Thursday 16 June 2011

Honey I need your Money

 Lately I have been reading some posts where men are tearing their hair out because they see Babelicious chicks cooing around total dorks and snobbish faced men. There can be two reasons for this unnatural yet widely found phenomenon.

First Bomb- Love is Blind, Dumb, Deaf or maybe totally Mutilated.

Second Bomb- Honey the bozo is stuck with a Golddigger.

For those who are new to the word, our Urban Dictionary defines the Golddigger as ‘Any woman whose primary interest in a relationship is material benefits. A woman who cares more about a man's bank account than she does about the man.’

Golddiggers have been evading our lands just like the mosquitoes, the only difference being that instead of blood they dry suck out money. The best thing about these diggas is that they are like swans, beautiful and mesmerising or in crude words bootyliciously hot! The naive beast faced boyfriend doesn’t even know that her honey is money instead of him and that her priority is financial security over love, romance, looks and even compatibility.

The poor puppet of a boyfriend is just used to satisfy her never quenching material thirst and ones his financial limelight is gone, she kicks his ass with her high heels and leaves in search for her next ATM machine-man. Interestingly with the advent of the better brained human being, the men folk having these diggas as their girlfriend do know for the fact that they are being used for their money. But they play on since they know that this is the best they are going to get and this is the only way they can flaunt in front of their better looking buddies. They give her what she wants and in return get what they need. In short ‘A golddigger is a hooker just smarter’.

When it comes to physical intimacy, these diggas usually like a token of money oozing gifts to be given for rendering further services. Expensive dates, drilling the pocket gifts keeps them satisfied and glued to the ignorant male and ones its gone, so is she. Mostly these women are financially shattered souls or girls without enough pocket money or just the ones who like the money pouring in.

So next time you go to a bar and a chick approaches you and instead of your name asks you if you could buy her a drink, then honey you have just witnessed a professional and a total game player Golddigger.

Photo Courtesy- justinmchood,com


  1. hehehe.... red
    i loved this post... :D

    n the pic toooo.... ;) hehe

  2. Aha...a nice observation dear you have been practicing any lately or just observing? :P ;)

    As always your writing rocks!!

  3. LOL!!! Golddiggers...Amazing post dear. You have the extra funny bone;) Love your posts.

  4. Ohh! :(
    Since I have read this post now, and since I believe it will be stuck in my head for ages, my day-dream of a super hot, killer cute chick asking me out at some point of life will be intimidated.
    Why did you do this to us? :P


  5. Ha Ha - beware of the 'golddigger'

  6. Golddiggers !!! Thats a new word for me :) Nice post.. You write really well !! :)

  7. hahahha

    amazing :D

    thx fr the tips :P

  8. @Anoop- You are the first reader..Heh thankyou !!:D
    @Alcina- No..i dont practise...not too money minded for that :P..Thankyou for reading my girl
    @Cloudnine- You love my posts? *blushes*..thankyou so much
    @aakash- Poor you! i am so sorry to intimidate you..but you should thank me that i helped you in saving your pocket from being raped by the digga you might encounter in future :P
    @sajeevkmenon- Lol..thankyou sire!
    @Binu Thomas- You made my day by saying that :)..Thanyou!
    @Chakoli- Lol...thnks to you for reading.

  9. LOL!!! gold diggers nice post... we ppl get it back this way

  10. Oh, and I thought 'gold-diggers' were..umm, u know - like the ones digging their noses all the time. Oh well..

    Pretty informative I must say. A 'gold' mine. ;-)

  11. @Bharati-Thank you
    @Partha- Heh...surely! btw there are men gold diggers too! :P
    @phatichar- Thanks you!

  12. Even though the owner of playboy has his both his feet dangling in the grave, of old age, he has a girlfriend in mid twenties. And He's sooo faithful to her that he seeks her permission before sleeping with another girl. :D

    Nice nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  13. He he.. that makes me feel so much better :-)..

    On the other hand, now...if a hottie talks to me, I wouldn't be able to help wondering about her 'gold digging' intentions :-D

  14. Lol, a really funny post, loved it, but I must say that as a life time member of IDA ( International Dorks Association), I am slightly offended that you didn't include a third reason for the phenomenon.....

    Statistical studies have revealed that dorks are 63.4% more loyal than their good looking counterparts. It has also been found that women enjoy the extravagant attention they get from the insecure dorks. Studies also show a remarkable increase in the number of women who opt for the not so good looking guys, If things continue at this rate the future would definitely belong to the dorks!!!

  15. so you spotted any such gold digger yet ? or your friends experienced it?

    also are men like that too?

  16. @Blasphemous Aesthete-Seriously! When i read tht news i was like shocked for days! That man is capable :P
    @Sri- I am happy that my post acted as a balm :P
    @Vijay Bhaskar-I really like that statistics and i agree to tht. I shall rectify my notions now :P Thank you much for reading
    @Scribby- Ah yes lots of men these days... GOLD DIGGER MEN!

  17. hahaha true!
    Sad sad world.

  18. Just as long as the golddigger gets the gold and the snobbish faced man gets to dig her it's all fine under the sun.

  19. @Peachy-Word! Thanks for reading! :D
    @Peevie Juice- Amen!!! Thanks sire!

  20. ‘A golddigger is a hooker just smarter’.

    nailed it with that line.

    I hope I get love instead of a golddigger :)

    nice share...
    take care

  21. Hey ... Thanks for enlightening us wid what a gold digger means. I have met a couple of em - and was desperately asking around if there's one name to call em. And there it is.. Also ... This reminds me of one f my hostel seniors who returned wid a new bozo , an SUV full of Merchandise from international brands and dinner packed from the most expensive places around :D Now i know what to say - Such a Gold digger!! Hi5.

  22. Hahah! Couldnt agree more to this : ‘A golddigger is a hooker just smarter’.

    Perfect way to put it. Great post! :D Following!
    And thanks for the follow!

  23. @anjli- Hi5 to you babes!!Some chicks these days i tell you1 Money minded souls!!Thanks for reading :D

    @chocolatemilk-Thanks :D

  24. @red handed - Go ahead. give us more of those controversial and like-able statements !! =D Good read this was !

  25. @Anjli- Thanks a million times!

  26. Hahaha!!! The billion dollar question finally answered :)

  27. lolll..this is the world we live in...pyaar ka punchnama

  28. @R-A-J- I tried :P
    @Amnn- Word!!!


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