Tuesday 9 August 2011


A-    Do you have a guy as your friend?  
B-    Do you have a boyfriend?
C-    If the answer for either A or B is a ‘YES’, then do you stay with your Mom?

If the answer for Question C is a ‘Yes’ too, then kindly keep a check on your phone. Don’t give me the excuse that your Mother will never infringe your privacy or encroach upon your personal space.  If she is a mother and you happen to be her unmarried daughter, she WILL CHECK YOUR INBOX, either today or tomorrow. To spice it up a bit more, things become easier for your Mother, if you have a little Mr Spy as your brother.

I am states away from Home, but vacations come now and then. Two years back I had decided not to spend my vacations interning and went home. Since I had no secrets and no boyfriend then, there was no reason for me to be that possessive about my mobile. I left it at home and went to meet my friends. On returning, I went straight to my room and switched on the TV, while my brother was kept busy by his pathetic video-games. My mother who was dutifully folding clothes in the other room started talking to me in a high pitched voice. The conversation went something like this-

Amma- You know you should never lie to your Amma.
Me-       Eh? What? What is for dinner today?
Amma- Always food food. I said never lie to your Amma.
Me-      Yeh ok! I feel like having Maggi
Amma- The truth comes out sooner or later.
Me-       Yeh ok! Did you see Dolly Bindra on Big Boss? Such a Behenjee
Amma- You should never lie to your Amma.
Me-       Ok! This is the third time you are saying this!
Amma- Don’t lie to your Amma.
Me-      What? Varun do you have any idea what Amma is talking about?

(VARUN= Little brother Mr spy)

Mr Spy- No! I know nothing.
AmmaNever lie to your Amma.
Me-        Amma stop it okie. I have no idea what you are talking about.
Amma-  You don’t? Stop hiding.
Me-       What is happening here? Hiding? Me? What?
Mr Spy- Oh! I just remembered. When you had gone out, your phone vibrated. I saw that you got a message from your friend. I thought he has something important to say, which is very urgent. So I opened it and gave it to Amma.
Me-       First of all I have told you to NEVER EVER touch my phone. Secondly, what was the message?
Amma-   A guy sent you a message begging you to send a photo of yours in a Saree to him. Why does he want a photo of yours? Why in Saree he wants to see you? Who is he?
Me-       What?

I somehow manage to take my phone and read the message. The message was from my Bestfriend who happens to be a guy and the message went something like this-

HAHAHA..Poor you. Why don’t you wear a Saree and scare everyone? Send me a photo of it too if you do, so that I can enjoy the ghastly beauty.”

Everything came back to me. I remember having a conversation with him about being forced to attend a marriage function of some far off relative. I had told him that I don’t have anything good to wear for the occasion, and this message by him was a reply to the fuss I was making.

I went to Amma and tried to make her understand the real situation but she still stuck to her “Ok! Hmmm! Never lie to your Amma and never let a guy friend get close to you”

Now she always suspects me and I always keep my phone under my watchful eyes whenever I am home. A father never interferes unless the mother approaches him with the petition.

Three more months left for my next visit home.

P.S- Stumbled upon this photo on a friend’s Facebook Wall. 

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  1. nice post :)
    Keep your friends close and keep your mobile closer :D

  2. No excuses here, My mom did check my home, but only until a year before, I bought a new phone and she has a little trouble operating it :D

    Little Brother = No spy :)

  3. ehehehe,....
    'Dont lie to your Amma'
    well for me, since I have an elder brother, I am the spy kid :D
    and my brother, he has some 100 security codes set to avoid me poking in his stuff :|

    yayyy yayy
    I am back and good 2 b here !!

  4. Frankly, the first thing I did was heave a huge sigh of relief after reading this because till date my Amma doesnt know how to read text messages :P and me being the snoop at home gives you me an edge over the kid sister.

    Mothers can be extremely snoopy, agreed. My sister gets interrogated twice a week, so can imagine how it feels.

  5. @Alchemist- well said and thansk for being the first to read. Heh
    @Serendipity- My mom never checks my phone nw. She cnt coz i keep it away from her reach.heh
    @aakash- Oooh first of all welcomes. Your blog did complain to me tht u r ignoring it. Thanks for commenting moody..lol dunno y i called u tht.:D
    @atrocious scribblings- Hah! Lucky you! My mother used to be tht way. But i got a brother and he makes sure that my mother knws everything she shudnt.

  6. lol. how unfortunate. thing about being a guy and having a brother is, both have female friends so no spying :P

    but yeah every now and then my bro does deliver gtalk msgs as love notes and d like. mom doesn't know much. dad is worried. "beta tu phas jayega :D"

  7. Its opposite in my case.. my mom's the cool one, she doesnt check my phone, doesnt question who i am talking to or anything coz she knows ill tell her everything. My dad is the paranoid one! He checked my phone a couple of times when i was in college but aft a huge shouting match (which i won) he stopped that too!

    Nice post!

  8. Gee.. I can relate to what you wrote!
    But fortunately, my mom cannot operate this new phone of mine and I never taught her either!


    Great post!

  9. Hehehe ! :P I understand, sigh!

  10. @R-A-J- I wish i was a guy..lol. I feel so good when m with my Grandparents. They hv no idea abt Gadgets, and even if m on fb or chatting, they think m doing something very important.lol
    @GirlatFirstAvenue- Lol my Dad doesnt bother and shouting at MoM makes her cry and then i get scoled by Dad.
    @MI- i mom used to be like tht...esp when i had a touch phone. Now i use Nokia which even she has, so ummm.

  11. hehe mobile matters! :D moms automatically comes in :P


  12. i never need to do this. my mom knows and approves of my bf and other male friends. when am home on vacation, more often that not she is the one who hands me my phone when a message or call comes. am really lucky to have her (and even dad for that matter).
    but i agree that for girls with conservative parents, the phone is the biggest give away.

  13. My best friend is a guy. And I have a bf as well imagine my situation. AND AND AND I live with my mom.

    The only option I have is to keep my phone locked with a password. Still my mom never leaves a chance to sneak at me in the hope of seeing me type my password and times when someone calls she's like who called what did he say? N if you object she's like I m just asking as a friend you dont want to tell dont. Chill.
    Yeah right.

    By the way. It was an awesome post.

  14. Lol!!! Dont lie to ur amma... what if she sends u a facebook friend request...

  15. I have a lock code on my phone. (Put it, its awesome :p) Plus, my mom is not tech savvy and my sisters are my saviours and already know all my secrets :P

    But smart post :P And I have almost gotten caught and been given that look multiple times. :P

  16. Misunderstandings always make things very complicated.... :/

    Stay Blessed

  17. Sigh!
    I've been in such a stereotype.
    I can understand the pain.

  18. My mum ALWAYS used to check my texts so I used to dutifully delete my entire inbox and leave her wondering if I texted at all :P

    Things have changed now that I have grown up, she's decided to give me my privacy.

  19. Thank God! I have never been in a situation like this. And I don't think I'd ever be because luckily, ma is quite liberal and gives me space. =)
    But yes, I still take precautions and don't leave my cell anywhere stranded. ;)

  20. Oh I absolutely know what this is! I actually got into tough spots because of this mobile!
    Once fed up of my bro spying in my phone I locked my message box with a security code and there comes the MUM who wanted to know what I was hiding and actually made me open the message box!!

  21. lolzzz...poor poor u! and yes..sometimes mum can realllyyyy be a trouble! I keep my phone password protected but whenever i m hung to my mobile for more that 20min my mum comes shouting all d way 'kitni deir baat karogi aur'? 'kaun hai'? its fine if its a close friend or someone..but sometimes can get really embarrassing! :P
    good post like always!


  22. lol I know !!! My Mom once landed on my diary and the months that followed were hell for me !

  23. Funny post :)

    Btw, what makes you think guy's phones are off surveillance? :P


  24. LOL, it isn't a one sided story. Telling from personal experience, even if you are single eternally and girl's messages don't flock your inbox, if you like to have a morning tea with parents, do filter your messages for language considerations. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  25. So true.. I had tht issue whn I was stayin at home.. nowadays whn mum comes here, she religiously scans my mobile n thn asks me 2 married :)

    N in my place, my sis is the super spy... Dad is the least bothered :)

    Nice post, Red :)

  26. I thought you were caught "RED HANDED". Spy's always exist, best way is to keep the inbox shaved.
    Good one:)

  27. Haahahaha ..
    me has a guy friend and a boyfriend and yeah I live with my family obvi :p
    But Ma doesn't touch my fun cause she knows ALL about me :P
    She knows about my boyfriend, she knows all my friends and about them,so me safe :D :D

  28. Lol, as Serendipity said, even My Maa has problem operating my phone so no worries whatsoever :P
    Nice funny read!

    Love, Risha :)

  29. HAHAHAHA... Seriously ! You never can be careful enough with piglets of spies around, can you?

    Golden Rule : Bald is the way to go with your inbox. :)


  30. HAHAHA...

    one of my friends (girl) once sent a seemingly innocent message to me - 'abe, tu mujhe kya bhukkad samajhta hai' which was read by my sister (Miss Spy) and it went around the house for so many days LOL


  31. And here I thought I was special. All mums are snoopy it seems.

  32. @Ifra Kaliq- true :D
    @jojofeelngs- well my mom or relatives have no idea about my guyfrnds n such and i dnt plan to burst thr bubbles too :D
    @Nia Charms- Moms think they are too cool. and when we actually tell them everything they get all conservative :P
    @Partha- she already is in my fb list :(
    @Srinidhi- the prob wimme is tht i forget my own password :P
    @Asma Khan- true true
    @Prateek- join the club :D
    @Priyanka- Coz m so far frm her, she gets curious about the latest personal life develiopments :P
    @Vinati- Now even i dnt :P
    @Maithili- haha really? she made u do tht? haah then?
    @subtlescribbler- oh even i get questioned tht way :D
    @Anita- heh i have been lazy enuff not to keep a diary :D
    @CRD- atleast comparatively more freedom
    @Blasphemous Aesthete- haah true true
    @RAJ- haha sis is a spy???? lol poor poor u
    @Vijay Menon- i keep it cleared off now
    @stupid cupid- Lucky you :(
    @Risha- My mom is good with gadgets :(
    @Rohit- its bald n shining :D
    @Kunnu- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is epic.hahaha
    @notgogol-all moms..sacchi!

  33. I gave you an award here love :)
    Grab it :)


  34. Oh God, these Amma's are out to ruin our phony happiness aren't they? :P

    People wonder why I carry my phone to the loo too, they should read this.

    Also, if you thought lil brothers are bad, try elder sisters! Pain in the freaking a$$ trust me :)

  35. @Serendipity- Heeeeh all exited and Happy!
    @Soumya- Haha...i am the eldest so i have no idea about elder sisters :D...even i take my phone to the bathroom :D. Life! Tch Tch!

  36. Hahaha...Mom going with a petition was very sophisticated BTW...I guess all moms are same...My mom always says half of the sentence which makes me wonder, Does she actually know what I am hiding???LOL ...Nicely written, in fact very interesting...

  37. A mother is always a mother who think about their children in her every breath.

    Loved this post...:)

  38. yeah really! I thank my stars that I was wise (actually did it by mistake) to delete some messages which would have raised hell in my house! so she really didn't find anything :D :D

  39. @Saru Singhal- Seriously. My mother shud hav been a detective or something. The way she says half lines and make me feel like completing it.lol
    @Nishana- So true.
    @Maithili- Smart Girl...hah actually my inbox has gone bald.

  40. hahaha reality check,seriously.Happened with me too but i made it clear.now I leave my phone anywhere like that and mom enjoy reading messages whenever she feels like without interrupting. :P

  41. Awweeesome, hasn't happened yet, Ive a lock on my inbox. :P And my phones forever with me. Though it has happ to a few friends. Can be such a pity, stoopid bros love complaining. :P HAHAHA. If they really want let em be detectives or something. HAHA. :P

  42. @Sunakshi- First f all thnks for the follow up :). I still cannot leave my phone unattended :(
    @Sonshu- Brothers!!! i tell you!! Even i kepe my phone with me allllways!

  43. I can completely relate to this!! In my case it was my elder brother who doubled up as "Mr. Spy" and worse, he read my frikking diary! And worst, I DID have a boyfriend. :(

    Loved your blog!! :)

  44. @Loony- hHAHAHAH!!OMG! I can totally imagine the outcome!
    @Sushmit- Thankyou :D

  45. yes! the mother daughter saga!!! Have had the same old same old same old advise every weekend I come home during college days!!!

  46. Awww.... Poor you! Though my Mom never spied on me, she's keen on making me spy on my 17 year old younger sis! I am sure she feels the same! ;)


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