pic goes well with the subject ;). And oh! Women.. They are complicated creatures. And I guess it's their nature to complicate things. Men gossip too. But only about sex :D :P They aren't really interested in knowing what the heck is happening in others life.

  48. Hi :D .... Happy Birthday Belated (came to know from the DOV blog) This comes late but not unintended , I guess :)

  49. hey i've nominated you for the versatile blogger award

  50. hey i've nominated you for the versatile blogger award

  51. Nice post. Well-written and still amusing. Well, I am a guy, I knew all this already, but was still fun to read. :)

  52. Oh yes I do love the image, its damn funny :)

    And yes I do agree, we men do not discuss relationships in so much detail, often not even with very close friends...though sometimes that's not a good thing as they really kill themselves keeping it within. A balance, tilting more towards discretion would work pretty well I guess...

  53. Hello ma'am, where be u? :(
    Exams, right, anyway I miss you, so hopped onto here =D
    This is really true. A lot of times I feel awkward when people tell me stuff. I'm like okayy. And loads of time, they end up doing what they wanted from the start,so what's the point?! =p
    I miss you. Crazy much <3
    Hope you're doing. Good luck, wish you the bestestestestt of luck for exams n all that shizz. Hope the cute eye candy trainer is still there =D
    xxxxxxxxxxx Ni

  54. This is so true ! We guys have these kind of friends as well.

  55. Every time I look at that photograph, I feel "oh my God a train must be coming right now"


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