Wednesday 8 June 2011

How Many Kinds Of Friends You Got?

The Chuddy Buddy- These types are the ones you come across when you are in your chuddy days. Not that I mean you walk without them now but this category of friends are made when you are in the teletubby watching age. The ‘Hi!Mela naam ABCD hai. Kya tum mele sath kheloge’ age. These are the best kinds because they have known you all your life and you can remain your own self come what may, rather than the present sketch the world has chalked out. But the bad thing is these types might not even know the existence of your current avatar and you never show it to them too because that’s best.

The Old Friend- Prone to be mistaken with the first category but the difference is these are the comparatively less loved ones. Mostly a phrase used by your father or relatives when they say “ Oh Beta! Mr Puranadost is an old friend of mine. Main usse bolke tera internship wahan karva doonga” type. You get the picture don’t you? These come in handy for future favors. Just know that some day even your present enemies will call you his/her old friend and that day my friend will be your day of redemption. *Evil Laugh*

The New Friend- The type you just met and whose future in your little life story remains unknown and questionable (subject to vice-versa rule). You can include your recently made College friends or Work friends in this category since the margin of how much you like them continues to fluctuate hundred times more than the stock market graph.

The Friend with Benefits- Oh!! I read your mind and I know what you are thinking. So don’t act like you don’t know what this means. For crying out loud even my lil brother knows the meaning and it is ‘Friendship+sex=sex buddies’. Growing in its numbers as we talk, these are the most benevolent and self satisfying type. Need no more explanation I guess.

The Nameless Friend-These are the type you refer to as “You know my pimple faced friend.” or better still “That friend of mine called. You know that traditional oily haired chick from my work”. You know their names but you find it more amusing to refer to them by your own made pathetic adjectives like “the gay looking hairless chest bearing friend of mine is coming down for dinner”

The Secret-Bank Friend- Yes these are the confidants. The type you spill your secrets to because they have this hypnotizing yet hallowed aura around them. You trust them blindly and tell even your dirtiest secrets as if they are church priests. But mind you these kind are the biggest Gossip mongers and will be bartering your secrets for someone else’s !

The Just-Friends Kind- Again these are the ‘Are tu chup kar. ABCD and me are just friends’.  You see this everywhere these days. It’s like the thunder before the commitment status. All celebrities vouched to be Just friends with their partners a week before they burned in the fumes of commitment.

The Enemy Friend- They are originally the people you hate but desperately need. They could be your roommate, team mate, a genius classmate, your boss. According to the statistics (which I just made up), 99.9% the hatred is two ways.

The Resurrected Friend-  The ex friend who just sprang back to life after years of dead status. They come back after so long that you even forget why the friendship died. But wait!! They will remind you the reason again!

The Ex-friend- Friends who are now your top rated enemies. Reasons could range from money, backstabbing, lies, sex or everything. No more description.

The Crushed Friend- This is what makes a lot of people Emo-ish these days.The boy loves the girl and blah blah blah but the girl gives the boy the FRIEND status. The girl likes everything about the guy and wants her future boyfriend to have the character traits of her FRIEND guy. Its like telling him ''I like your Resume but i wont be giving you the job''. So you get the whole idea. For the guy, the girl is a CRUSHED FRIEND

P.S- I gave you two posts today. It would be clear to you by now that I am bored and have nothing better to do with my life right now. Holidays are ending and I might not be drugging you with my posts for a week starting now. Till then miss me. *Gives a Creepy hypnotizing look*

P.S.S- There are more kinds but my brain is getting dizzy. So add up any other extra types you know exist, in the comment box :)



  1. Totally Hypnotized O_o :D Very informative post :P :P Okay, I like the categorization. :D My holidays are ending too :| But we shall be following and followed :| **Grins**

  2. lol! this had me rofl ;) specially the nameless friend was too good! we all have those kind of friends!
    well I m waiting for more posts from you!

  3. The facebook friend.. the person u not knw bout n nt care but helps u to get past a certain number of friends on fb :D

    Very innovative Red :)

  4. Hahaha...I never thought there were so many types;) May be i should draw a table categorising all my friends from now on...

  5. Lol. This post was hilarious! I could relate to all of them except the friends with benefits one. Never had one of those :(

  6. very aptly put..loved the categories :)

  7. My list is kind of messed up... every1 fits in multiple categories... *sighs*


  8. @MSM- Hhe! My hypnotizing look did work on someone :P...Thanks for commenting.
    @Maithili- You did ROFL? I am blessed :P.. Thanks sweets!
    @R-A-J- Khi Khi..Thank you !!
    @Cloud Nine- I guess you should.. But there will be a lot of clashing of the categories.
    @Raghu- Thanks :)
    @The Lover- You are a very good young man sir! Keep away from those kinds :)
    @Pri- Ah thankyou !! :D
    @Aakash-Thats life in its funniest form i guess :P

  9. good fun! love posts like these-u aced it!

  10. beautifully written... Never knew so many types of friends existed.

    Imaginary friend- the one u can only see and doesnt expect much from u...

  11. @confusedyuppie- thankyou :)
    @Partha- Yes there are so many types. Thanks for reading :)

  12. Ah! So truly true the categories descriptions were :P .. God my mind goes blank when tell to add up :P usual your writing never fails to raise my enthusiasm and to keep me glued till the end..Fantastic work girl :)

    Hey don't go for the P.S. cause i have something for you to take up :P :P Here

  13. I'm the nameless friend most of the time. Not complaining though.
    Also, your statistics regarding the enemy friend is so bloody true. I've so many of these in my life.

  14. @Sairam- Yeh thts thr too. Thanks :)

    @AcetylCholine- a very different name you got thr girl! Thanks for commenting :)

  15. Had me in splits as usual xP How DO you come up with stuff like this...

  16. hehehehehe

    even I have written sometime very similar long break....

    there are also loo friends... whom u meet in office wash rooms.... an and exchange smiles :)

    good one :)

    and pullllzzz dont make us wait sio much if ur leaves are finished:)

  17. You know what....against each category, I had names coming up in my head ! You are so brilliant !

  18. @Priyanka- Devils Grace :P...thats how i come up with these stuffs :P..Thanks sweets!

    @Anita-Loooooooool my pleasure! Thanks

    @Joshi Daniel- After lots of promoting..finally a comment. Thanks sire :)

  19. how true... i so totally agree with this post.... guess one needs a type for all seasons :-)

  20. but given an thought all of them are mixed typed too ;) I mean even one friend can be a multiple types from the list above :)

    So you don't have anything better to do hence this post? So what is this? this is a better thing than anything..writing my dear writing :)

  21. @M-A type for all seasons :P...I so wish you know!!
    @Scribby-Thats right!! One friend can have multiple avatars too :P..nd thankyou so much!Yes writing just calms the mind doesnt it?

  22. Great post! Love the art on the eggs and the humorous classification:)

  23. "'I like your Resume but i wont be giving you the job". Lol :)

    Neat post.

  24. @sajeevkmenon- Thankyou :D
    @notgogol- Hah appreciate it! :)

  25. @RED - humorous categorization...yet close to many people we are surrounded with.. keep penning ! :)


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