Saturday 20 August 2011


So I must say this and I am saying this with authority “The heads of all major Universities are Mantally- the-sick!”. Why else would they ever come to the conclusion that having the location of their esteemed University 32 km from the main city makes it sound cool and important?” My Dear Vice Chancellor, you are a Pathetic Pig. Yes you are! While you can travel wherever you want in your AC Volkswagen Vento, driven around by your 24*7 balls scratching chauffeur, we the students have to travel for one hour and thirty minutes to reach the God forsaken place. You should worry Mister! I tell you why. If I kill you, cut you into 64 lil pieces and throw you in the forest stretch around the campus, not even a dog could smell it out.

Anyways, I have always had these never ending relationships with Bus Drivers and Bus conductors. While girls dream about a hot looking Mr Perfect calling them up and kicking them off their anorexic feet, I have been haunted by these calls from Bus Conductors and Drivers to such an extent that I had to change my Number.

Our campus shifted and we had no idea how to get ourselves transported to the new alien land. As we stood clueless in the bus stand, a bus with the name ‘V1’ came and a FOM asks the driver if this goes to the place were our campus happens to be and yes we were lucky. I guess he had never been spoken to by a girl and maybe that’s why he turned all red and started smiling like a stupid ass. The next day, he even made an Aunty move from the side seat, just so that we could get seated on the plastic bench near the driver seat and the engine area. As days passed he even got a haircut, got the bulgan a.k.a the French beard, started wearing Fake Rolex silver watch, Bathroom slippers were replaced by crocodile shoes and his new cheap musk perfume made my brain numb. This one time he even stopped the bus 100 mts away from the bus stand when he saw us running towards it. Apparently we were late and thankful to him, but stopping a public KSRTC bus for a bunch of late-lateefs clad in white uniform? You have got to be kidding me!

Songs like ‘Truly Madly Deeply’ are played in the bus in the afternoon return session. He even asked us if we could fill his KINGSTON pendrive with the songs of our choice, so that he could play them. This is a public bus and we occupy a mere 2% of the crowd!

Maybe he is just being good and maybe he is just plain innocent. But for us he is just CRAJEE and WEIRD!

P.S- No! the guy in the image is not our Driver. Dint you notice the missing Bulgan? FOM- Friend Of Mine.

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  1. Haha...the bus drivers..I tell you...can be a bit weird...and not only KSRTC...I have traveled on those and I just wanted to get inside somehow... :)


  2. haha.. i can imagine... bus drivers and conductors are crazy! I dont think ur bus driver is THAT innocent... careful girl! :)
    Thank god i dont travel by bus anymore... although i have my share of cab drivers :/

  3. LOL, Most of the Engg colleges are out of city...As always, I enjoyed reading your post...:)

  4. :D LOL, you make admirers wherever you go...

    Driver with a bulgan, musk and lots of love... Whatte image that paints in my head...

  5. @Kunnu- Thanks for being the first to read!
    @TheGirlatfirstavenue- hah! I like to think that he is innocent :P. cab drivers?Girl you shud be cautious!
    @Saru Singhal- Heheh thanks!
    @Priyanka- Hahah Good picture eh? heh!

  6. I guess he's neither innocent nor naive but purely a pervert...Beware girl..:P, Nyways u always manage to pick up something humorous from the day to day life and I too suffer from this out-of-the-city problem..but fortunately we have an insti cab..:P

  7. LOL

    And suddenly your vice chancellor joins your blog.

  8. ROFL! XD Wait until your bus driver starts a blog and views this! :P

  9. @Nirvaan- haha life is itself a joke. So its not tht hard heh! Thankyou for readin n btw m jealous! U got an insti cab!
    @Prateek- Umm..u r making me nervous. Really! :p
    @DawnZhang- Heh anything is possible babes. Anything! Heh thanks!

  10. ROFLMAO, Looks like the driver has a thing for either you or this FOY(friend of your's).

    On a related note, does your mother ask you why you get so many calls from Drivers/Conductors??? :D :D

  11. LOL @ playing truly madly deeply..he seems to have a good taste btw :P
    i think u shud enjoy that special attention u r getting...atleast that one and half hour journey is fun!


  12. ha ha!! That's true!! this used to happen during school days! And in college I was a hosteler!
    let him be crazie!! so what you at least get such a VIP status :P

  13. @Atrocious Scribblings- haah i am states away frm home. My mom has no clue! Thanks for commenting :D
    @subtlescribbler-lol this special attention is getting too much.hah. Seriously LOL at the choice f songs
    @Cindrella- hahah VIP status..yeye..he definitely is crajeee!

  14. Wait a minute. Pendrive in a bus?? In India? YOu gotta be kidding me.
    The buses here in Delhi hardly have a decent stereo system. It just plays AM no FM either.

  15. They don't stop for us even at bus-stops sometimes lol! I guess being a girl does give you that extra advantage. :p Try to use it then! If I were you, I'd call him with his bus to my home to pick/drop me to/from college ;)

  16. hehe you have quite a relation with drivers!! Well enjoy the privilege you late lateef!

  17. oh cmmon those are bus drivers.they obviously feel good when females talk to them. nice story ;)

  18. Hahahaha!
    Maybe you can use him to your advantage & make him pick you up from different places! :P

    Please read & promote on IndiVine-

    The Tablet Revolutionary

  19. @Red Handed - I hope the Vice Chancellor, or any VC, doesn't stumble upon this post.

    Apart from that, I don't know why bus drivers, conductors and bathroom-chappalled men in general continue to behave like this - developing a crush on beautiful girls who pay them a bit of attention for whatever reason. Doesn't it take just it basic sense to understand that no movie story is gonna happen? Won't this mental strata of people evolve?

  20. Haaahahahaha lucky you people :P
    Here toh sometimes buses don't even stop at proper bus stops!
    This *SO* made me laugh :P !!

  21. Hmm...I feel this bus driver loves to be talked to ..or atleast craves for some female attention...he can be weird to you, but I really feel he will be helpful in the long run :-)

  22. Some relationships can never be explained. Even if the future seems uncertain, the present makes you gamble.

    The line from your last post you probably deleted maybe. I just read it cause it was saved in my screen. To tell you the truth, it was the second best post that i came across after the first one, a month back.

    This happens when a woman lies. She lies for the common good of everybody and then she's doubted. I loved the way you expressed all the incident in such a strong will of words. Left me in awe. Hope he keeps on loving her the way he claimed, and hope he learns to trust her, once again. :)

    @To this Post:


    And when they start/try to impress you? GOD DON'T ASK. Pathetic level ke impress karne ke tareeqay. I've had one and he used to stare at me all the time, and when i used to give him a stern look, he used to BLUSH! Can you believe it?

    My university is almost 45mins away from main city as well and it SUCKS big time, i can understand your situation well hence wise.


  23. @niacharms- You read it right milady! This bus has got a pendrive supporting music player plus radio. Awesome no? :P
    @Aquib Mastan- Lol...i dont think he would actually mind dropping us all the way back to our hostel.
    @Maithili- I shall i shall!lol
    @maniac.hunter- Hah thankyou!
    @yash1229- I shall promote definitely! thankyou!
    @Niroo Ravi- I seriously hope the same!nd i really dont think they will ever evolve. Fantasy world they live in.
    @Blahblahholic- hehe love you girl!
    @Anita- Lets see how helpful he is in the long run :P. thanks!!
    @KN- OMG! That was the longest comment i ever got! Btw thankyou for fidning time to even comment on my old post. I deleted it because i aint the emotional type. the one who was supposed to read this, already did :D. Happy to know you liked it too. Respects!!!

  24. LOL, so how come the bus conductors and drivers end up having your number? :P

    The guy, driver I mean, seems to be nice, way too nice. He'll bring flowers too, someday, maybe, just maybe :P

    Nice post. And campuses off roads, ask me.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  25. Oops! One look at the pic first, and i was like " How did I misunderstand this to be a lady all along" :O. until i got into the post..

    You must be from Chennai?

  26. btw, i love your blog now.

  27. @Blasphemous Aesthete- Hah flowers? Such an unromantic way! Lol. I hv no clue y they end up getting my number.
    @Vijay Menon- nono...Right now Kerala. Ksrtc!
    @Sam- You do? *Blushes* lol thankyou sire!

  28. I remember Bus Drivers in Bhopal... :D The mini buses are horrifying! The conductor would look at the *sawaaris* and start shouting, "ROK KE CHALNA, ROK KE CHALNA, SAWAARI AA RAYI HAI" Even when the bus wouldn't be moving and not to forget the ticket collection tactic! Good Post!! :D :D

  29. Busdrivers aren't your only fans. :D You've been awarded!

  30. LOL...wish the univ started its own bus service :)

  31. when i used to travel from hometown to college, we met all kind of haryanvi drivers! i think this guy is still a safer bet comparatively :)

  32. ROfl XD XD I swear I had pretty similar experiences in high school... :D

  33. @MSM- i havent gone in minibuses in bhopal ever! Dad never let me!Btw how come you came in bhopal? temme temme
    @Little Heart- Thanks!
    @Loony- Heeeh thankyou my girl!
    @Sh@s- i so wish the same!
    @Chintan- I surely hope so :P Thankyou!
    @Ananya- You did!!! blog about it!!! :D

  34. You rock! The Pig of a VC and the bus driver! Ha! I don't know why every VC in the world is the same! I have one here in my University, such a F..aaltu...You know something, recently I have been a victim of fraud perpetration by my university! I feel it's not just the VCs, but every one of the bureaucratic idiot is the same...Don't even talk about buses. Girls have your own problems, and boys have ours. If i talk about it, I may fill up all your comment page.
    take care,
    Let us do something through blogging against all these irresponsible idiots. I feel my blood burning when I think about all of this. Your post made it boil!

  35. Hahaha, I can so see ur point.. I heard of many stories whr the bus 'kili' used to line maaro many a babe..

    Nice read, Red :)

  36. oh you should count your blessings gurl.
    we had terribly overcrowded buses in our city. and guys were very unchivalric, we almost never got to sit. and this is really funny/embarassing thing to tell, we had this one conductor guy we had to avoid cuz he always tried to feel girls up!! when ever we saw his bus we ran in the opp direction like crazy.
    and i actually feel kinda bad for the bus driver, are their any hopes for him though. :D

  37. Savage Garden in a public bus? :D sounds way better than the Fauji Karamveer fare dished out in the Delhi blue line buses :D
    Awesome post!! :D

  38. arre! the poor thing! imagine-you must be the hailaite of his laife!

  39. What a terrific explanation of the entire situation!! :D Poor Mr. VC :P
    And Bus drivers are really bold at times.. Good that this guy was only trying to impress, nothing more! Be careful, gurl!

    Have fun!
    Hilarious post again!

  40. hahaha lol..
    one of the post I read recently narrated that when she hired an autodriver and after dropping her that guy somehow serached her on FB and sent a freind request. ;)

  41. @Anulal- Fraud Perpetration!!Blog about it. I would love to know in detail.
    @R-A-J-Kili!!! Hahahahha..
    @Ginger-Conductor feeling the girl and stuff is sooo common. I have become a boxer already. Punching and hitting are the only option.
    @Sushmit- Tht happened to b the only decent english song. Rest whr old barbie
    @confusedyuppie- Lol i actually thought tht 'Hailaite' was some character of a William Shakespear play or sumthing. Then it hit me. Lol
    @Metagravity-Seriously tooo bold! Careful..yes i am! Heh thankyou!
    @Chakoli- tht article too was by me ...SIGH!

  42. Hahaha...nice post..never guessed cud write over bus drivers too

  43. Grrr...that m&%^$&**@#$...Tell him that you are a karate champion and your boyfriend a wrestler. And your friend can nod her head vigorously. That should work.

  44. I traveled by bus a lot in graduation. And I loved my bus journeys. But creepy bus driver was not on the list of likes. Idiots. :|

    Funny as always. Reletable as always. :)

  45. 'If I kill you, cut you into 64 lil pieces and throw you in the forest stretch around the campus, not even a dog could smell it out.'

    You can actually do that you know. They will keep you for 3 years in jail, then they will pass the verdict that you only destroyed the evidence and u have to serve 3 years. BUT, three years u have already served and hence ur free to go.

    So go ahead, take a risk. Its your life, make it large!!

    You're an interesting writer btw. :)

  46. crazy professor and crazy bus driver .... u are surrounded by crazy ppl. For us bus doesn even stop at the bus stops. Enjoy while it lasts.

  47. I still can't stop laughing! :D You are superb! :)

  48. Oops our college, it was around 15 kms from the city surrounded by tribes and factories:(
    Experiences with bus drivers are different for boys and girls. They'd never ever stop for us even for a second:( another advantage of being a girl....


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