Tuesday 16 August 2011

I Forgot The National Anthem

I am a proud Indian but that does not stop me from forgetting a few words here and there of our National Anthem. When was the last time I got up early on an Independence Day just to watch the hoisting of our National Flag? I guess it has been 6 yrs since I last attended the ceremony and that too only because my school made it a ‘COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE’ day.

Today, I was enjoying some cuddled up time with my possessive bed when my room mate gave me a butt kick and told that we got to attend the tricolor hoisting ceremony in our hostel. I looked at her as if she had just committed a horrendous crime by waking me up for this reason. I was going to doze of again when she brought up the topic of free Laddoo and Toffees for those who attend it. The foodie in me got up without a fuss, brushed after a severe conscience prick and then dragged myself to the terrace where it would be taking place.

The Flag was hoisted and only 10 people out of the total strength of 300 girls were actually present and I guess we all were there for the Laddoos. Fine! Atleast I was there for that purpose. After the flag hoisting thing was done with, we were asked to sing the National Anthem. Everyone started singing and I had to join in too. The only thing running inside my head was ‘What was the next word?’ or ‘Am I pronouncing it all wrong?’ or better still ‘Damn! I don’t want them to hear in case I sing it all wrong’. But thanks to the 9 others who sang with me, I did not make any mistake. Phew! Mission Accomplished. The Laddoo now rests in my tummy along with 2 Coffee Bites.


1)      The Theatres of Kerala- Unlike Mumbai and some other places where it is mandatory to sing the National Anthem before or after the movie, in Kerala there is no such need. You come, watch the movie and get the hell out of there. So they are to be blamed.
2)      My College- In School there used to be the infamous Morning Assembly. We all would arrange ourselves Height wise and sing the National Anthem. College offers nothing of this sort. Not that I want them to start a morning Assembly. I am just playing the Blame Game right now.
3)      Myself- For being lazy enough to never wake up and give tribute to our Nation and be present when the breeze proudly waves the Tricolor high in the air. I blame myself for attending it today just for the Laddoos and Toffees. I blame myself for being Lame.

On a lighter note, I feel good that I was present there today and also because i am anyday better than this kid :P


  1. They start mandatory national anthem here in Kerala and it'd never ever be allowed to stay. Keralites can be very haughty when it comes to doing something that'd take away their precious time;even if it's only as much as 52 seconds.

  2. Ha...i am just back from my kids' school where children were baked in the scorching hot sun in what was called a parade. Still, the moment my angel walked in a soldier dress waving a gun is something that i may never forget all my life:) And i felt the usual josh when the tricolor was furled and felt i was the only one singing the anthem louder:( Laddoos and chocolates for attendance? So we now need to bribe students to sing the national anthem??? Not a healthy sign:((

  3. Ideally we are not supposed to sing National Anthem under a roof....wonder what's with the theatres...

  4. the feeling of being proud, for being us, the Indians, has somewhere been lost. But then, change is the virtue of life. We shall change.


  5. The fact that we were made to sing the National Anthem all throughout school and partly in college is by itself applause worthy. I've asked around some of my German friends if they know what their national anthem is, Surprise Surprise they don't have a clue while I know parts of the German national anthem :D.

    We also had a flag hoisting here and the goosebumps you get when you sing the national anthem is just too awesome to describe in words; especially when you are 25000 miles away from India.

  6. I really don't believe in celebrating Independence Day. Really what is achieved by hoisting the flag and selling paper flags which are then found lying in the gutters and corners by afternoon? I m in for something constructive on this day. We have done mere timepass all these years on Independence day and that is the reason we are still were we were on 15th Aug 1947, that is a country still plagued by "rich becoming richer and poor becoming poorer". I really appreciate when youth volunteer to donate blood, organise free health care for the poor, start education programs or something that could help in someway. For me this day is, I go for flag hoisting where I will get better food. :D It is really not about singing the anthem or being patriotic on 15th, it is about how good a civilian you are on other days.

  7. @Anu Krishna-Thanks for being the first to read :D.
    @CloudNine- ah! i remember those parades..i have been thr too :)
    @Chintan- I do not know how it makes us more patriotic
    @Aakash-Change is good if it is in the right direction. i wonder wich way we taking.
    @Atrocious Scribblings-I get goosebumps everytime i hear it. Esp when those police band plays it during parades. Awesome feeling!
    @Maithili- You comment was ten times better than my post. Love you for thinking that way!

  8. Cool post! My college had some sort of flag hoisting too. I slept! :D Loved this post! :)

  9. Our school was the only place I know I've regularly sung the national anthem under the sun. After that, it was on Republic Days. Honestly, I find RD more celebratable than Independence day, or at least, the telecast from New Delhi more enjoyable.
    As for the anthem, I might not be able to pick it up from between, but if I sing it from the beginning, I know it, like breathing. Innate, now.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  10. I know a lot of people who doesn't know the National Anthem. I always sing it before a cricket match when both the teams sing their anthems. I love it because it has different tune every time:)

    Also, I can sing it any day for laddoos:)

  11. its been two years since i left school and i havent sung the national anthem from them on..and i guess maybe 5 years down the line i might even forget it in words but in spirit i know tht as soon as it is being played somewhere i ll be more than ready to join in and sing out loud :D


  12. @DawnZhang- Thankyou :D
    @Blasphemous Aesthete- That is just so true! Thankyou for reading.
    @ Saru Singhal- Thanks!! Laddoos for life! Hah!
    @subtlescribbler- Its the spirit in the heart that matters. Thankyouu!

  13. I just sang the anthem to myself after reading the post. Thank god i haven't forgotten it.Now i understand y they made me sing national anthem before start of the movie in multiplexes . maithili comment was awesome. BTW, website shows that u posted it on aug 14th!

  14. But I love our National Anthem - it is an uplifting experience.

  15. I miss school for that, you know. The daily morning assemblies. :( Singing the national anthem was the best part, with the band and all. :) I feel like giving a solid kick in the butt to those assholes who think it's beyond them to stand up when the national anthem plays in theatres. I singit with pride, and give a salute at the end of it, just like we did in school. There's just no other way to do it. :)

  16. Hey, even i forget few words her & der, but nevertheless i njoy listening to it. its quite beautifully created!!!!

  17. Anything for the laddoos? :P
    Alas the National Anthem is left for the movies and cricket matches only, it doesn't find a place in everyday life :(

  18. Red Handed... Kya hai ye?? huh? Forgot the national anthem? :P
    I think you just thought you forgot, but actually you didn't.. am sure about that! :)

    Awesomely honest post!! :) I loved it!

  19. but you know what it's not anyone else's responsibility or even some such special days for us to remember the national anthem...it has to be inside our head and in our blood !

    for example like we know movie songs by heart...that is because either we listen to them frequently or we like them so much that that even a couple of times listening to them is enough...

    It's a pity that only 10 out of 300 turned up but then I don't blame them either cause across the country we wait for such days to remember and show our love for the nation and other days we're too lazy to even think about it..that's what is saddening!

  20. first of all,very cute video at the end bt i presume its nt a fair comparison, anywaz its nvr too late to learn, i will request u humbly:do memorize it coz aftrall its our country n secondly all the reasons u gave (or basicaly blamed), well all of us hv gone thru dat bt stil we all remember this whole heartedly...

  21. @partha- umm some problem with the site i guess or the settings.thankyouu!
    @Purba- it trully is
    @Spaceman Spiff- U said it. Nothing gives me more pirde than being thr when so many are singing the song praising the only true nation! Awesome feel!
    @Angie- True!! :D
    @akansha- ok not anything for the laddoos :P
    @metagravity- yes i love you for putting it tht way. I was just feeling a bit conscious.
    @Scribby-I second your thought! 90% of them are like me and i swear i wud change.
    @Vineet- I remember it well and i pronounce it in the way it shud be. But it has been 5 yrs since i sang it so just conscious. We are Humans afterall! Thankyou!!

  22. Oh that is a shame. Even though I act a firang the whole of the year still I know my national anthem :p

  23. I really loved the post. In college, we have this instrumental version, which no one sings and it makes me wonder, is this the national anthem we were expected to stand to and sing. Independence is of mind and not for a day. Unfortunately, we still are very much bound by the shackles of our past. Great post! :D

  24. Some work hard for their tummy, but you sing wrong for it. Interesting. :p

  25. Omg I absolutely loved that video! :D

  26. But I think that singing it doesn't mean you are patriotic. :) or the other way around.

    But not respecting it is definitely just being an ass. :)

    Well written :) :) made me think :)

  27. Well.... I really feel proud when I sing national anthem I dont know why!
    but feeling is amazing :)

  28. @Niacharms- ok stop making me feel guilty..i the hate you!!
    @MSM- Your comment really brought memories back...thankyou!
    @Prateek- you forgive me..dont you? :D
    @Rachana- Cute no?
    @Srinidhi- Even i dont think remembering makes you Patriotic. Its in the heart.Thanks!
    @Chakoli- yeh i second tht!

  29. Damn, same here :(

    I'm just glad that I always sing the National Anthem with others so that I can just move my mouth randomly n chant something accordingly to fool the others :)

  30. Buhahaha...I love the last "jaya jaya jaya jaya haiiiiii" bit the best..


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