Sunday 11 September 2011


 "Give that weed some rest and if you love me enough stop using it" she said as her hands ran through my hair and her hazel eyes screamed concern. My lips curved into a phony smile as I left the blunt on the mahogany table alone and followed her to our bed. How I love the way she holds me within her condescending yet calming embrace. Everytime I catch myself watching her sleep I give my vanity a direct stab in the heart. I am stuck in her love and she continues to be my favourite drug.

I straighten my tie and watch her as she dutifully wraps up a sandwich for my lunch and winks at me as she catches me gawking. A tender kiss, a naughty whisper in my ear about the menu for the night and she pushes me off to work.

Giving her a call during my coffee breaks has become a custom and hastily cutting it after talking to me for less than a minute has become hers. Shopping she says or Hanging out with her Girls she says. Sometimes I miss her enough to drive back home during my breaks just to surprise her and tell her she means the world. Now I regret doing that. Ignorance is bliss I say.

I want to see the pain in her eyes as she dies. I have wanted to kill her since that day. I grab my coat and run towards my car. A gun rests under my seat as I drive home, hands trembling and jaw clutched tight compressing the feeling of pure disgust. I see my home and I can already visualize what lies within. I walk towards the side of our bedroom and raise the curtains only enough to see the silhouette of two people tied together in ecstasy, moans managing to leave the walls.

Certain emotions cannot be defined. They are too overpowering. I move away from the wall, walk back to my car and smile at the gun in my hand. I had bought it 3 months back just to give her story an end and it’s still not used.

As night visits, she crawls inside the blanket with me and tells me about the day. How busy the house cleaning kept her. How beautiful she looks as she lies. “Not tonight” she says and prepares to sleep, as I walk towards the balcony for a roll of weed.

If you love me stop using it. It will kill you one day” she shouts as I close the bedroom door.

I am addicted. Yes I am and you woman, you are killing me.


  1. Lol....this was quite a read girl. You got some style. ;-)

  2. I totally admire your work, its amazing.
    Heck, you're amazin, man!

    Everytime single time.

    Thanks for a great read. :)

    LOVE your work.

  3. Un-Effing-believable..!!! now you know why i call you a genius..!!! i was having this concept of weed and love and high thing in my mind but i doubt i could have written anything remotely as good as this..!!
    *bow* tussi great ho ji..!! :)

  4. Wow, Amazing writing. The Love and Addiction was interwoven with superb finesse. Please write more of such stuff and keep bringing them in between the rib tickling posts that you are a master at.

    Cheers :)

  5. 1)*Sorry..reminded me a bit about Shawshank Redemption*
    2)What a writer you are!! I take a full bow before your style. Perfect hollywood material. Subscribing to your posts has been totally worth it. :)
    3)Reminds me a lot about someone I used to know. You have sketched her right town to the last toe. Genius!

  6. @Chintan- Stylo me eh? Cheers!! Thanks!
    @Sam- Thankyou sooo very much. I am happy u like what i manage yo write. :)
    @Superrrnickkk!-I dnt need redbull to give me wings if i get comments like urs. Hah! Thankyou man!!
    @Atrocious Scribblings- Hey appreciate it soo much! I am bad at serious stuff esp when love comes in.It gets dark while m a very happy person. Thankyou! I mean it and u know it!
    @Musings of a Troubled Mind- hah! I thought someone might think f the song unfaithful by Rihanna but never shawshank redemption, maybe coz i was stupid enuff not to watch the movie. I take a bow! I love ur comment!

  7. Chilling...cold....and I loved it. Hats off to you girl.

  8. whoa! whoa whoa whoa whoa!!!!!!!

    you are good, lady!! reaaalllyyy good.

    and i simbly loved the ending. it wasn't predictable. i was thinking he'll kill himself instead. the ending made me love it even more.

    This post was Legen....wait for it....Dary!!

  9. The title could have been better...but yeah...awesome nonetheless. :)

  10. Man!!! that's a awestruck post...

  11. Wow...
    Dexter Morgan came into my mind first, then Basic instinct, but boy.. then you just left the story at an entire different point..
    I so am in love with your writing!!
    For a while I thought whether is there any social message.. But naah, this was a thriller!!
    This was a nice change..
    But do come back with your happy posts!!

    Fantastic writing!!

  12. WOW! :O This is awesome. Keep writing more like this. Loved it! :D

  13. @Shashank Sapre- Thankyou sooo much!
    @GirlatfirstAvenue- Thankyou for reading! Means a lot!
    @Purba- Coming from a veteran writer like yourself, that definitely was a treat.
    @Kalpak- Thankyou! Yeh the name could have been better. But i couldnt think much. :D
    @Bharati- Heh thankyou!
    @Metagravity- Happy posts! Yes! They are my first love. I just happened to think this out, so wrote!thankyou so much!
    @Dawnzhang- Heyyy thankyou for reading! Much Love!

  14. Im beginning to find a lot of repeating images in your writing........betrayal, unfaithful, gun, murder attempt or murder itself, 'kill-for-love'......... :(

    Your writing is as fantastic as always......however i wanna see images like, hope, laughter, smile, twinkle in eyes, tears of happiness and what not sometime in future :)

  15. Wow... simply amazing.
    A lot of people write about love or about addiction. Intermingling the two so intrinsically and beautifully... that you have shown, is your forte'.
    Great post. Loved it.

  16. Beautifully written, with a nice twist. Stuff that good fiction is made of!

  17. Really Good.Love the build up.Slightly dark though.I'm used to the witty posts from you.Loved this one too..

  18. I am so touched by your writing.Love the post.
    Follow each other .

  19. Great post, again! Nice twist at the end, well spun story. You are mastering the art- Redhanded!

  20. This one pretty much freaked the crap out of me. :\ amazing read. Goosebumpy. :)

  21. I liked this post...a lot...okay! :-)

  22. Found your link through Superrrnickkk!'s blog. First things first: I read as many posts as I could manage (especially the humorous ones), simply because your writing style is so captivating! Your blog made for a very interesting read. Rest assured, you have another follower.

    Coming to this post, it read like a fiction novel. I like how you show the guy to be ultimately helpless, I suppose? Well-written. :)

  23. @meditating Lion-This is my second emotion oriented post after NO MORE. I sooo suck at crafting a happy ending story esp when it comes to love. I am a very happy person but only dark related ugly thoughts i get :P.But i shall make you proud one day :D.Thankyou!!
    @jojofeelings-Hey that was an uplifting comment. I Thank you!Dilse!!
    @Sumitra- Hey thanks!!!!
    @Blue Lotus- i want the darkness to go but thats all that comes in m y mind. Happy ending i hate when it comes to writing :P. But i will try it ones. Witty posts are my true love.
    @Izdiher- Thanks for liking this post. and follow each other? So tht means u like my blog but will follow it if i follow u. weird i feel :/
    @Cloud Nine- you are a kind hearted soul madamji!I like you! I shall write well !
    @Srinidhi- Goosebumpy??!!!!Me so happy!!!! Thanks!
    @Khushboo wadhwani- thanks!!!!!
    @Anita- U r being generous. I am not good enough for tht :D...thanks !!
    @Vinati- Thanks!! Okay ! :D
    @Rose- Thankyou for dropping by and finding this decent enuff to follow. I definitely shall visit you like NOW! Thanks!

  24. Oh Man! You are awesome! I was holding my breath hoping (not exactly wishing :P) that he would shoot her. Now, the way your plot took turn, I was dumbfounded! You are one of the most intriguing writers I've met here. :D :D :D

  25. Woah!! You are a word weaver alright! But what makes you even more special is the way in which you weave images and emotions in those words. AMAZING!!

  26. You tie the words and emotions all together so finely. It was one of the most killer posts, i swear. You should write more stuff like that.

    It's like slowly, you're becoming one of my additions. Your blog, i mean. :p

  27. Awesome <3
    Love the title <3
    Following you :)

  28. I love the post for two reasons, one choice of words and the theme. Awesome post!!!

    P S: You're a killer with words!

  29. wow this one was an awesome read..

  30. I had this BGM of a short film I watched sometime ago playing in my mind.. It keeps u guessing til the end, about "Wats gonna happen"..?

    I din get the link of that video. Wil share it once I find it...:-)

  31. Nice read.

    P.S: Dropped by from Kunal's blog. :)

  32. amazing.. well written m'am... loved the part where u described th love which he had for her..

  33. Check DOV tonight..theres something for you :)

  34. When will the gun find it's role? :P

    Beautiful story! Of deceit. And love too.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  35. are we going to get a sequel of this?? :D

    p.s: you are awesome as always :)

  36. . i loved the twist =)
    i hope theres part 2 of this... ahw.

  37. Oh man super duper.

    Me falling in love with you all over again :P

  38. I have no words!
    I loved it. The way you wrote it. Your style..
    It's just amazing! :)

  39. and yes.. have u watched WANTED..?? not the hindi one, the english one.. a small segment comes, where in the Hero's Best friend sleeps with his girlfrnd.. And he too does nothing about it...

  40. Addiction kills...does it matter ..if it is for a weed or a women? ;)

  41. @MSM-Nd you are a very generous soul :D..Thanks man!
    @Loony- word weaver!!I like this name!Thanks!!!!
    @KN- Aww..that was some comment!Lovely!Thankyou!
    @Aman- thankyou for finding this good enuff :)
    @Saru Singhal- Coming from someone as good as means a lot!
    @Menachery- Thanks my love!
    @Kanthu- I havent seen both the short film nor the movie :( This just popped up in my head and i wrote.I thought its fresh!Shit i hate myself now.Thanks!
    @Ria- Thankyou!
    @Raghu- Thankyou so much sire!!!
    @Maithili- Sloppy kisses to you!
    @Blasphemous Aesthete- I dont think it ever will :P..Thankyou!
    @Ananya- No sequel!This is the most serious i can be :P
    @Kharren- Welcome to the blog. No second Part.. :D
    @Soumya- I am not able to comment on your blog..Y?
    @PHIL- I adore your words!Thankyou!
    @Kunal- So true!

  42. Nice Post.. enjoyed your blog.. "Certain emotions cannot be defined. They are too overpowering." Loved this line. :) keep posting!! :)

  43. This is superb! The end is fabulous...poor guy, but I can completely understand him.

  44. @Shreya- Thanks a lot love!I shall definitely check your blog like RIGHT NOW!
    @Siddharth Joshi- Thankyou for reading. Means a lot :)

  45. Wow, deep stuff, Red.. wud hv loved to hv it ended with a 'bang' though ;)

    Love ur versatility, Red.. real gud piece of work :)

  46. OOOOHHH LA LA !!!! You give a rat race to SIDNEY SHELDON woman!!! dont stop this! HELL NO!


    this is the short film which I was talking about. read ur with the BGM of this video.. I did n it felt Superb..:-)

  48. @R-A-J- Thaaaankyou sooooooooooo much!
    @Akila Venkat- and because of your comment. i never will stop :)
    @happy go lucky- thankyou :)
    @Kanthu- I shall definitely watch it

  49. "I am addicted. Yes I am and you woman, you are killing me".. These lines were like a rush of emotions.. This was brilliant RED, can't wait to read more of these kinda posts.. You can keep your reader engrossed with absolutely anything.. I just absolutely love the way you write..Man, you're awesome! :)

  50. wow serious display of complicated emotions with ease !

  51. Wow u are brilliant :D . yes i am revisiting your old posts :D

  52. I have been reading your blog since morning,as I sit in office with no mood to work.This post compelled me to comment.Brilliantly awesome..the pace is consistent and the ending ,though not tragic was sad... but beautiful.
    Keep writing such posts !

  53. Wow ! I'm stunned. Amazing stuff! ")

  54. Perhaps the last one to read... But stunningly beautiful..
    Read the ending more than three times, savoring it..
    Very well written...

  55. Love it.....
    I wud love to read more of the story


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