Tuesday 7 June 2011

Love maybe just an Overrated emotion

Girl- You are always soo busy..i wanna break up..HUH
        (thinks he will be cute enough to cuddle up and call her back)
Boy- I am right now having Pizza and my hands are full of cheese. I don’t have time for
         your nonsense. If you wanna leave then leave.
        (knows that she has done this several times and has always come back without him
Girl- Nonsense? I was joking. Why cant you understand that much? All I wanted was you
         b a little bit cute and cuddle up and call me back. Instead you call what I did
Boy- I told you I was busy and I message you even when my hands are full of cheese and it’s all over the mobile phone. I cant be with a girl who says breakup and is so weak.
Girl- Like I haven’t messaged you while juggling things I got to complete. All I wanted that you call me back and be cute.
Boy- I am not week and I am not a fool to call back a girl who wants to breakup for such silly things.
Girl- I repeat it was a joke and I even put a HUH in the end. I made sure. You know I never go away and I never leave but would it hurt if you try to call back? Is it against your MACHO image?
Boy- You are lame and dumb and I won’t call you back. Come back when you have brushed away your weak and dumb attitude.
Girl- Let me see how long it takes for you to call me back..tc
Boy- You have said bye and tc several times since last night.
Girl- Yes foolish me!! Still msging. bye nd Fuck Off!
Boy-  Bye. You have lied to me several times and I should have dumped you. But I dint. You don’t deserve me. You deserve someone like your ex. Fuck off bitch.
Girl- All I wanted was you call back. You know I wouldn’t leave. Bye
Boy- Buhbye

What can you call a relationship like this? Overconfidence that lead to stagnation and death?Both weren't wrong but everything ended up because they thought just about their own self rather than as a couple or maybe about each other..

Relationships are strange! Try never to be in one :P


  1. hehehe....
    very true.. :)
    never get into any relationship... :P

  2. lol this should be attached to your earlier post 'make him dump you' sounded like both of them want to get rid of one another :P

  3. Relationships are strange! Try never to be in one :P --> No doubt relationships are strange, but that's what makes it interesting and fun, I believe :)

    Great post and interesting dialogues.. :)

  4. My suggestion is always be in a relationship so that u cn get free couple passes at discotheques.. also, a guy cn get free drinks on ladies' nights...the amount they charge stags is crazy.. besides these two life threatening cases, I'm not sure u get much outta relationships beside that overrated thing called companionship :D

  5. relationships are lovely and if handled with care and with no expectations-fair very well :)

    Without relationships there is no spice in life ;)

  6. @Anoop- Word! Thanks for commenting!:)
    @Artistic- You are my favorite reader you know *winks*
    @Binu Thomas- well its still strange and unpredictable. Thanks for reading :)
    @R-A-J- That is like a relationship or like you said companionship for benefit sake ..Actually thats what prevails these days!
    @Scribby- Some relationships get too spicy to tolerate :P
    @Anjli- Thankyou sweethrt! :)

  7. very true! There is really no point in being in a relation if one can't make the partner loved.. stagnation and taking one another for granted rots the relation!better not to be in a relation!

  8. hahaha...

    loved that you have said several time bye to me since last night..

    whil;e msging it happens.... thats d reaon I always prefer to call

    nice post :)

    and be in a relationship if u want to....

  9. dear it is true n tht is y the number of breakups increasing :) but u shd be in a relationship to enjoy the sense that you have someone special in your life..

  10. I cant ignore the way the last three names have rhymed..Maithili,Chakoli,Bharathi!!

    @Maithili-It depnds on the people who are in the relationship...If they love each other one or the other will apologize after the dialogue and it be fine again.
    @Chakoli- Lol...real life drama you can call it and in love people become stupid! :P
    @Bharathi- If its love it will survive isnt it :D

  11. Ah! So True. Well, you see this a lot these days! :D :D Eye opener post! ;):D

  12. Its a love hate relationship. Maybe the girl has ego issues, or maybe insecurity one. And the boy looks arrogant.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  13. well relationship do come wid a ENTER AT UR OWN RISK warning.so their,make choices and be ready for consequences ;)

  14. Might I assume you are a pessimist when it comes to Love? I would have interpreted the conversation very differently. Anyway, it seemed real. Relationships are strange only when you are selfish, be it between lovers, friends, or even your family. You have to put the other's needs before you to make it work.


  15. ROFL... you just speak my mind out... loved it!!
    *is dancing like an orangutan on bed and making strange noises*

  16. Not sure.. never got into relationship.. but it sounded silly..!!

  17. @MSM- Really we see this a lot!! :D
    @Blasphemous Aesthete- I think its a love relationship. Overconfidence maybe. and yes the girl does seem insecure.
    @Amnn- Hah word!
    @maniac.hunter- Wish thr was a sign in real. You just blindly leap!
    @The Lover- Exactly! You have to put others needs before you. Same wasn't the case here i guess. God knows!
    @aakash- Lol quit breaking your bed sire :P. Thanks a lot btw!
    @Raghu-sounds silly but feels real i guess :)

  18. Boy sounds an arrogant brat but rightly said. Love is highly overrated. Relationships are burdens. Always.

  19. @ajay- Thanks for commenting :)

  20. Ohh ! If I were a guy , and had a girlfriend like this, I would have been exactly like him !

  21. Oh my what an annoying and desperate female :-( I am totally with this guy here !

  22. @Anita- Seriously! Chicks these days do have an extra crankiness in them :P

  23. Amazingly true and pragmatic :)

  24. Haha!

    Personal experience?

    I'm no stranger to weird conversations and strangest of relationships myself man.

  25. Nah no personal experience...atleast not this one :p
    Relationship r too timeconsuming and brain numbing....but sometimes its cute too.

    Thnkx !!!

  26. Tats called a straight rip off from relationships happening around us..

    Do u mind if I share this on FB?

    Want all ma frens to read this :)

  27. @Anju S.Kumar- Heh? you found it good enuff to do tht? Me smiling here :) thankyou!

  28. One hard fact!! Best gyaan for the day..
    "Relationships are strange! Try never to be in one"..

    I am so impressed.. Please allow me to share it with my junta.. ofcourse i will give u all the credits!

    Great read!

  29. Nicely captured. I remember being in this relationship once where the girl never had time for me in the end. It was all just make-do towards the end. Luckily it died soon. You are right, such relations are a pain

  30. The scariest part is that a few of those lines are mine! :O *note to self: Instant reformation needed*

    Btw, amazing blog. I love all your posts, at least the ones that I have read till now.. :)

  31. You know what THIS is a common problem. Womans basic need is affection shown thru communication BUT when a man starts getting' ...' He cares shit for affection. Its a direct jump to the three letter word and especially if he knows u will come back even without it. SO in todays word; keep a few Bfs handy just for the affection so u dont have to beg from one :)

    1. You believe in competition for the ultimate success 😉 but girl you will have to have multiple natured bf to avoid exposure.

  32. Need desire ego self. . . The sequence is something like this. You are alone n need company😊 You are young n have desires😍 Then ego comes in picture 😏 n your remember that you had forgotten your-self.

    It happens n keeps happening till you learn the lesson😇


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