Wednesday 16 March 2011


This post was an idea generated by another blog which I stumbled upon. Television soaps are like the lifeline of Indian women. Be it from any part of India, the women folk have their eyes glued to their favorite regional or national TV serial. They watch it so devotedly and it looks like their lives are hugely affected by the words of the serial BHOOTNI or the so called VAMPS of the serials. Well, this post has nothing to do with the effects of serials in the minds of the young or whatever. So you can boldly read on.

I was just listening to some songs when it hit me. As you know most of the Hindi serial titles are taken from the old Bollywood songs. So if the titles of some famous English tracks are taken, what could the plot of the soap possibly be?

Here are some famous English tracks and my plots for them.

1)      Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams- This story is about a tiny village of India (nobody cares were it is!). A man enters the village as a tourist but notices that all the villagers are Zombie like and rarely talk. They look at him with KHAUF BHARI AANKHEN. He investigates and finds out that a woman died in the summer of 1969 and her curse made the villagers ZINDA MURDAS!! 

2)      I am toxic by Britney Spears- Scene 1- A man busy working in his dim lighted underground chemistry lab with fumes surrounding him and potions bubbling in the test tubes. Scene 2- He gives an evil smile and drinks the potion and faints. Scene 3- He gets up with yellow snake eyes and he is as toxic as a cobra. Scene 4- He goes around biting and killing his enemies.

3)      Poker Face by Lady Gaga- This will be aired as an episode of the famous C.I.D series. A lady with her face painted of poker cards is going around the town killing handsome guys and putting their body in gunny bag and throwing in the river. ACP Pradyuman investigates and catches her in a public toilet. On further investigation they find out that she is actually a man.

4)      Meet me Halfway by Black Eyed Peas- The hero is in love with an alien who he accidently bumped into while the alien was visiting the Earth. She had to go back and he could not miss her. So this serial is how he makes a spaceship and goes in it to meet her. The alien also does her part and comes with her spaceship. They meet up on a meteoroid where the eventually make love and have babies who look like the Avatar.

5)      Candy shop by 50 cent- This is a love story where a girl works in her family run store dealing with chocolates and candies. The hero comes to buy candies on Valentines Day for his girlfriend and meets this girl. She helps him with the selection of the candies. Later the guy gets dumped and blames the candy girl. In the end they fall in love and live happily ever after.

6)      In the end by Linkin Park- Like the name suggests the story keeps the audience guessing about the climax which never comes. The lives of almost ten generations of a particular family are showcased
7)      You found me by Fray- Two brother separated in the famous Kumbh Mela spend their youth trying to search out each other. Each guy’s story and love affairs are individually shown. They find each other in the end but the happiness does not stay long because they eventually find out that they both were sharing the same girlfriend.

That’s all I can think of right now!! Add up your own plots for some famous tracks!! :D


  1. lol!

    Here's my contribution:

    1. The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony
    This will be for the government for the Elections! A man keeps walking blindly ahead while saying random facts about India and in the end is joined by others. A message is flashed on the screen, "I'm going to Vote for it is my right! Are you?"
    Hey! thats not a bad idea actually?!? :)

  2. Hah...thnks for readin...and yes your plot is terrific enuff :P

  3. Need to agree with your second statement.
    Yes,I have been watching CID from childhood:)
    And to make visitors happy,remove word verification,its sucks really!!!

  4. HAHAHA!! I think the Kumb Mela one is brilliant inspiration for Bollywood :)

    Gud read, Red :)

  5. @ Neeha- i removed the word verification!! thnku for reading :)

    @R-A-J- Heh thnku so very much!! :D... Drama i tell you!

  6. haha...this was hilarious...esp loved the "meet me halfway" and "candy shop" plots ;)

    you should send these to ekta might just get famous!! :D

  7. @Pri- Thnku pri :P nd na these plots are too more real than ekta kapoor plots. she might not accept :P

  8. haha... wat u said is true... al these ladies have their eyes stuck on the TV serials.. omg...i hate watchin it.. but no choice.. i wont get the remote from 6.30 to 10.30... :((

  9. Love to you....

    Following your blog..
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  10. Unique plots! Hope you are getting offers from Directors!! Good article. Keep writing!

  11. @sibi- Mine are too realistic to be taken by them :P

  12. OMG! you have a wild sense of imagination! awesome !!!!!

  13. Hah. thnku. Ekta kapoor is the imagination queen though!

  14. Congrats !

    You recieved an award...

  15. Hey!! thts cute of you!! A bear hug for u girl!

  16. Lol ....oh god i cannot stop laughing..
    I am in love with your plots and blog..
    Your wit is full of humor.

  17. "waggling fingers and solving cases since 1997" - Killer Line! You really seem to despise that serial! :P And I had no idea its been on like.. forever!

  18. LOL.The last one cracked me up:D

  19. Poker face and Meet me halfway were just awesome :D

    Stay Blessed ^_^


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