Friday 23 September 2011

Dear MENkind

Dear MenKind,

I have been wanting to write this for a very long time but never got the needed kick to type this down. I actually even forgot about this until THE MADRASAN popped in with her controversial letter to a Delhi boy who now wants to kill Mark Zukerberg for the existence of Facebook and its status updates.

Since I am a woman and that too a college bunking one, I have a number of issues with you which I would like to bring to your knowledge. I know you will just laugh it off and if you do, I wouldn’t blame you because a majority of you are pathetically perverted like that. I would like to ask the beer loving soul of yours certain questions which have kept me perturbed for long.

The Genuine Queries-

# There is something called Getting Bored. Just like the others of my gender and species, I too have Boobs and an ass to follow. I know you spend a lot of time browsing through images of topless and butt showing females online, but what I don’t understand is how you get amused by the so called melons rather than the face of even a properly draped woman?

# Some of your gang members smirk at me every time I walk down the streets sipping on my favourite ice candy. How can you possibly stoop low enough to think so perverted? A Lollipop wouldn’t be named that way if I were to chew it like a toffee. Things have got so out of hand that I think twice before ordering a Cornetto when your fellow beings are around. You can’t possibly expect me to bite the ice-cream off. Can you?

# You crave for a woman who is modern in a slutty way, outgoing enough to be mistaken as a whore. You forsake the innocent soul for the provocative body cover. But when it comes to settling down, you prefer the homely, traditional woman who is skilled in the culinary arts, ignoring the true bitch residing in her. Why so?

# You expect us to be understanding and listen to your irrational babbles when you return home drunk and callous. We too expect you to tolerate us when we are fighting our PMS every month. Quotes like “Never believe anything which bleeds for five days and still doesn’t die”  are just not cool for us to laugh at. We are made that way. What is so gross about that?

# Loosing your virginity is like a milestone achievement for you and the more women you have slept with, the more ‘THE MAN’ you are among your groupies. It’s definitely not the same for us here, atleast in India. But how can you possibly expect your wife to be a virgin when you aren’t? Many husbands might be cursing you for taking their wives virginity. Why don’t you look at it that way? 

# Men are supposed to be hairy (not in a Gorilla way) and men are supposed to manly. Why do I catch half your species squealing as they get their eyebrows done and chest waxed? I shudder when I realize that I am the only woman in the unisex salon? I have nothing against you getting a manicure or a pedicure since they show your love for hygiene, but ripping out your chest hair?  Why my boy why?

I can go on and on and this letter can get as intolerable as Aishwarya Rai’s giggle. If you do not think that this letter applies to you, I request you to ignore the content and pass it on to the guy sitting next to you. Maybe he might relate to this. 

The Girl you whistled at yesterday evening.



  1. hahahahahahahah I loved every bit of it! you are so right ..especially about number 2 and 5..cant help recalling what one of my room mate back in hostel used to say about men while quoting one of her aunt..that is in punjabi ..hope you will get it.."Bunday taa ghoray hunday aa..bundyan noo bari uqul hundi aa jidaan!"..means Men are horses as far as wisdom is yeah Menkind is complicated yet interesting to observe!

  2. *whistle* its written from my mind.. keep updating this post :)

  3. So it's just an ugly-head but everything else is worth a booty huh ;-)... Love the bluntness again red..btw do the whistles make you gloat even a little? We've all been through that stage when attention from this strange species made us feel good but as we grow, and we are growing no doubt ;-) doesn't it get too waery ?

  4. Speechless :$

    Well, I will honor your request :)

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  5. This seriously needs to be passed on to every guy! :D

  6. You go girl!
    Every point is true! I get so irritated with their stares.. i feel like pulling their eyeballs out.. idiots! And if you stare back at them.. it only makes them hit on you more. One tight slap is what they need.. bah!

  7. hahaa.. agree!! you got them girl!
    i love #3.. coz its so true, when those guys settle, they want someone who's traditionl enuf to cook for them..

  8. *whistles* XD That was one hell of a letter. Love it!!! :D

    I am so irritated by the men folk. Especially the cheap awaara ones on the road! :D Way to go girl. You tell 'em! XD

  9. So, am I the first guy commenting on this post?? It puts me in a tough spot to defend the MENkind out there... :D

    I must admit onething.. The points you mentioned are unfortunately the irregularities our society has brought on us. Having said that, most guys love taking advantage of the irregularities. I think its called 'Herd behavior' or 'Crowd Mentality'. This is really sad.

    Blogging world needs bloggers like you to come out and raise this issue to a larger audience. Way to go !!

    (i HAVE to do that since all your comments so far are from chics, who will obviously support you. And trust me, even if a girl has never faced any incident of gettin eve teased whatsoever, she will agree with you here, cos she doesnt want to be the ugly duckling who guys never check out. you know im right :-D )

    #1) Who said we never get bored? We do. Its just that we dnt get permanently bored. cos if we get permanently bored of looking at girls boobs, you girls urselves will label us impotent, or tick us off for low libido.
    and personally speaking, i prefer naturals over fakes. 32B or 36DDD, naturals are naturals.

    #2) no one does that. i guess ur surrounded by men who jus hit puberty and got exposed to the porn-cum-sex world.
    or maybe its jus the way u lick the lollipop/cornetto. dont stick the tongue too out, dont do it slllooowwwwllyyyyyy, and dont put the corneto top inside your mouth and lick. simple.

    #3) we do crave for such women, but the craving is limited just for one night. ok maybe a few nights, but yeah, nights. we wud never date/marry such chicks. slutty women are like red cars, they look amazing, but wen i go to buy, i'll never buy a red one.

    #4) first of all, awesome quote. i'd never heard that before. and we never thnk periods r gross. and even if we agree to be as patient as hermits with u for those 5 days, what about the other fucking 25??????? for 25 days of the month, girls are Himesh Reshammiya talking. and for the other 5, they're Himesh Reshammiya singing.

    #5) You're definitely refering to men in the 2000s. i know thats not so long ago, but yeah, we have matured in this new decade. if a guy himself has slept with many chicks (lucky bastard!), he'll definitely not expect a virgin wife. a guy like me, who has so far only hit base 3 in life, would definitely want. although i wont freak out if she's done it before. this point of urs is very subjective.

    #6) please. we need men who shave their chest hair. who else will we direct all our 'gay' jokes to??

    i have as well written a whole post here, red. i hope there's no word limit in comments. if there is, im not doing in mehnat in dividing it and all.

  11. I am seriously lost for words when it comes to defending men. would like to hear what other guys have to say. I guess we too have a list of things or queries against gals. But i don have answers to any of urs :(

  12. my answers cometh! :P

    #1 - natural male instinct. we help feed a fucking $100 billion industry! :P

    #2 - i agree with kalpak...'nuf said!

    #3 - we would LOVE to hire a maid to cook...or if u want (IF) u can learn from my long as u r aforementioned hawt stuff ;)

    #4 - Respect! i always respect women for that...damn, without it, there would be no reproduction...or any of us around here...the periods are NOT to be disrespected! and NO, there is nothing gross bout it.

    #5 - Experience Counts. i would DEFINITELY go for one with it... ;)

    #6 - Metro-suck-shuals. that says it all :P

    now just hope u approve this comment :P

  13. Clap Clap Clap ..hahahahh this was one awesome post, not being feminist or something , but yes, "men" are intolerable at times..
    @ Kalpak : yes you seem to have made a post of your own .. however, you seem to be mincing out most of the words with a neither here nor there stance ... :P.... no offence meant...

  14. If men weren't what they were, what would we womenfolk have to complain, gripe and bitch about? :) Both sexes were made the way they are for a reason. A reason that is unfathomable to me and may remain so forever.

    But the fact remains that neither can do without the other. :)

  15. Okay, to be honest, this post was kinda putting off.

    -->) Men have high libido. We all know that. Big fucking deal. But that doesn't mean I can't have a great intellectually stimulating conversation with a girl with obvious assets. Thats just bullshit. Nor does it even mean, that a girl without a personality and with just assets will be attractive to me. I know you wanna believe it, but we aren't that brainless.

    -->)What kinda woman we like, can't be an overall generalization. All the girls I ever dated were slightly retarded, fairly intelligent, and definitely a lil bitchy, but you know what? Thats what keeps me interested. Your typical, goody-two-shoes aren't what I'd ever settle for, simply cuz I'd get bored. Honest spirited and intelligent will take precedence over dumb and booby.

    -->) One-night stands are one-night stands. Its like bungee jumping, you go do it once cuz its thrilling, but its not a way of life.
    AND women are equals on that front. I can't tell you how many stories I have of girls goin and makin out with the hot bad boy even though they had a boyfriend.

    -->) As for leering, while I agree men are creepy at it. But really, its just the creepy men who are creepy doin it.

    Moreover, seen a woman slap a guy's ass in a club? I have(both of them were decent ppl, and both of them didn't know eachother) Seen women ask lustful questions to film stars on shows? Everyone has. Big deal.

    -->)You(as in girls) are ones to talk about irrationality.

    -->) WHERE the fuck do you live to be dealin with such ppl and so many of them that you had to write a post??

    While I don't deny the existence of such ppl, They're usually not smart or mature ppl, and are found mostly on the streets. They may also be accompanied by women who might shout across the street that they'd break the guy's dick off, in crass Hindi.

    I'd point out, that anyone with half a brain enough to read this otherwise-awesome blog would probably not be falling in that category.

    I really don't think this post was meant for the audience you usually write for. In that case, you should get this printed in hindi, and posted on the dhabbas, and other such places, except it will still not make a difference, cuz those guys are what they are.

    But what they are NOT is a representation of all men.

  16. It so makes sense :| they want to date a bitch but not marry her. I am ok with porn though :) but that ultimately brings disappointment to both unless they are totally drunk. and the virgin theory as well :|

  17. I agree about the PMS :P and the virgin thing has happened to a few of my friends who were getting 'arranged married'. So I have been told its not a myth. :)

    Nice post :)

  18. hhahahah..LOL..i had good laugh reading your points against the male species..I still cant understand why guys love to smirk at gals sipping ice candy...:P

    well well i had fun reading the above comments as well

  19. Every guy in his young age has done the things which she has mentioned in her post.. time changes us to better men but some guys just refuses to grow up and keep practicing the low class pervert behavior!!

  20. All these issues bother my innocent Hello Kitty like mind too :P but I have become pretty casual now.. If the guy behaves well, I will be the divine Lady to him.. If he encroaches beyond, then I have my middle finger to show :/ I will let men be men till it doesnt get on my nerves personally.. I dont care much .. Life is good B-)

  21. also, read this in reply to the delhi boy deal.

  22. Hahahahaha...
    Okay! i really need to say this again and again that you write in an amazingly fantastic manner? It's understood, actually. :) :)
    *thumbs up*

  23. Hahah @ #1 but OMG I read women watch more porn than guys. But screw the stats, it could be otherwise ;) They help a whole freaking industry survive.
    And omg *loud whistling* at all the other points. We're sluts if we sleep around with people, they're Studs with a capital S when the lose their virginity. If we've lost our virginity before marriage, we're impure and filthy, and well Mard toh mard hai
    Introduction to most Indian wives : "Yea hai meri Mrs. " :P

  24. @Mishi-They truly are interesting to observe. Thankyou for being the first to read.
    @Pria Rao- Hey thankyou!!
    @The Dragon- Whistles are disgusting and never make me fly in the air coz of pirde. I guess something is wrong wimme :P Thanks girl!
    @Anoymous- Thankyou 
    @Rachana0- Thumbs up to that though :D
    @TheGirlAtFirstAvenue-If you stare back at them, some look away while the rest start making weird hungry wolf expressions. Lol!
    @DawnZhang-This is for the awara ones only and theones who need to grow up. Thanks!
    @Binu Thomas-Irregularities they are and no amount of being MODERN have been able to combat that. Thankyou sooo much for reading!
    @Partha- Thankyou for reading. Ateast you commeneted. Means a lot!
    @Menachery- Heeh thanks a lot love!
    @Spaceman Spiff- Diplomatic youuuuuuuuuu! Hehe actually you are right. Life would be so not happening without them and vice versa. We neeed each other.
    @Chintan- Oh yes porn does disappoint you unless you and your partner are gymnasts and oen to hardcore experiments :P
    @Srinidhi-Ooooh and what exactly happened with them?Thanks for reading!!!
    @The other side of me- Finally atleast someone laughed at this!!!!yes the comments are way better than the posts itself :P
    @Anonymous- I know you!!! I love you!!!Thanks for commenting!Yes a change in mentality is wht is required.
    @Ananya- Hello Kitty mind!So cute!Exactly!!!treat people the way they treat you!
    @Vinati-hey hey hey thanks a lot! Mean it!
    @Crystal-I shall join you in whistling :D and the YEA HAI MERI MRS….hahahahah!

    @Kalpak-First of all this isnt just about eve teasing and revolves around issues bigger than tht. I don’t think women are so naïve so nod their heads to everything and anything.
    #1- Point noted and appreciated. You just validated my point.
    #2Maybe I really am surrounded by the just hit puberty and as far as I know, me and all the girls I hang out with have no intention to copy a seductive scene from the movie where the actress is making an orgasmic face and licking the lollipop. We eat things the way normal people including you do.So no allegations!
    #3 I was talking about a whole diff aspect. I am talking about choosing a traditional looking bitch over a bitch-faced but actually an innocent chick.I love the red car thing and made me laugh till my tummy ached but I wasn’t making that point. Again if u do not come under the category, do not take offense for the accusations.
    #4Accusations accepted, but again it depends on the kind of person you are with.
    #5 I am not living in the 2000 but yes I am living between people who have the mentality of that year or maybe more backward. I love that you don’t share their thoughts.
    #6 HIGH FIVE on that one!
    Again I need to tell you that this letter is only to a particular kind of men. I even directed you to ignore it if you do not belong in that category. But an awesome comment!! :D

    @Aqua Guy-Thanks for commenting
    #1 Kudos on that but don’t flaunt that instinct to point that it gets creepy.
    #2 Kalpak got his reply
    #3 I am fine here. Thanks for the offer :D
    #4 I respect you a lot for thinking of it that way. Thanks man!
    #5Lol. Happy to know and thumbs up!
    #6 Just so true.gahahaha!!

    @Guy- It shudnt put you off if you do not relate to it because then clearly this letter isn’t directed towards you.
    I did not call you or anyone brainless nor did I attack your personality. I clearly mentioned that if you do not think that way, probably you shudnt read this.
    who ever spoke about generalization?. And who spoke about hooking all the men up with miss goody goody? And who categorised the modern intelligent chick as bad? I simply questioned as to why SOME men can have a modern girl as a gf who is fun, a free bird but looks too easy to get but is actually innocent, but for marriage they go for the GHAR KI BAHU kinds who might be true bitches inside. Again if you aren’t the kind you thinks this, you shud have ignored the pointer.
    I like your view on one night stands, but where exactly did I talk about them? And who said women are angels? I am not a feminist and if you have been reading this blog for long you wud know that. I just spoke about certain men who expect their wives to be virgins when they aren’t. I know people who do.
    Yes I have seen woman who lust. I have nothing against them or the men who give lust more priority. But there is a fine line between lust and being an absolute perv. I never said about women being goddesses. You can probably gift me a post on that. Wat say? :D
    Yes, I do not stay in a place which is filled with malls or nightclubs or a place exclusive for the people who think decent and clean. Yes its actually possible for me to go to dhabbas and stick this letter, but like you said it wont make a difference. But does that stop me from writing it down here? No. Free speech and expression remember? The place where I stay is just like any other place in India. High class people driving around in mercs and the low budget people going by bus. I am a student so bus and walking is all I got as an option. Its just like the place you stay in. But since I deal with this everyday, I wrote this down.
    I am happy you do not fall into this category ,maybe whoever is reading this doesn’t, But again does that stop me from writing? No. This is just a means to vent my thoughts and I am happy that you commented. Very happy. I wish I could read you blog too.

  26. ha ha ha

    I could go on and on reading it too, why did you stop?

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  27. Wow.. blogger declared a letter day and I was not informed :d

    Third post with a letter!

    "I can go on and on and this letter can get as intolerable as Aishwarya Rai’s giggle." ROFL!!

    And.. men will be men. But I too have no clue about these new subset of men trying to women. Whatever they do they are not getting our brains. :d

  28. Kya baat nice slap to the perverts without offending the good guys...way to go girl.

    this was such a fun read and so were the comments...
    wish guys treated women like women were meant to be treated:)

    boobs n an ass to follow and the aishwarya rai giggles got me giggling:-)

  29. Ouch!! Dhoni's helicopter shot aint got so much punch! To be honest, I enjoyed reading this post and thought of commenting:
    1) True, men are born with those hormones which make them look at a woman's boobs before her face (i am not justifying the action, just mere explanation)
    2) Unfortunately, Indian men have the habit of wanting a slutty/bitchy girlfriend who can go bang-bang but a sati-savitri for a wife. *Sincere apologies on behalf of all men*
    3) NO!! Majority of us, who have had at least one girlfriend in our life time, empathise with PMS symptoms. No, we do NOT sympathise cos its not a disease, its just a physical conditioning of women so We DO empathise.
    4) Virginity factor, 100% agree. Being a guy, I still havent understood why we cant accept a non-virgin girl when we ourselves aren't
    5) Shaven chests? You are obviously referring to the gays or the ones who hit the gym! ITs only either of these kinds who resort to that. Among us normal kinds, its considered a total yuckity yuck....
    Once again, enjoyed reading it. :)

  30. LOL...Men, why every desire is originated and satisfied with body in your case? Passing it on to the next guy, I guess, he is sitting in front of a mirror...

  31. Ha Red! Loved the post..But then I don't want my man to be perfect.An evening when he does everything fine and neat I get depressed.Bloody Hell!How do I nag him now?
    @Kalpak : I like your comment too..

  32. The post as well as the comments are both extremely interesting here, rare indeed! I wish I could disagree with you on all these points, but unfortunately can't...

    Anyway, I completely enjoyed reading it :)

  33. @Blasphemous Aesthete- Hhee coz of the Aishwarya rai thing :P Thanks for reading!
    @Sameera- Thankyou soo much for reading :D
    @Suruchi- I cannot direct this letter to everyone since thr are gems in thr too. Some asolutely wonderful men :D
    @Musings of a Troubled Mind- Hahaha cute comment you gave me thr. I dont have problem with the whole MEN but just some perverts who give ordinary chicks like me a very hard and disgusting time. Thankyou sooooooo much for reading this.
    @Saru Singhal- Sitting in front of the mirror....gahahahahahaha!
    @Blue Lotus- You are right and your posts was just so very cute!!!
    @Siddhartha Joshi- Welcome to my foolish blog. Men will be men but some spoil the name. Thankyou soo much for commenting and following.

  34. Baby, I have a suggestion for you. Next time when buy an ice lolly, just look at it menacingly before biting it's head off :D

    And your next letter should be addressed to the metrosexual man who takes the idea of beauty too seriously.

  35. Haha, na, I won't gift you a post on women not bein Goddesses, because, generalizations for which the number of exceptions are a significant number of those following the generalization, don't make sense to me.

    Altho, I wouldn't be completely disinclined to the idea of a post on the retardedness of both the genders together. Or even women, but in a less angsty way. :P

    On the one night stand bit, I was referring to your double standard for fling-and-settling-down-girl-quote on men, and merely sayin, its not so different with girls.

    I could give a few more arguments explaining my arguments, but it doesn't matter, cuz at the end, you're not writing for me.

    "Dear roadside lecher" would have been a better title for your post. Thats the domain.

    I know you're not a feminist.

    I love your work otherwise.

    Also, kudos for your patience to reply to everyone.

    Ps- You already do.

  36. Thats some suggestion, purba :D

    these jackasses might be cocky...but they're not too strong! you can always find a way to 'get' them! :D

  37. @Purba-Thankyou again!Nd watte lovely idea Mademjeee! :D
    @Guy- Thanks for commenting yet again and i did read the post. My mobile did not let me comment in it. But i did read it. Also if i do follow ur blog, y did u comment as an anon.But anyways thankyou soo much! :)
    @Indumathy Sukanya-WORD!!!!! Thanks my love!

  38. hey....y don't you read this....

    may be you could find your answers...

  39. oops !! a good debate here is going on!
    Hats of to the girl who sparked all these!
    Enjoyed a lot :) laughed full :)

  40. @Priyank- I read nd u got a comment. Thanks.
    @Pranab- welcome to my blog :D Happy to know that u laughed
    @Soumya- Cheerss!!

  41. Nice :) though i feel angry for your castigating the WHOLE mankind. Loyalty issues, you see :D Nice post, as always.

  42. Oh Man! I can't stop laughing :D
    I've had these questions in my mind. Actually, every girl has these on their minds!

    Gosh, you kicked some ass out here :)
    Loved the post! And they guy comments too!

    Great post :D

    @ your comment: Yes it is a sequel :) I've done a follow up!

  43. I think i am in L.O.V.E with your piece of writings man. XD
    The way you said it, TABAHAAAAI. (Pakistani way of saying AWESOME) <3
    I hate the way they look at your when you are sucking on to that lollipop. I mean can't we even enjoy that piece of shit too?
    And, the way they look right at your tits and not your eyes, and measure your hotness on the scale of your size of breasts and not the size of intellect your have got buried in your head.

  44. @Ajay- only the DEAR part is directed to every man, but the content says it all. So dnt be angry sire! Thanks for reading!! :)
    @Philo- Thanks my girl! I just brought up things wich i go thru.thanks again!
    @KN- Righto!! But thr r some absolute gentlemen too. Only the bad ones spoil the name of even the good ones like rotten tomatoes.thanks for reading!

  45. I love you!!!!!!!
    To the nTH level! <3

    I wish I can print this out on a tarpaulin and hang this in some testosterone-laden expressway.

  46. well what to say...I read your post while your every point looked pretty much biased, like a woman have 0% share and a man ha 100% share in those things..I just want to reply only at the first point and i guess you'll know how similar thing follows,

    the topless girls that men browse whole day, if you talked about that, then its the girl who is at the worse side, why blame men?? I mean you know what a men give a chocolate to a kid, he/she wont refuse that, can he/she??
    and after all, if men won't browse all those thing then girls like them will die without money!!!!

    read your first post, liked ur bluntness but certainly didnt like your attitude towards men. Thanks to them who taken time out and written you a good answer, frankly speaking, i dont have time to elaborate about all points :-|

  47. and one more..short can u blame a man for watching those topless women, men just watch, its the girls who are topless..i guess you know whose fault it is :-)

  48. Hahaha...why do i feel like having a cornetto in the middle of the road right now and that too slllllllowwwwlllllllllly? Huh...the issue of Guy's losing virginity over and over again a hundred times before tying the knot and the lady in question remains an innocent maid turned wife baffles me a lot...Good one, dear Red!

  49. Ohh, the one with cornetto.. lol.. and than men shaving their chest.. uff. too much..:)

    Weakest LINK

  50. i just read ur reply to my comment...

    and err....

    in #3, i was referring to womenkind in general...

    tereko koi offer voffer nai kiya yaar! :O :|

    chamarie he tar confusion zala! :O

  51. Well..seems like we are the favorite punching bag for the girls for this week.. :)

    No, I won't take offense in any thing..because..I know..and I know that you know as well..that though the post is addressed to 'Dear Menkind'..there are a few good men out there..

    I just pray and hope..that you meet some of them in your journey of life.

    Stay Happy. Good Luck :)

  52. "Dear roadside lecher" would have been a better title for your post. That is the domain. I know you're not a feminist. I love your work otherwise."


    That sums it up for me, madam. Kya baja ke rakh di. Ha! :P

  53. @Aasiyah- Hahahah thankyou my girl! Thankyou!
    @Jayendrasharan- I never pointed fingers at the porn for watching images on topless chicks online. I did not. Its a natural instinct.I was talking about a fully draped woman.
    @Cloud Nine- Cornetto!! I want it now too! Thankyou sooo much!
    @Rachit- thanks man!!
    @Aqua Guy- Theek hai.! Chill kario! :P
    @Kunal- Oh!i know a lot of good men...and this foolish letter isnt for them. I have met some real gems!
    @Arjit- Thanks a lot for commenting !!
    @Aman- tHANKS!

  54. hahahaha! when i stop laughing, i shall come back and comment something legible! hahahahahahahahahahaha!!

  55. wow the post has invited a lot of comments or should I say debates... :) Yes always a controversial topic ! All your points here are to be agreed with ...and the most irritating are those irrational stares which just cant be tolerated. I presume its more in my place - Kerala than in Chennai or Bangalore where I've lived other than that. As in Kerala, they not only stare like you're walking around naked, they pass comments too and if you are inside a crowded bus, God help you! It is almost equivalent of being raped !

  56. Ha ha.. That was a good read. Although I feel bad that such MENkind exist(except the 1st one, All men are Programmed or Hard-wired that way. Blame God for that), I also feel happy. Orels how wud WOMENkind differentiate Genuine ones from the theaforementioned MENkind..??

  57. @Anita-Hhahaha it all depends on how you protect urself from the pinchers and grabbers in the bus :P I am great in self defence :D..Thankyou!!
    @Kanthu- Their are lot of sweethearts around but the creepy kind spoil their name too :D

  58. ppl have written so many BIIIG comments over this so i wont elaborate but i would like to point out the virgin point, i dont expect my better half to be anything i m not, she s human too

  59. Oh my god, I nearly missed this. It was so hilarious! Agreeably these are very common questions.

    But what made it funnier were the reactions. Talk about fragile egos.

    Nice post. :D

  60. BLOOODDDY EFFING nailed it.
    Nailed it so well, I feel like sending you a teddy bear or a shot of vodka, which ever you prefer.

    And point 2, EPIC.
    Enough said.


    Now I'm really gone.

  61. @Mania.hunter- happy to know tht u think that way. Thanks for reading!!
    @Rose-Lol fragile egos!! Hahahahahah i second u my girl! @PeeVee- Okie a bottle of NUTELLA would badly craving for it. Thanks for commenting yaar!

  62. This is is so damn good!! Loved so many parts in this 'letter', especially the 'intolerable laughing like Aishwarya Rai, the last line, pass it on to the guy next to you maybe he might relate to it, the hairy part. It is just out of the world. And the virginity point, candy part are just disgusting. The part where men want all bitchy modern girls as their girlfriend, but a decent, innocent, 'understanding' girl as their wife is just senseless! I have never got the idea behind it, nor do I think I will. Because I believe there is a 'bitch' behind every 'behenji' and vice versa in every girl.
    Loved it to the core. You have a new follower now :D

  63. @Lifeaholic- your post and mine combines and we have all the problems we got with the perverted men.heh
    @Raghu- thanks!

  64. This, my awesome blogger friend, deserves a salute ;)
    It is written so well, I fell down laughing and nodding a *sooo true* like a retard at eveything word I read.

    I'm new to your blog and already in love with it :D

  65. Awesome! Very well written - must read for every guy!

  66. @Priyanka Kamath- Thankyou sooo much!!!
    @Akansha- hah true tht!!
    @The life-a-holic- :D

  67. hahaha this was amazing and SOOOOOOO true... I hate it when I eat a lollipop and guys start talking among themselves.. In fact the chest-shaving part is ridiculous...that's just gay.. or so I feel :P ... Agreed with most points but I think boys will be boys! ... haha and you know God made the rough draft, before the final masterpiece..Well they're just showing us the errors ;)

  68. @Confused Soul- Chest shaving is definitely gay. Boys will be boys i agree :P

  69. Oh, we men n our hangups!! :)

    We can't live with 'em.. we can't live without 'em....

    Proud 2 b the supersapien :)

  70. arrey such a nice post, i loved it, and nodded my head up and down every time you shat (shoot-ed) a bullet.....
    Loved 'the wife being virgin being an issue with the boys' point

  71. and oh-and oh
    there drunk talking, i find the babble kind of sweet and depressing at the same agree kya?

  72. @Tangerine- Drunk men are cute and i looove listening to their blabbering. But when i say drunk men are cute, i exclude the wife beating ones or the abusive kinds. :D

  73. LOL @ The Girl you whistled at yesterday evening!
    yes that does apply to most guys. Its high time they grew up from pens and lollipops. :|

    You must think im really stupid to be commenting on so many posts at once.

  74. @Happy go lucky- actually i am surprised that you found my foolish blog good enuff to be read. Felt nice! I wud b visitng and commenting on ur blog soon. Right now frm mobile, so gets kind f hard. Thanks a lot again! Means a lot!

  75. Brilliantly written!!
    Totally loved it!

  76. Awesomely Hilarious. Kudos to the writer

  77. @Towards Harmony- Thanks :)
    @TinselTownGuy- I take a bow :D

  78. I am new to your blog and was reading the posts, one by one. This is one helluva super-freaking-awesome post! Everything I ever wanted to say to menkind, put in the best manner possible! LOOOVVEEDD it!

  79. @Vinitha Valsalan- Thankyou ever so much!

  80. My my....this one was such an awesooooome post. I'm lately feeling that there is so much of honesty in the thoughts (posts) which I'm getting to read....and I kinda feel glad that there is acceptance or even discussion happening ( the way Kalpak comments..OMG!! Hilarious):P....
    Thank God for the good guys out yes Red, one thing stands least i Del, even nicely clad men cannot be believed for the filth has made them what they hide, and more often than not...nicely display!!

  81. i am here not to bias the menkind, but its just a man inside me that genuinely is cursing you for a misersable

    approach towards understabding the menkind

    the answer to your questions are written sequentially...

    1] did you know that males in any race of organisms are perverts, that is, biologically its meant for the

    survival of a race. but now add intelligence to that, you get humans, and add technology and renaissance, you

    get society, now if you add up humans and society, you will understand that because we are in huge number we

    have formulated this thing we call as society, now society is where a human has to sacrifice his instincts and

    adopt norms, so the selection criteria of sexes changes, and with the development of society now the MENKIND

    finds it hard to keep its instinct caged inside.
    if you actually watch the video by bbc named as "the science of love" you would learn the reason for love and

    attraction. the fully draped lady is actually hiding the major things a man seeks in a woman to calculate the

    compatibility, for example, there is a specific butt is to hip ratio that men seek for, the scientific reason

    for that is easy delivery of a baby, the breasts for feeding of baby, these things are encoded in the genes of

    menkind, we cannot help it, we as a race has developed this program. though its hard to digest by many

    individuals of WOMENKIND (because of its scientific and intellectual nature i still expect you to understand)

  82. 2] perhaps the second thing (i cannot call it a question as you are directly blaming the menkind) is outcome of

    society as explained above the society, the motive of society was to protect a large group of people living

    together avoiding the clashes arising due to competition of sexes, but these things have not been considered

    with the modernisation of society, the animal iside every man trys to come out when certain catalysts are

    triggered. the liberal society actually ignores this, and these things are freebies with liberalisation of

    society, take em as gift. and dongt blame me, i did not design the society. its too complex for the womenkind

    even to try understanding the issues a man has, as he thinks about it but seldom cribs. i agree that a man

    cannot be in a womans shoes, but you ignore the vice versa perspective. i dont expect you to do that as so far

    i have never heard a woman adressing the problems you face for being a man since the history of mankind,

    whereas you see many men who actually identified problems of women. the moral of story is "stop cribbing."

  83. 3]the reason for the third thing is that, a man accepts and likes the idea of a "modern in a slutty way" as he

    himself is being male slut at that time, but marriage for a man is anchoring, by anchoring means he agrees to

    be loyal, the same is expected from the woman he is getting married to, but as you know the "modern in a

    slutty way" female cannot change back to a soulmate as she gets this habit of being a slut, and she cannot be

    loyal anymore, even if she successfully turns to be loyal, she cant stop cribbing and blaming the man for the

    closure of options she has, now the man here might accept the closure of his options and be contented in what

    he has but the "modern in a slutty way" woman cannot adjust. whereas homely, traditional woman is not used to

    the term "options" and so she does not crib.

  84. 4] sex for a man is less attatched to emotions, and its more physical, but for females its more emotional,

    (talking about averages in the population masses not being limited and specific to individual) so a man who is

    not virgin still may be emotionally null after that, but in case of women its the other way round. which gives

    raise to conflicts. a man might not be romantic while having sex he might just be horny, whereas when a woman

    wants sex she is romantic+horny. understand the basics & dynamics.

  85. 5]the removal of hair is want of the society, modern man is like a self furnishing product, its automatically

    customized according to the needs, take an example of bollywood, the success of bollywood males gives the success of Shatrughan Sinha with Jeetendra, Amitabh Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna, it was liked by

    female audiences to shave off moustaches and the trend was set later on we saw the same with jakie shroff and

    anil kapoor. now it still continues the same way, on demand of the other sex the changes are made.

    i have answer to all questions that have come to your mind or are about to come to your mind, because making a

    statement before giving it a critical thought is not a good idea for me.

    yours sincerely
    -the man in the mask of anonymity.
    if u are seeing this comment first please read prior comments as this is fifth comment (last in order)

  86. oww i skipped the PMS,

    you hide it, you feel ashamed, you blame us.
    even a modern and slutty women does that.

    and the taboo that was there is an outcome of society which was meant to protect you.

    go to the grassroot levels and you would understand the dynamics.


    why cant you use your brains for making sense?

  87. Thankyou for tking your time out to read this post. Secondly, I respect the fact that you went all the way to actually take an effort and comment inspite the fact that anonymous comments are not allowed. I respect that too! Now I would like to bring to your notice that this is not an online magazine. This is a personal blog where I write my personal opinion and U shud know that I have a right to do so just like you have the right to criticize me but within the limits which I think u have kept. So respects again.
    But trying to libel me wont prove you right nor will it prove me wrong. U got ur opinion and I got mine. Mutual respect should exist.
    Thanks again.
    If u have anything further to say, which might not feel good to my senses, then I might not accept the comment.
    Thankyou so much for visiting my blog sir.

  88. @ReD: lol! NOW. I agree with most points aLthough I actually tend to bite off my ice cream for some wierd reason (:-0)
    Men-kind, Men-kind. Phew! A difficult species.
    By the way, although controversies are something I don't like, the comments above from the anonymous dude are enormously lame.Point 3 and 4, smirk. Now Red. These comments just reinforce the truth in your post and yeah, here's someone stamping its authenticity with such lopsided explanations!
    Ps: there r some grt guys out there who'd laugh there asses off at this post and give u a high 5 AND those are the menkind who deserve respect.
    for this post>>>>>> humor with a message!Witty and Nice! :-)

  89. So chest hair pulled out aint cool.. Point taken(it seems Gay too.)


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