Monday 26 September 2011


She let her fingers explore his body as she moves herself close enough to feel his heat. She brings her fingers down to his navel and lets it linger there for some moments. She knows it makes him want her more and she was proven right, when he grabs her by the waist and pulls her closer. As the night transforms into dawn, their bodies transform into one and passion encircles them in a tantalising manner. 

It has been 4 years since the day he openly told her about his Love. She was confused as to what she actually felt, but gave in because he was someone she could not be without. He was the kind of guy every girl dreams about and this made her insecure. She was happy that in their relationship, it was he who loved more and though she was possessive about him, she was still confused. She loved him and one harsh word from his side would make her feel unworthy and a total garbage. He had the power to transform her from a jovial person to a dependent and insecure woman, which she was now. She would taunt him every time she caught him exchange a word or two with another woman. He would wrap her with expensive gifts, surprise getaway holidays and what not. He treated her like a queen, bowing to all her whims and fancies. Their relationship was just the type you see around you, atleast the outer cover of it.

He was great in bed and he had the capability of making a dominant personality like hers, submissive and craving for more. They were just the perfect couple. Expecting everything, giving whatever was possible.

Night crawls in and he won’t be there tonight to quench her thirst. She opens her laptop and within seconds she has logged into Yahoo messenger. She had a few people on her list and they all were anonymous. One of them pings her to chat.

Anonguy- I missed your hotness. Where did you disappear?
Lustychick- Was just busy.
Anonguy- So what is the colour of the day?
Lustychick- Red thong and a black bra with lace work.
Anonguy- Woman! You really do not have a guy?
Lustychick-  Noone good enuff to satisfy me. So tell me what is your colour of the day?

What kind of relationship is she and her loyal guy into? Love, Lust or something else?

P.S- This post can be taken as the sequel of the post OH WOMAN!YOU KILL. I will back to my usual humour from my next post!! I Promise!!
P.P.S- I wonder how anyone can trust me or love me after reading the posts i write. But someone really does.
P.P.P.S- I was listening to the song LIPS OF AN ANGEL by Hinder and this came in my mind, so wrote. Also the script of the movie DIARY OF A SEX ADDICT was running in my head. This is purely fiction and nothing more.

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  1. Love the post. Read something else about lust recently. Makes me happy that we are open to talk about it. :) Loved the post. You are truly versatile. :)

    P.s He loves you cause someone who writes about these things isn't the type to hide thoughts from him. Honest you are no? :) Just my opinion :)

  2. The second paragraph is quite disturbing. To have a soft corner is okay but to really give in, change yourself and still remain in confusion is not at all healthy. Otherwise a good post.

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  3. Ouch! He loves you cos you are SO amazing. and bold :]

  4. Hey are becoming BOLD day by day..i can sense that in the issues you are taking up. I know of my married friend who ended up in one such an online fling and finally ended up bitter:((( Great going, write more like this:)

  5. dont worry he will love you even more are a bold girl and you are fair with your-self..liked the post...:-)

  6. its happening all around us.. love and lust.. I guess they aren't the two different words but the words with somewhat puzzling meaning.

    Weakest LINK

  7. This reads like the premise of a thriller novel. Why don't you stretch your imagination and write a complete story :) Btw it is lust, far from love. Shades of debauchery hovers all along.

  8. Chatrooms are becoming a scare. I am only horrified by how people can be when they have nothing to lose.

    Nice post.

  9. Bleh chatrooms :P Good post - i love love!

    - <3

    btw im following you now :)

  10. Nice one, Red :D
    n abt yo guy...he inspired you to write? then, i'm supposing he's the one who insists you hide yo identity? :):)
    lol...kidding :D:D

  11. nice nice!!

  12. @Srinidhi- haha Honesty is the best policy! Isnt it? So yeh m honest. Thanks babe! :D
    @Anonymous- thanks!
    @Crystal- that was sweet f u to say. Thanks!
    @Cloud Nine- I am seeing a lot of heart breaks, deceit happenning around me. Thats y maybe. I will be a gud girl frm now. Heh!
    @Mishi- thanks love! Real thanks!!
    @ Rachit- that was aptly put by u sire! Thanks for reading!
    @Ajay- Heeh m not good enuff to write a buk, nor can i imagine much. My bad!!! But u know someday when m old enuff, i do plan to write a book.
    @Sameera- Even if they have something to loose, they wud keep it at stake!
    @Miss Cortini- thanks!!!
    @Indumathy- haha noone forces me into anything. Noone decides anything for me. This was a personal choice. Makes me write better. Lol..thanks love!

  13. @Red handed, amazing topic, and handled beautifully! Not everyone can handle delicate topics with such confidence - you've done it with aplomb! Lovely!

  14. Alright. Lace bra and you question why your man is with you? Crazzzyyyyyyy :-P I loved how you can draw sensations and love making with this much passion.....

    Yahoo chat. Hmm...I could never chat sex with anons. Nah. I just find the idea a bit odd. Rather have fun with yourself than anon :-D

    I think yoy got me

  15. Damn, I could have read all that day long. The next time, WHENEVER, you write a bold post like this, keep it long, please. Loved reading it. And don't be a good girl, we will love reading you, anyway. :)

  16. Our outer thoughts is a reflection of our Inner-self..;p

    U need a knack to tell a story, that too this kind of story. Kudos. And as a guy I will tell u a secret. Although guys sometimes get intrigued by over-intellect, over-smart, over-achieving females, they still adore them. Aftral Beauty with Brains is a rare combo isn't it.??

  17. Hmm I agree with Chintan..with a imagination like that why won't he be with you..but lucky you are to have him as the inspiration for your writing...

  18. Yeah girl, you've found your Mr.Right.

  19. I guess lust and love are both a part of one's life. At some point of time, you would've felt lust for someone, however fleeting the moment may have been. It just proves that your hormones are intact. I mean, don't we lust after hot actors? Then why is it a sin to lust after someone who's not famous and closer to reality, somebody you actually know?
    But after a point, I suppose lust leaves you feling empty. And that's where love triumphs, maybe. :)
    Lust and love- both are highly overrated.
    (I know what you're gonna say. 'Diplomatic Youuuuuuuuu'. :p What to do. I was just born that way)

  20. Lust is probably one of the most purest emotion, love a very overrated one!

  21. I was wondering if "your guy" would comment. :P

    Lusty Y'messenger girl. Err. Whatay a name I coined for her.

  22. @Nirvana-Hye m happy you felt that way!I just try my best! Thanks!
    @Chintan- Lol basiclaly i just visualize the scenes as i write. So if it looks good, feels good then i write it :P
    @Arjit- noone likes good girls, i mean to say clean happy stories of a simple life. So i had to resort to this kind of endings :P
    @Kanthu- A writers emotional stand and character cannot be judges solely on the way he or she writes. Its all the game of imagination. :D..Beauty with brains is truly a rare combo :D
    @Anita- Thanks love!
    @Spaceman Spiff-Oh thr is nothing wrong about lusting someone. I lust for Gerard Butler biiig time you know :P. And i wud take a diplomatic stand in this post too coz i dont know how to judge the lady. I stand with ur thoughts on this one :)
    @Arun John- Love is truly overrated...i have a post about tht too :P Thankss!
    @Prateek- You never know!! He just might comment :P Gud name btw :P

  23. @Red: Why wouldn't anyone love you, after reading this!!??? And as you said, someone already does, that was cute. :D Okay, I loved the bare emotions that are here. Like I had liked the Prequel too... :D A woman is a mystery, yet to be solved, yet to be found...but a woman's heart is bare, and if one may dare, it's all in her eyes. :D :D

  24. Great post. But I doubt it's fiction. Now don't misunderstand me... the reason I said that was because it's the reality of a lot of people, including one good friend of mine.
    Loved the post!

  25. LUSTYCHICK WAS YOUUUUU???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I WAS ANONGUY!!!!!

    HEY! :)

  26. U know I always love the way you write and the way you see things through your eyes.. Always innovative .. You got a big heart, keep it real4life!!

  27. This was really good. Being an anonymous blogger has its advantages. Sigh.

  28. Just dropped to your blog via a friends blog..
    I must say.. the time I spent over her was totally worth it :)
    Loved you blog.. and the template is also really cool :)
    Hope to see you around :) stay connected :)

  29. a great read-and fiction is great for it allows you the complete leap into a world of imagination...

    i don't think you need the justifications in the P.S. girl...
    one does not need to die to know how it must feel when you are dying or be a slut to know what goes through the mind of one!

    your guy likes you more perhaps for this vivid and adventurous flights of fantasy:-)

  30. I like the way you handled this topic,leaving an open ended question..:)
    keep writing!

  31. @MSM-Hey i liked tht line!!I THE LIKE!!!! I aint great in spinning stories but i try :D
    @jojofeelings- well its fiction atleast for me because this isnt my story. But i agree with u that this happens with many others!Thankyou!!!
    @Kalpak- U found tht funny Kalpak? Seriously dude? :/
    @Chemicalfunk- Awwwww you know it better. Heh! Thankyou!
    @Jaai Vipra- Oh atleast someone understood! Thankyou !!!
    @Madhulika- I should thank you friend then!! Thankyou for visiting this foolish bog and liking it :)
    @Suruchi- Not everyone is open minded to think the way you did, thats why clarifications. And a little to smile on for the guy :P..Thankyou soo much!
    @Tarunima- Thankyou!! :))

  32. Almost everything that I wanted to say about this post is conveyed by someone ! :| Still the part that forced me to comment was P.S.2 . //How anyone can trust or love me......? Haha, well I would say, Why Not? It certainly was love but with more traces of lust ! ;) And your passion to express it made it difficult for me to decide what was what !
    I would put this article on the top of other 105s of you :)

  33. Love and its many shades...its better to leave it undefined at times.
    a well written piece, crisp and yet complete in sense!
    As for PS-2 ..girl, wen did love got trammeled by such things as these? U cannot give a reason to emotion as wild as this :)


  34. <3 Like this post... very intriguing and interesting.. not many writers I know would venture here!!!! Looking fwd to more!!!!

  35. Your writing has a flow in it. A flow which makes me want to read more and more..
    Your post was something I could relate to :)

    And, I loved it. Totally!
    In fact, I love all your posts.
    You're just amazing. Trust me :)

    The difference between love and lust is something I don't really know..
    Nor do I know what love really is. I don't think anyone will be able to actually define or explain this four letter word. In fact, both the four letter words :)
    It's hard to not give in to our desires :)

    I loved the post! :)
    Take Care :)

  36. @Stranger-Hey thankyou soo much! But this is my 62nd post...105? Btw even i think it was love but she was addicted to sumthing called lust.
    @subtlescribber- glad to knw tht u think tht way. Thankyou soooo much. M lucky.
    @M- thankyou so much!!!
    @Philo - okie i trust u! Now will u pull my toes and help me come back to the ground..heh thankou! Love and lust are both twins not identical but similar.

  37. A very pertinent topic which you've handled oh-so-brilliantly. Cheers on that.

    I think it's obvious that we want different things at different stages of a relationship; just have to figure out what paradigm your's fits into and wallah you have your answers.

  38. uhhu uhhu, got to go and read the first part now :)

  39. ..great one... reading the 1st paragraph makes me feel something..haha joke. t'was soooo hot.

    learn to love the guy, and expect something greater..

    loveu girl =)

  40. Hey Red Your posts are becoming bold day by day and are very true in nature. I am loving reading your blog, though i am late in doing tht ;) Love yu dear doll..

  41. Lets put right and wrong to rest here! The girl, as you've explicitly portrayed, gives in to lust easily and anything/anyone that can quench her high libido. The guy too, is a manipulator. Anyone who has the power to change a confident person into an insecure child is a manipulator :)
    Good one! You can write spooky stuff with so much elan. Try your hand more at it. Cheers!

  42. I strayed into this post and am rewarded. A bold post...and with lot of imagination

  43. @Atrocious Scribblings- The sudden realization that you want something more or something totally different from your partner is really tormenting for both the parties, isnt it? But its life afterall...Cheers mate!
    @Scrippy-Heh!Love to you and chirpy!!
    @Kharren- Love you back doll! And i am happy that i could make you feel ehem ehem!!Okie enuff :P..Thanks for reading!
    @Bharathi-Being late shouldnt bother you love. I am happy that you still come and read it. Thankyou sooo much!
    @Musings of a Troubled Mind- Hahah people will think i have a very spoilt and rotten brain if i write more of such stuffs :P. Actually yes! I can imagine rotten endings really well. :P
    @Rahul- Thankyou for reading this :)

  44. This conversation really reminded me of something i cant share here...nice read. Quite liked ur blog.

  45. But I like it, I'd suggest that keep both humour and stories, let them roll.

    And about the song, isn't it nice? Lips of an Angel :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  46. Lovely thought provoking post. Really don't know if it is love or lust, but I feel it wouldn't be right from her to say that there is noone good enough to satisfy her. Every girl loves to be pampered, buried with loads of gifts and surprised with getaway holidays. Hmmm I wonder!!
    And I am sure your guy loves you for who you are, Bold, honest, open lady (From the two posts that I have read as of now :D)

  47. @Ria-Thaks for dropping by Ria...and thankyou for commenting!
    @Blasphemous Aesthete- It a beautiful song!!!
    @Life a holic-Hhahahah thankyou sooo much!!!! Means a lot!
    @Raghu- Thanks!

  48. come on, writing romantic stuff is quite easy especially when you're in love. Writing rotten stuff, conjuring up even rotten endings..that shows how far your imagination can be stretched. And ur writing doesn't necessarily need reflect what kinda person you're; you've already proven it :)

  49. Nice. Its quite interesting. there is a little line between love and lust, The definitions different to everyone. At least that's what I feel.
    And I somehow like these posts better than the humorous ones.

    Good work.

  50. What's wrong with lust? It's an emotion as well. Perhaps the girl doesn't know what she's looking for, maybe she will find out one day.

  51. Well, at least all the male bashing is over.

  52. @Musings of a Troubled Mind-Ummm imagination...hmm thats what i lack. I can just write what actully happens in real..not with me but someone else.So creativity lacks :P
    @Nia Charms-You like these better than my humour!!Hawww :P Thanks love!
    @Purba- Maybe she is just stuck with him being aorund. God knows!Thanks Purba!
    @Anish- Hhahahahah!

  53. heyyyy...first time here............i'm just droooolin' man!! what raunchy stuff.... *bows to you*!! following you now!

  54. btw, i am following ur blog now. :)

  55. Now where did my comment go? -_-
    I came here to check my reply and my comment was non existent already.

    Okay. So the way you put it can even turn a cat on, let alone a human. But the things you said so associate with the human emotion i tell you. Doesn't it look just so more than awesome to see a girl so strong and egotistical like that go all submissive to that one son of an idiot? Same goes for guys i think. And i think, it's just the lust which we feel and talk about all the time. Love is way beyond that, what you say?

    Listen to Echo by Jason Walker and let me know if you like it or not. AND WOMAAAAN! YOU ARE A VIRGO!!!

  56. This was a great post and yes this happens to most people.. I loved it.. To me it felt like Love was there, existent, but Lust was more powerful :) .. We won't make judgements on your post, NEVER! It's your take on what you write and our choice to read or not.. It's lovely! :)

  57. Nice Red, liked the way u described love in the second para :)

    Come to think of it, I like the way u described lust in the first para too :)

    Come of think of it again, I like the post with both :)

  58. @Natalia- Thanks!
    @Hijibijbij-Hhaha raunchy eh?hehe thanks man!I am a woman btw :P
    @Ria- Thanks a ton!!!!!!!
    @KN- Turn a cat on!!Girl!!you gave me one awesome smile by just saying that :P I am right now going to listen to the song.Will reply to you about it.
    @confused soul- thankyou soo much for commenting. I mean it!!
    @R-A-J- You are OH SO GENEROUS :D

  59. yess..i know you are woman...i have a bad habit of saying 'man''oh boy!' sorts...*giggles*

  60. Loved the story! You sure are a girl of many shades!

  61. @Hijibijbij- hahha i got it. Sorry!
    @Happy Go Lucky- you really felt so? Thankyou yet again!

  62. He loves you for your outgoing and never fearing nature. ;)


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