Friday 16 September 2011


Life is such a funny mess. People accuse you when you lie and they do not believe you when you serve them with the hot truth.

So, lying is an art and I have mastered every type of it. From white lies to protective lies, I have said it all. But one certain incident happened which made me reconsider the need to lie and now the need has decreased extremely.

Yesterday I bunked college to be with my guy and we were driving across the city in his bike. Now parents have this sixth sense or whatever you call it to be. They have to call at all the wrong times and have to give your intestines a quick squeeze. Mothers are strange but in an adorable way. If you fail to pick up their call within the first ring or two they end up thinking that you are either murdered or are being raped. I finally managed to force my dude to park the bike some place where I could pick up my Moms call. I picked up and the conversation went something like this-

Me- Hey Mom!
Mom- What is this? Why can’t you pick up when I call? You made me so tensed. This world is not a good place and you are so far away from us. Where are you?

(Now normally in such a situation, I would have replied with something like “Class got over by 11 and I was on my way back” or “Don’t you know I am in College”. But this time something caught my tongue and made it speak out the truth.)

Me- Oh nothing Mom! I am just enjoying a long drive across the city with my boyfriend. Awesome time!
Mom- Yeyeye! Anyways I just called to say that our neighbour’s daughter in law had a baby girl. Call you later. Bye Mole!
Me- Bye Mom!

So you get my point. People have been lied to so many times that now they fail to accept the truth. Or maybe trust played an important factor here. But again their have been instances where I actually told my friends the absolute truth, which they take to be a ridiculous joke from my side.



  1. Lol. Happens to us all the time, right? The result is you're left baffled at the end whether they really believed you or not.
    One question.. when you're confronted with the option of listening to a bitter truth or a comforting lie, which one would YOU prefer?

  2. With moms trust me they never believe you when statements like that are made :P

    I for one, cannot lie to my mom AT ALL! Like she knows. Always know when I lie. I get guilty before i can make the statement. :p

    Love the piece. :)

  3. :D

    Reminded me of my mate from college. Coming from a strictly vegetarian family, he started eating (and liking) non-vegetarian food with us. Though he never revealed to his family that he had now become an omnivore. :D

    And then one day, out of the blue, when he announced in front of all his family that now he relished non-veg stuff, they had a good laugh at him and refused to believe he could do that. :P

    Just a small point. You better start breaking it slowly (even if just to your Mom) that what you said could well be true. Would just save a few moments of racing heartbeats for everyone at a particular point in time. :-)

  4. This whole post summarizes the moral behind the story of the little boy who cried wolf. Thanks for the reminder.

    Sometimes it's funny when I`m telling my mum the absolute truth and nothing but the truth, she brings on the 3rd degree treatment but when I`m telling her a howler for a lie she'll just nod and walk away :D

    BTW, Have mailed you.

  5. lol...It's not with moms, it goes for husband's as well... But, yes, lying is something which has become a part of your lives. It's good till you're not hurting anyone...:)

  6. @Musings of a Troubled Mind- I guess i shall rather chose the bitter truth. The lie might comfort but its a lie afterall, and has to wear off to show the absolute truth. Y b ignorant just because u cannot face the truth. Thanks for being the first to read.
    @Srinidhi- My mom believed it my girl! I can lie to anyone but not to a special person. I can lie but not something wich will hurt a person real bad. I am into u know.
    @ shobhit- Oooh pwahhaahhaha poor friend of urs. Nah man! I dnt plan to break the truth out until i have a particular job in my hand and luk mature enuff to take a vital decision in my life.
    @Atrocious Scribblings- I mailed u back girl. I had a heartattack, a mild one. Why did u do this to
    @saru singhal- just sooo true! Thanks for reading!

  7. Hahaha..with a hearty laugh....I can go to bed now :D

    I have lied a lot...when I was in school but after repeated beatings from dad some good sense prevailed in me and I haven't done it on a serious way like hurting others ever since!! is fun sometimes.. :)

  8. ROFL!
    funny world, isnt it? :D:D
    that happens to me all the time! :D

  9. I am really really bad at lying... :/ Pathetic is the word!

    But moms and their sixth sense!! I couldnt agree more... They just KNOW that something is going on!
    I guess I got my mom's sixth sense... coz I know exactly when to expect what from her! At least am better prepared and it saves me from lying..

  10. lol. thats true,
    people believes you when you lie,
    when you tell them the truth they dont.

  11. Lie to the world, but you cannot lie to your mom. They catch out 8 times out of 10, or maybe I'm a bad liar grrr :|
    Oh yes, there's this eternal line that goes , "Sach batao" / "sahi bataoo" when you saw something slightly less believable. and ultimately, its a funny freaky world ;)

  12. Truth is the new lie indeed !! Now, is there any chance that one of your family member and / or relatives can go through your blog?? :)

  13. Reminds me of an old sprite ka add where he tells the truth to both his girlfriends and they don't believe him.
    Great post.


    Mom : Who is that you keep texting in the night?
    Me : My boyfriend, mom. Er, he's going to sleep now, so yeah!
    Mom : Bah, whatever amalu! Go to sleep

    :| :D Hi5? :D

  15. i dont think my mom will take it as a LIE!!!!even if its a lie regarding that BF matter,she will take it as the truth... but still your mom sounds a lot like my mom...calling at the wrong time and if i didnt pick up,them i have to face the music!!

    P.S..Mothers are always cool

    I love ur post!!!

  16. Hey very true, it reminds me of my days being out with friends and my sister calls me..:)

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  18. Reminds me of older post dont lie to ur amma. May be truth works with ur mother

  19. LOL! My mom would have never taken that as a lie! I dont usually lie to my mum, i simply hide the truth u c :P


  20. I loved ur post!! Hope this post is not another lie from you, considering ur expertise in the subject :)


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  22. Sorry to comment so late; had my exams :| I've often thought of trying this experiment with my mother, but the 'what if she actually checks out the story' factor gets in the way :P
    Great one :D

  23. Hahahahaha!!! Brilliant idea!

  24. hahahaha :)

    my mom always knew about my boyfriend, who ever it was at the given point in time. i somehow avoid lying, there are times when i hide something, like now, my folks do not know am unemployed :D

    yeah i think i lie too :D hehe

  25. ohmygod :D :D :D you actually said that to her.. XD XD "Moms are strange in adorable ways" NO WONDER!! and also how come all mothers have these same set of odd dialogues I do not know.. everytime I wake up from sleep, I see 20+ missed calls from mom.. they are always so hypertensed about their daughters.. phew.. are we going to be like these when we will become Mothers?? :D God knows! :D

  26. Hey red handed. I have a gift for you there. Go and see :)

  27. DO u think ur ma believed you? Might be...but is this story true??? Though i could have a good laugh reading it, just imagining myself as one such ma gives me the night mares...

  28. Moms are strange in adorable ways! true that - my mom calls exactly when i am about to break down and then when I tell her that i am fine - she'll go on ninja on me and refuse to calm down. I donno how they do it! some telepathy this must be...

    loved the post btw :)

  29. hahahahahhaa wow! it did happen to me once..and I know what are you talking about..when truth works for your,,you surely dont need to lie!:-)

  30. LOL! Moms place such a lot of faith on their daughters!:D

  31. hahahhaha, your mum's reaction! I can totally imagine! You gave us some food for thought! :D :D

    Good post! :D
    PS: I have posted something for you on DOV. :D

  32. so truth does not hurt at least somewhere:-)
    and that's a very smart girl that we have here:-)

  33. cool mom you got there... I guess if I said so to my mum, she'll be like who are you kidding... you won't have a galfrnd :/


  34. My laptop has crashed, and hence no reply to these epic comments. I am so sorry!
    Thankyou so much for reading. Also i do not get it, how everyone took it to be a true story and no fiction. :D What if i was trying to make a point or what ?

  35. Hahaha... people just except what they want. lie to them they are happy. tell them the truth they think we are lying. I liked the example u took to make your point ^_' . its cool :)

  36. I can totally relate to your post :)
    It has happened with me so many times ! :D
    It's fun though :P At least on our part, we tell the truth. It's up to our parents if they want to believe us or not ;)

  37. So it was a fiction???? Haha :D Good one!

  38. well, its true that we believe what we want to believe---esp about the people we love and care for...

    make sure you dont take this fact for granted, though :)

  39. @Niya- welcome to my blog!Thanks!!
    @Philo-So true!It depends on the person.
    @Shashank sapre- thanks!!!!
    @Pri- She is too good to b taken fr granted

  40. Hahahha.Nice one.Whenever I've tried this trick I have got not so funny retorts...

  41. @Blue Lotus- Lol..heheh atleast u tried!!

  42. This happens to me all the time.. I've mastered the art of lying and when I speak the truth, people think I'm kidding and shove it off..Weird!

    Nice post! and P.s. I'm your 199th follower :D

  43. So, now keep telling the truth n they'd probably brand u a liar :)


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