Thursday 7 April 2011


 The first person I ever hated was my Brother. I was eight when Amma kissed me on  the forehead and went with Papa and Grandma to the doctor. She said she had caught a cold. I continued nibbling on the huge bar of chocolate which Papa gave me for some occasion I did not understand. I was left back at home with Acchacchan (Grandpa) who after they left went back to his Third time reading of the daily newspaper. I played around, watched Scooby doo, wrapped towel on my head and walked around as if I had long hair. I applied Amma’s lipsticks and slept off on the couch.

After some 3 hrs of me salivating on the pillow, I was woken up by Acchacchan who seemed very happy and excited for some alien reason. I was fed more sweets and this time he did not even ask me to brush later. He told me “Akku! You have a brother now” to which I coyly responded “From where did he come from?”. My Grandfather ignored me and started giving sweets to the neighbors who would pick me up and tell me “Now Mommy has a new baby”.

Papa came and took me to the hospital. I screamed yet again for a packet of Gems and for the first time without asking me not to scream he bought me those. I entered the room and saw my mother and I wondered how she became so thin. I hugged her and thought why her tummy is not feeling like a nice cushion anymore. The nurse came in with a something wrapped in blue. My Amma just took that thing in her hands and kept it close to her heart. I hated that thing from that very second. It was always crying but everyone seemed to love it. I was forced to leave the room with the others while my Amma stayed inside cuddling with the thing.

Papa told me it was my brother and he was a baby. I still hated it. They brought him home and I never expected that. He was full-time hungry and always making my Amma change his diapers. But they still loved him. I tried hiding his Cerelac, I pinched him when he slept and ran away when he cried. Sometimes I would feel bad and tried to be nice to him. I would try to feed him my favorite Gems and my mother used to scold me for that. I hated him more. Sometimes I and my cousins would sit and stare at him and try to find out why his palms are folded. I really thought something was wrong with him. I wanted to make my mommy proud. I wanted her to give me more importance. So I took the matter in hand one day. I ordered my cousin brother of 5 yrs to fetch me the trilingual dictionary which my Acchacchan keeps on the shelf. I directed my Cousin sister aged 6 to keep the baby’s palm open. When both the things where done I took the dictionary and dropped it on the baby’s palm. I was happy that now his palms will be open and normal just like mine. But it started crying and turned red. My Acchacchan shouted at me and my mother cried. My father took me away and scolded me. I hated the closed palm baby even more.

Amma told me that they are going to name the baby. Me and my cousins decided on the name after watching the Sunday morning episode of MAHABHARAT. Arjun it shall be!! Everyone even my father was happy with that. But when the ceremony began, I was told that the name finally decided is VARUN. I hated everyone!

Varun became three years old and now he would silently sit and stare at me when I would walk around him with a dress hanger in my hand acting like a police officer. He became my toy. He would be my food tester when we played HOUSE HOUSE. I would pluck roses and dip it in water and he would drink it. He would sit and not utter a word when I would write on my door turned into blackboard and play Teacher. I would lock him up in the bathroom and sing horror songs till he cried. He would take the blame when the HORLICKS jar fell off the kitchen-counter and broke under mysterious circumstances. I started liking him.

He was 10 yrs old when I left Bhopal for Cochin, to do my law studies. I would miss pinching him and scolding him and throwing things at him. Everything was started by me. He would be watching his favourite Pokemon when I would poke him and irritate him. He would look at me and then continue with his cartoon. Only when I get too out of hand did he even pull my hair. I missed everything he did for me. I missed snatching things from him and I missed fighting with him over who Amma loved more. But I used to love raiding the shops in Cochin to find him a perfect gift on my way back home at the end of every semester. Fight was more than Love but it existed somewhere.

Now it’s my last year of College and he is going to be in 9th standard. My papa was told in the last Parents meet that Varun hit a boy so hard that the kid fell along with the three desks behind him. The kid had insulted Varun. He has grown up. He is taller than me already and he has started talking to me about girls. I never knew he grew up. I never knew that he had started spying on all the guys in my Facebook account. I never knew that my hate had died long back. I still hate him and he now returns the sentiment but in the end I don’t like anyone shouting at him but me.


  1. OMG... so realistic post...

    loved readin it............... its kind of inspiration to others to write abt their stories... :) loved it..

    n i liked the HOUSE HOUSE n TEACHER the most... :D

  2. Whoa! I just realized something! ... ALL, i repeat, ALL sisters are the SAME to their brothers!
    According to what my sister says, i know, that she had the exact same feelings as you when i was born.(Although she wanted a small sister).

    Wonderful post! The relationship between a brother and a sister is itself just so magical!

  3. Ohhh..I loved the post...I'm sure Varun would love this post too..And dropping the dictionary on a baby's palm..God!..

  4. @Disgruntled Genius-Heh thnx for reading!

    @Xeno- I dont know about other sisters. But i was like PHOOLAN DEVI... neating, hitting, throwing, pinching and abusing..i still am but now he is taller thn me and talks back :(

    @Blue Lotus-I was an 8 yr old with the mind of a 4yr old! Even now Varun is more matured than me!Thanks for reading :D

  5. Hey, I have tagged you in a meme - here. (open in new window)

  6. hahaha...i loved reading rock!!!! :D

  7. @Sunil Goswami- Hey thnkyou thr!
    @Pri- You are being too generous!! :) thnks for commenting :)

  8. Ahhh..Thats so nice..i mean the whole thing makes me cry :') ..i never had a brother or sister to call my own :( ..You are so lucky..
    and his and your bond seems so beautiful..and once again your writing just touches my heart and makes me say wowwwwwwww!!

    I just love to read the posts written by you soooo soo much..

  9. @ Alcina- make me feel so happy my gurl!!! heh thnks yet again! :D

  10. :)
    You too have grown up, haven't you.
    Even I love to fight with my brother, and even though when younger, I never won, but I still liked messing with him, my big bro.
    Now we are distance apart, he in his job, and me on the verge of joining mine.

    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  11. @ Blasphemous Aesthete- Yes i have grown... but i think i have grown old rather than grown up...if you know wht i mean :P
    Thnkx for reading :)

  12. Awesome write up.. I bet, my sister will relate this post to herself, xcept she never went to diff city..:P

  13. @Raghu- thnx you yet again for ur lovely comment!!

  14. AwesomE! red handed! that was a brilliant post. so true, that it inspires me to write. Thats what great writing is all about!

  15. Beautiful one, Red!!! :)

    simply beautiful....:)

  16. @confusedyuppie- thnku soooo much for reading and for you comment. Thnku!

    @RAJ- heh just writing simple things.

  17. very realistic write up....

    1st time here through Sunil's Blog and genuinely happy to be here.... :)

    Best wishes,

  18. You wrote that 'you don’t like anyone shouting at him' except yo. That shows your love. (Change the title 'I love my brother'!
    Good one. keep writing

  19. @Irfanuddin- Heh thnku for dropping by sir!
    @Sibi- well i hate my brother sounds more realistic. thts the kind f relationship which rarely shows the love :P

  20. Hey awesome post!! I too have a younger bro n i too faced that jealousy of parting wid all the attention after being the centre of my parent's world for 7 years!! I have a feeling that kid brothers do end up being more loving and caring to their pampered elder sis! n yeah thanks to us they end up being strong individuals as well!! they learn to fight and have their way early...

    One more thing similar is that even I had decided on a name for my bro, only to be told last minute that he has been named something else!!

    nice blog!! following it!!

  21. @ Maithili- Hey first of thnku for bumping into my Blog. Secondly,glad tht u read the post. Thirdly, glad tht you liked the blog and cud relate urself to me :)

    Fourthly, Thnku for following :D

  22. hey nice article..bro thing s are same everywhere :)

  23. nice article!!

  24. Another one that gave a memory flashback....although I don't have a younger sibling, being the younger sibling I know 'exactly' how much pain your brother went through =P

  25. Haha. Great post! Enjoyed reading.

  26. even flow. One of the best posts I ever read. Congrats. I love hating my baby sister too.

  27. @ Samarth Bharadwaj- Lol..that was a real happy making comment :D

  28. you know I felt like reading my own brother is 7 years younger to me and something similar happened on his birth day...sigh ! I hated him too and did all sorts of things to attract my parents' attention back to me :P

    Childhood days I tell you...poor brother he never could understand why I behaved the way I did !

  29. @Scribby- Lol made me so happy that someone could actually relate to this :P

  30. What can I say. Made me go back and read this -

    You take care now. :)

  31. @Phatichar- Will check it out now!

  32. Awwww this was sooo cute:)
    I felt the same way when my borther was born! EXACT SAME FEELINGS! And, like you, I don't remember when I started loving him the way I do now :)

  33. Wow!
    I don't know when I started adoring my brother to such an extent as I do today; the same guys whom I used to fight with every living second; the same guy who used to cover up for me, take the blame and get beaten black n blue; the same guy who says " i will scold my brother. but if anyone else does, they mess with me"
    thanks for bringing a lot of emotions and memories back :)

  34. I Love you man!

    Great post.

    Also, that kinda sounds like my elder sister. :P
    She used to make eyes at me when I was eating, telling me to eat less, otherwise, there won't be enough for everyone else. And billions of other things.

    But younger kids, worship the older sibling I think. I totally used to tail her around the house.

    AND I like how you remember such a fair bit.

  35. @Musings of a troubled mind- awww that was such a cute comment. I thought this was a dead post. Felt nice to knw tht its still being read.
    @Sam- i wish my brother tailed me. But this lil guy lives by his own goddamn rules. I still hate him sometimes but when i knw tht i am going home, the only person i think abt is him and the shopping for the perfect gift starts. Then again after a day of pure bro sis love, we start pulling each others hair.

  36. One of your best posts! Reminded me so much of my own brothers. But I guess I was the little creature they hated. :D Though they never really showed it. I hate how growing up makes you lose them.

    P.S: Sorry to end the comment on such a sad note. I swear I was laughing breathlessly a moment ago!

  37. Haha, Yea, Wel, now, that we're older, we're wayyyyy different ppl, my sis and me. She's more affectionate, and caring than I am. :P

    So yea, that works too. Oh, and she's a virgo too, so might be some pattern there.

  38. haha! oh my god, this is like the story of my life. i can totally relate. my bro's taller than me too (oh the blasphemy!). i used to loathe him as kid! he's 7 years younger to me and used to be a real pain in the neck and always getting me into trouble. now, i hate him a lil less. ohk, a lot less. he's alright, for a 14 year old. =D

    love your blog btw. gonna come here more often. =) <3

  39. hmmmm..once again..a late commenter..:P:P
    awwwwww..such a cute i wish i had a sibling... :(:(:(
    i even remember pestering my amma..saying..lets go buy a small baby from the local shop when i was in 3rd grade..cos i was jealous of one of my school friends who had a younger brother..!!
    :D :D :D

  40. Brilliantly captured. Could see ever scence through your words. Somehow got reminded of Malgudi Days, where Swami's meets his sibling for the first time :)

    keep it goin;)

  41. How amazing! loved it..


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