Wednesday 6 April 2011


They were the reason for my jealousy
They made the world seem so divine
He loved her sweet smile with all his heart
And he was the reason behind her smile.

I once heard him tell her
Darling you look pretty in that red dress
He said her face was God’s best work
And that his love for her could never rest.

She was walking along the pavement thinking of him
Of the words he used to say and mean
Of all the nights she held him close
She sees yellow lights erasing all her thoughts
And she screams ‘Jesus! He needs me more’

Lord let her go for him
With her distorted face but the same beautiful eyes
She met him with her heart brimmed with love
She saw no smile no want in his eyes
He held her hands with an empty heart.
While she waited for his enchanting words..

I saw her today after a long long time
She sat there dressed in her same pretty red dress
I asked her where was he
And silence was her self defense
How could she fight the tears that never came?

As I walked away I saw him near the grocery store
He held a pretty woman in his arms
And I heard him say
‘Darling you look pretty in that red dress
Your face is God’s best work’


  1. was he cheatin on her?? :O

  2. Amazing work..
    I can really connect to poets around me very well..

    keep it up.

    would love to see more creative stuff from you.

    all the best!


  3. That was beautiful!...
    and what an unexpected ending! superb!

  4. @Ninu- Cheating isnt the word. His love was superficial nd more into the face value

    @Anna K- thnkx for readin :D

    @XENO- much obliged my lord!! Thnx for commenting :D

  5. Wow Red, quite powerful...Beauty, I guess, is only skin deep. disfigure ur physical appearance n u get judged othrwise ...Guess this has been a reality always.. remember 'Satyam, Shivam Sundaram'?

    As always, gud read, Red!!!


  6. @RAJ- heh thts a joke of a poem.... Random lines scribbled down. Like you said beauty is skin deep. Thnx for commenting!

  7. Awesome is d only word tht cme's in my mind..! Well penned out..!

  8. Red, the colour of anger, blood and love. The colour says it all about the poem which is so uniquely distinct. :)

  9. I wonder what he'll do when the other lady gets old and wrinkles mark the sunset of her body he speaks so high of.
    Maybe, this Lady should not have loved him, or maybe God should have taken her when he had a chance to.

    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  10. @Raghu- Thanku thr!!
    @Rachit-Hapy that you liked it
    @Blasphemous Aesthete- Appreciate your thoughts!! :D

  11. Aww....thats a heart-break..A wonderful work as always :)

    Just wanted to tell you in the 5th stanza the third line please rectify the mistake as it changes the whole meaning of the line.

  12. Amazing piece. The color red and the absent tears speak of thousand emotions that the woman is going through. Lovely :) :)

  13. @Alcina- I rectified it...thnks to u. :)
    @MSM- I am glad you liked it and thnku sooo much for giving it a read n commentin :)

  14. smart choice of red,
    powerful piece of writing.
    keep it up.

    please join poets rally week 44 today, any poem is welcome.

  15. Wonder why and how I missed this. Well written.


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