Monday 14 March 2011


She opens her eyes on a cold bed
The walls around painted in white
A picture hanging on the right of a little boy smiling bright
A grilled window lets the sunshine in
Trying in vain to erase the darkness in her life

She looks at the calendar on the stand
And stops the tears from finding its way out
If she could just hear the sound of her boy
And tell him she could still bake his birth day cake tonight.

The morning seems unwelcoming and the nights dark n long
A bruised heart stamped and stabbed yet crammed with hope
She walks slowly carrying the burden of a secret stone
Quivering in between, wishing for her only support to take her back

She walks bare foot on the green grass
But why was everything she saw having the glint of black
She sees a girl in the distant
Twirling around with her baby in her hand
Flashback haunts, and it’s more than she could withstand.

What wrong had she done
Had she ever left him stranded in the streets alone?
Had she ever left his hands and left him under the wings of doom?
It’s true that some questions have no answer.

She looks at the gate yet one more time
They said it had changed into a daily worship
Eyes vacant with tears but filled with hope
That her boy might take her back


  1. i didnt understand anythin readin the poem.. :) i m not good at interprettin poems.. :D

    n hey...i remember readin one of ur blog yesterday..mayb at 4 or the mornin..n now its not here.... :O

    was i dreamin or u deleted the post??? :O

  2. got it... 'time f**** love'....

  3. yeh i deleted it. it shudnt have been written.

  4. Beautiful, Hope the son come soon to pick her back.. Wonderrful poetry, not many can write like this.. here is mine, to have loved and lost

    Someone is Special

  5. Beautiful imagery and apt use of words. Very meaningful too. Next time probably you may give a bit more attention to the metering and rhyme scheme if you have serious poetic ambitions. Its very tough thing. But trust me on this, trying to put your raw thoughts into a standard structure is a really enjoyable experience as I discovered.

  6. I would definitely take your words into consideration. I am not a poetic soul at all..

    thnx for reading :)

  7. it made my eyes hazy n moist..i think that says it all :)

  8. Oh my... such a moving read... I guess some questions don't have answers.. and some others are better left unanswered, cuz the truth may be too painful to digest..
    I hope her son takes her back "home" from this old age home (that's how I saw it)... but then again, she might just be better off here... :(

  9. Beautifully penned. So touching, so warm.

    Good job. Keep writing.

  10. invite you to join poets rally week 40...
    simply visit me for details...all submissions are to be represented by the end of the week.
    Happy Writing.
    Looking forward to seeing you share your talent with us.
    You rock.

  11. Well,
    Very well expressed, cant be truer than this.

  12. There is something about the poem that touched my heart..every line...kudos to you:)

  13. Awww..that was touching.
    Lovely piece..

    Glad i could read this :)

  14. moving piece..

    come join poetry potluck today, your are missed if you don’t.
    Happy Monday,
    Bless your talent.

  15. Loved every line......the trauma of being abandoned when you need a child's support the most....I have seen it up close - (happened with someone I know) - and this one really brings out all the feelings.....

    Congrats on the win! :)

  16. Put it on

    nice poem!!!

  17. it was beautiful and made me cry.

  18. @lunawitch- i did not expect tht much effect on anyone by this poem..:O
    thnks for dropping by :)


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